What are the best must-visit restaurants in Rome? In this article, we have selected 10 that you absolutely must try in 2024.

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If it is true that food is culture, it cannot be otherwise in Rome. Since ancient times, for the Romans - ancient and modern - eating has been an authentic ritual. The cult of the eating, of sharing and conviviality has always represented a moment of socialisation. Roman cuisine has the peculiarity of being special in its simplicity, exquisite from so-called "poor" products. It has the extraordinary ability to enhance the common dishes of the peasant world.

But that is not all. What distinguishes Roman  cuisine is the magical mastery of transforming offal into unique and incomparable recipes, capable of satisfying even the most refined palates. Inimitable flavours that enrapture not only the sense of taste but also the sense of smell, sight, touch and hearing. Dishes become real sensory experiences: the smell of a sauce or the sound of a crunchy food. This is the daily mission of the Capital's restaurateurs, passionately pursuing a gastronomy of excellence in an enviable setting. 

Let's see together which are the best restaurants worth trying during your visit to Rome in 2024.

Best Restaurants in Rome in 2024: Ristorante Ai Cocci

The best restaurants not to be missed in Rome in 2024

Located in Testaccio, Rome's trendy neighborhood, Ristorante Pizzeria Ai Cocci is just a short walk from the Baths of Caracalla. In a modern and refined setting, you can taste the best of traditional Roman cuisine. So, how can you not start with a taste of their fresh homemade pasta, such as the timeless tonnarelli or the tasty fettuccine? Condiments include the very traditional (and delicious) cacio e pepe, or pecorino, guanciale (which is not bacon!) and... artichokes. Such a special and tasty combination that you really cannot give up during a trip to the Capital. And to continue? The meat offered by this restaurant is particularly fine and tasty, and you can range from traditional dishes such as saltimbocca alla romana to dishes like ribs, fillets and tripe. There is also no shortage of pizzas (a taste of the artichoke and pecorino pizza is a must) and homemade desserts.

Via Luca della Robbia, 21/23, 00153 Roma RM

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Taverna Agàpe

The best restaurants not to be missed in Rome in 2024. Taverna Agàpe rome

Overlooking the small square of San Simeone, Taverna Agàpe offers Roman cuisine, reinterpreting and revisiting traditional recipes. The raw materials are chosen with scrupulous attention even, not infrequently, among slow food products. High-quality ingredients, always fresh and in season, are the core of a gastronomic proposal that is classic but at the same time creative, simple, tasty, and elegant. You can savor an excellent fish soup, the typical guancia con purè (braised veal cheek served with mashed potatoes), coniglio porchettato (porchetta-style roast rabbit) or the classic coratella (generally, lamb innards but also rabbit and poultry entrails). The menu offers a wide choice of meat and fish dishes to suit all tastes. 

Piazzetta di, Vicolo di S. Simeone, 26,27, 00186 Roma RM

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Rinaldi al Quirinale

The best restaurants not to be missed in Rome in 2024. Rinaldi al Quirinale

A cornerstone of the Roman fine dining scene, Rinaldi al Quirinale brings to the tables the Rinaldi family's fifty years of experience in the restaurant industry. The atmosphere is classically refined in an elegant venue that sticks to timeless style and a menu that doesn't follow passing trends. No fancy stuff, just great offerings made with high-quality ingredients, especially their seafood dishes (the house speciality). Located close to the Quirinale and the main political buildings, the restaurant offers guests seven different dining spaces, including three private rooms for those seeking maximum privacy and a small outdoor area. The wine cellar is a highlight. It boasts over 20,000 wines, from the most prestigious labels to niche products, to suit all tastes and budgets.

Via Parma, 11/A, 00184 Roma RM

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La Terrazza dei Papi

I migliori ristoranti da non perdere a Roma nel 2024. La Terrazza dei Papi

La Terrazza dei Papi is one of the most enchanting locations in the Eternal City. This rooftop garden restaurant boasts an exceptional view of the magnificent Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore and is perfect for a sunset aperitif with friends or a candlelit dinner. The restaurant occupies the top floor of the Mecenate Palace, an exclusive four-star hotel in the heart of the city. Stepping in, a small secret garden suspended in the sky of Rome surprises visitors. You have a choice: linger just long enough to enjoy a good cocktail at the SkyBar, or settle in for a memorable evening savouring the chef's delectable creations. The dishes are a beautiful ode to regional and Mediterranean cuisine—more than just a culinary experience.

Via Carlo Alberto, 3, 00185 Roma RM

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L’Estro del Pesce

The best restaurants not to be missed in Rome in 2024. L’Estro del Pesce

L'Estro del Pesce offers a traditional menu enriched with imaginative touches. This intimate seafood restaurant showcases a familiar allure, and guests are welcomed with smiles. The menu is built on a solid foundation of classic dishes, enhanced by carefully selected ingredients. The chef crafts the daily offerings based on the catch of the day. For instance, you might find seafood caponata, stuffed anchovies, calamari, and creamy salted cod. Anyway, if you are up to a complete and carefree experience, opt for the tasting menu. Every course is visually appealing without being pretentious. A good mixture of taste and simplicity will make your palate say thank you. Elisa's commitment and love for her charming and comfortable restaurant and its elegant cuisine are evident in every detail.

Via Adige, 30e, 00198 Roma RM

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L’Osteria della Trippa

The best restaurants not to be missed in Rome in 2024. L’Osteria della Trippa

Alessandra Ruggeri is the face behind L'Osteria della Trippa, a traditional Roman eatery that opened its doors in 2019. Her influence is evident throughout the menu, which features classic recipes and ingredients from Roman and Lazio cuisine with a hint of French flair. The wine selection is anything but ordinary. The restaurant perfectly complements Trastevere's bohemian charm. The venue is rustic, simple, and yet welcoming. Visitors can expect truly delicious plates: famous and exquisitely prepared pasta dishes (amatriciana, cacio e pepe, carbonara), stewed snails, coratella (offal), and alla giudia artichokes, among others. Portions are definitely generous, and the culinary experience delights anyone seeking authentic Roman cuisine.

Via Goffredo Mameli, 15/16, 00153 Roma RM

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Acquolina Ristorante

The best restaurants not to be missed in Rome in 2024. Acquolina Ristorante

Acquolina, the two Michelin-starred restaurant by Daniele Lippi, is like a culinary journey of creative cuisine in the Mediterranean essence. This gastronomic adventure, spanning both land and sea, reflects the unique style of a young chef who trained under the great name of the international Michelin-starred scene. Meat and fish, sometimes offered together in the same dish, are expertly combined to create a delicious itinerary that retraces the Mediterranean culinary roots. First-timers should go for a tasting menu (the choice is between 7 and 9 courses). The restaurant is located on the first floor of The First Arte hotel, in a minimalist setting that aesthetically enhances the beauty and originality of the dishes served. To perfect your experience, stop by the cocktail bar: you’ll find excellent signature drinks that seamlessly complement your dining adventure.

Via del Vantaggio, 14, 00186 Roma RM

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Zia Restaurant

The best restaurants not to be missed in Rome in 2024. Zia Restaurant

Our review of the best restaurant not to be missed in Rome for 2024 continues with Zia Restaurant, a Trastevere corner awarded with a Michelin star. After amassing a wealth of experience around the globe and spending four years at Anthony Genovese's Il Pagliaccio, gifted chef Antonio Ziantoni embarked on his entrepreneurial venture in 2018. On Via Goffredo Mameli, a tucked-away street in the heart of Rome, he showcases a cuisine that is talented, solid, and fun. The food is genuine and full of flavour, focusing on high-quality ingredients and well-crafted dishes. New York designer Anton Cristell designed the sophisticated interiors—the result: contemporary, clean, and balanced spaces that perfectly reflect the restaurant's philosophy.

Via Goffredo Mameli, 45, 00153 Roma RM

Discover Zia Restaurant

Le Tamerici

The best restaurants not to be missed in Rome in 2024. Le Tamerici

Amid the many tourist spots crowding the area around the Trevi Fountain, Le Tamerici stands out as a reliable and genuine choice for those seeking the pleasure of a well-prepared meal. Giovanni Cappelli has created a stylish retreat steps away from one of the world's most beautiful locations, but the food quality is uncompromised. There is no big flashy signage outside the meticulously maintained and welcoming venue, just a small dehors in Vicolo Scavolino. The cuisine looks to Roman tradition for inspiration, with some reinterpretations and creative touches adding a contemporary flair. Still, the menu keeps a clear connection to the local territory. And while expectations in such tourist areas are generally not high, Le Temeraci is a delightful exception.  

Vicolo Scavolino, 79, 00187 Roma RM

Discover Le Tamerici

Diana’s Place

The best restaurants not to be missed in Rome in 2024. Diana’s Place

The gourmet experience at this Michelin Guide-listed restaurant is a walk through the excellence of Italian tradition. Everything is designed to elevate your taste buds, from the dishes on the menu to the superb wine selection and the products served at the gastronomic counter. Welcome to Diana's Place, an elegant bistro just a few minutes ' walk from Termini Station. The location is ideal for those with limited time still wanting to indulge in a moment of pleasure. Just looking at the menu is satisfying: lasagna, egg pasta, ragù, saltimbocca alla romana. There are also reimagined traditional dishes like cacio e pepe with crispy artichokes and carbonara with black truffle. The wine list is outstanding, featuring over a thousand labels. The warm, knowledgeable staff will help you choose the perfect glass to sip.

Via Volturno, 54, 00185 Roma RM

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