What are the best must-visit restaurants in Rome? In this article, we have selected 10 that you absolutely must try in 2024.

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If it is true that food is culture, it cannot be otherwise in Rome. Since ancient times, for the Romans - ancient and modern - eating has been an authentic ritual. The cult of the eating, of sharing and conviviality has always represented a moment of socialisation. Roman cuisine has the peculiarity of being special in its simplicity, exquisite from so-called "poor" products. It has the extraordinary ability to enhance the common dishes of the peasant world.

But that is not all. What distinguishes Roman  cuisine is the magical mastery of transforming offal into unique and incomparable recipes, capable of satisfying even the most refined palates. Inimitable flavours that enrapture not only the sense of taste but also the sense of smell, sight, touch and hearing. Dishes become real sensory experiences: the smell of a sauce or the sound of a crunchy food. This is the daily mission of the Capital's restaurateurs, passionately pursuing a gastronomy of excellence in an enviable setting. 

Let's see together which are the best restaurants worth trying during your visit to Rome in 2024:

Best Restaurants in Rome in 2024: Ristorante Ai Cocci

best restaurants rome 2023

Located in Testaccio, Rome's trendy neighborhood, Ristorante Pizzeria Ai Cocci is just a short walk from the Baths of Caracalla. In a modern and refined setting, you can taste the best of traditional Roman cuisine. So, how can you not start with a taste of their fresh homemade pasta, such as the timeless tonnarelli or the tasty fettuccine? Condiments include the very traditional (and delicious) cacio e pepe, or pecorino, guanciale (which is not bacon!) and... artichokes. Such a special and tasty combination that you really cannot give up during a trip to the Capital. And to continue? The meat offered by this restaurant is particularly fine and tasty, and you can range from traditional dishes such as saltimbocca alla romana to dishes like ribs, fillets and tripe. There is also no shortage of pizzas (a taste of the artichoke and pecorino pizza is a must) and homemade desserts.

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Taverna Agàpe

Taverna Agàpe rome

Overlooking the small square of San Simeone, Taverna Agàpe offers Roman cuisine, reinterpreting and revisiting traditional recipes. The raw materials are chosen with scrupulous attention even, not infrequently, among slow food products. High-quality ingredients, always fresh and in season, are the core of a gastronomic proposal that is classic but at the same time creative, simple, tasty, and elegant. You can savor an excellent fish soup, the typical guancia con purè (braised veal cheek served with mashed potatoes), coniglio porchettato (porchetta-style roast rabbit) or the classic coratella (generally, lamb innards but also rabbit and poultry entrails). The menu offers a wide choice of meat and fish dishes to suit all tastes. 

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Ristorante Il Nipotino del Solitario

Restaurant Nipotino del Solitario

Il Nipotino del Solitario is about 200 meters from the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. Fresh food and local products are the restaurant's strength, which offers the authentic flavors of traditional Italian cuisine. You will savor simple and genuine tastes, from appetizer to dessert. Notable first courses include pasta alla gricia (also known as white amatriciana, it is made using pecorino romano cheese, black pepper and pork cheek), pappardelle with porcini mushrooms and pasta with clams and mussels. Furthermore, you can choose between a variety of meat and fish main courses and vegetable side dishes. The family atmosphere is the icing on the cake for those who decide to try the typical recipes of Italian gastronomy. 

Discover Il Nipotino del Solitario

BorgoPio92, the restaurant a stone's throw from St. Peter's

borgopio29 roma

In the heart of the medieval district of Borgo Pio, BorgoPio92 Restaurant is located right next to St Peter's Basilica. The kitchen offers a wide range of typical Roman dishes, both meat, and fresh fish, capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates. Pasta alla Gricia, all'Amatriciana, ossobuco (cross-cut veal shanks cooked with vegetables, white wine and broth), saltimbocca alla romana (veal wrapped with ham and sage) and coda alla vaccinara (oxtail stew with vegetables) are just a few of the restaurant's strengths. 

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AquaLunae Bistrot

AquaLunae Bistrot

In Piazza dei Quiriti, just a short walk from the Lepanto metro stop, is the delightful AquaLunae Bistrot. To come to this establishment is to learn, in the tastiest way possible, all the pleasures of the culinary art. Entering an elegant environment, you can finally immerse yourself in a true sensory experience that will embrace all 5 senses. You can be intrigued by the refined mix of Italian flavors offered on the tasting menu or choose dishes from the a la carte menu. Every single dish draws on the wonders of our country, reinvented in a new and utterly seductive key.

Check out the world of AquaLunae Bistrot

Pasta in Corso Restaurant (gluten free accredited)

pasta in corso rome restaurant

If you have a thing for pasta dishes, you can't help but consider Pasta in Corso among the best restaurants to try in Rome. This is literally the temple of pasta and you can try every pasta format with every kind of sauce. Some ideas? Fusilli, macaroni, spaghetti, fettuccine, ravioli, caserecce. And for toppings? Ragù, Bolognese, alla gricia, cacio e pepe, just to name a few. Then there is no shortage of gnocchi, lasagna, burgers and pizzas. Dulcis in fundo, this restaurant features two separate kitchens so that you can taste every delicacy even without gluten! Find the restaurant on Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, right in the center of Rome.

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Il Pagliaccio, Michelin 2-star restaurant

il pagliaccio ristorante roma

You can have a stellar dining experience on Via dei Banchi Vecchi, in the heart of Rome. In fact, the cuisine at Il Pagliaccio, directed by Chef Anthony Genovese, delivers a magnificent taste experience. The ambiance is harmonious, intimate and relaxed but, at the same time, winks at colorful design elements. You will not find an a la carte menu, but three tasting courses that you can choose directly at the restaurant. The courses you will be served will take you on a delicious world tour, with flavors that draw on culinary traditions from Europe to Asia.

Discover Il Pagliaccio Restaurant

Glass Hostaria, Michelin Star Restaurant in Rome

glass hostaria

One of the top choices of Trastevere is certainly Glass Hostaria, a restaurant led by Chef Cristina Bowerman. Her creations manage to glide wonderfully between the pleasure of tradition and the taste of modernity, with combinations that are always original and surprising. The carefully selected raw materials bring quality but also a passion for refinement and innovation to the table. You can let yourself be transported into a complete experience with the tasting menus, or select a few refined dishes from the a la carte menu.

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Arlù Restaurant

Ristorante arlù roma

 Why Arlù? The curious name comes from the fusion of the initials of Armando and Lucia, the founders of this restaurant. And it is because of their love of tradition, cuisine and hospitality that we consider Arlù Restaurant to be one of the best establishments in Rome, located in Borgo Pio area. The menu ranges with great skill between traditional dishes and reinvented dishes, so that every moment spent here is a true gastronomic tour. And, therefore, one cannot fail to taste the tonnarelli, spaghettoni, gnocchi, cappellacci and ravoli, but only to start. The main courses, in fact, bring back the best sea and land recipes, with tasty fillets, hamburgers and the traditional saltimbocca.

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Tiz Cucina e Sofà

best restaurants rome

Tiz Cucina e Sofà is, in every way, a lively and welcoming creation by Chef Tiziana Dazzi. We are in the Flaminio District, and the restaurant is a delightful brushstroke of color and comfortable sofas. The ambiance is comfortable, full of warmth, and modern, with colorful cushions that invite you to linger at the table for a few more minutes. And the cuisine? Not only traditional flavors, but also seasonal first fruits, so as to create a menu that is always attentive to the cycle of nature. You will find a great attention to zero-mile ingredients, but also to more inclusive dishes, including gluten free, and satisfying vegetarian and vegan choices.

Discover Tiz Cucina e Sofà

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