What are the best must-visit restaurants in Rome? In this article, we have selected 10 that you absolutely must try in 2023.

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If it is true that food is culture, it cannot be otherwise in Rome. Since ancient times, for the Romans - ancient and modern - eating has been an authentic ritual. The cult of the eating, of sharing and conviviality has always represented a moment of socialisation. Roman cuisine has the peculiarity of being special in its simplicity, exquisite from so-called "poor" products. It has the extraordinary ability to enhance the common dishes of the peasant world.

But that is not all. What distinguishes Roman  cuisine is the magical mastery of transforming offal into unique and incomparable recipes, capable of satisfying even the most refined palates. Inimitable flavours that enrapture not only the sense of taste but also the sense of smell, sight, touch and hearing. Dishes become real sensory experiences: the smell of a sauce or the sound of a crunchy food. This is the daily mission of the Capital's restaurateurs, passionately pursuing a gastronomy of excellence in an enviable setting. 

Let's see together which are the best restaurants worth trying during your visit to Rome in 2023:

Restaurants in Rome city center: Il Giardino Romano

Restaurants Rome city center

Facing the historic Via del Portico di Ottavia, Il Giardino Romano lies in Rome's Jewish Ghetto. The restaurant boasts simple and tasty food that reintroduces the authentic flavors of the past's popular cuisine. The undisputed star is His Majesty the Artichoke, in the widest variety of forms and recipes: Carciofo alla Giudía (namely, Jewish-style artichokes), Carciofo alla Romana (literally, Roman-style artichokes), tonnarelli cacio e pepe con Carciofi (homemade egg pasta seasoned with Pecorino Romano cheese, pepper, and artichokes), or straccetti di tonno e Carciofi (tuna strips with artichokes). Each dish is skillfully prepared to respect the Roman and Jewish gastronomic traditions.


Taverna Agàpe

Taverna Agàpe

Overlooking the small square of San SimeoneTaverna Agàpe offers Roman cuisine, reinterpreting and rivisting traditional recipes. The raw materials are chosen with scrupulous attention even, not infrequently, among slow food products. High-quality ingredients, always fresh and in season, are the core of a gastronomic proposal that is classic but at the same time creative, simple, tasty, and elegant. You can savour an excellent fish soup, the typical guancia con purè (braised veal cheek served with mashed potatoes), coniglio porchettato (porchetta-style roast rabbit) or the classic coratella (generally, lamb innards but also rabbit and poultry entrails). The menu offers a wide choice of meat and fish dishes to suit all tastes. 


Ristorante Il Nipotino del Solitario

Restaurant Nipotino del Solitario

Il Nipotino del Solitario, is about 200 metres from the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. Fresh food and local products are the restaurant's strength, which offers the authentic flavours of traditional Italian cuisine. You will savour simple and genuine tastes, from appetizer to dessert. Notable first courses include pasta alla gricia (also known as white amatriciana, it is made using pecorino romano cheese, black pepper and pork cheek), pappardelle with porcini mushrooms and pasta with clams and mussels. Furthermore, you can choose between a variety of meat and fish main courses and vegetable side dishes. The family atmosphere is the icing on the cake for those who decide to try the typical recipes of Italian gastronomy. 


Antica Trattoria BorgoPio92

Gricia Pasta

In the heart of the medieval district of Borgo Pio, BorgoPio92 Restaurant is located right next to St Peter's Basilica. The kitchen offers a wide range of typical Roman dishes, both meat, and fresh fish, capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates. Pasta alla Gricia, all'Amatriciana, ossobuco (cross-cut veal shanks cooked with vegetables, white wine and broth), saltimbocca alla romana (veal wrapped with ham and sage) and coda alla vaccinara (oxtail stew with vegetables) are just a few of the restaurant's strengths. 


Osteria Padì

Osteria Padì

Just a stone's throw from St Peter's Square, located in Via delle Fornaci, Osteria Padì offers home cooking in keeping with Roman tradition. The dishes, freshly prepared with excellent quality ingredients, are impressive. You can choose between Amatriciana, carbonara, cacio e pepe, fettuccine with blueberries, pioppini mushrooms and Norcia sausage, altimbocca alla romana or Jewish-style artichokes. Each course is an authentic journey into taste. Don't miss the superb tiramisù, a speciality that rounds off a meal worthy of a king's table! Unique flavours and authenticity are combined in a wide variety of local and typical Italian recipes.      


That's Amore Restaurant

That's Amore restaurant

That's amore is located in the heart of Rome, near the Trevi Fountain. The restaurant is the most authentic expression of Italian gastronomy. The guiding thread of the cuisine is the veracity typical of Roman trattorias. You will be able to taste magnificent homemade pasta flavoured with traditional sauces and condiments. Excellent dishes, paired with perfect wines, are real sensory experiences. Gnocchi alla sorrentina (with tomato and mozzarella cheese), tonnarelli cacio e pepe (handmade pasta with Pecorino cheese and pepper), fettuccine all'Alfredo (with butter and Parmesan cheese) or roast lamb with potatoes: each dish is a delight for the palate. Also noteworthy is the superlative pizza prepared with carefully selected products. Here food, as the name suggests, is love, passion, emotion


Trattoria Sora Lella

Trattoria Sora Lella

Trattoria Sora Lella is located in the heart of the Tiber Island, in the middle of the River Tiber. Baptized with the affectionate nickname of the Roman actress Elena Fabrizi (Lella), the restaurant was opened by her husband Renato Trabalza. Still today, the restaurant passionately carries on the simple, genuine and authentic cuisine of Roman and Lazio gastronomy. In a familiar and suggestive atmosphere, you can enjoy typical dishes prepared with the love of the past. Among the tasty proposals of Sora Lella, you will find pasta e ceci con vongole (pasta and chickpeas with clams), aubergine parmigiana, meatballs with sauce or trippa di vitello alla romana (veal tripe Roman style ). Finally, to conclude your meal, the homemade ice cream is prepared with fresh ingredients and according to tradition. 


Ristorante La Bufala Allegra

La Bufala Allegra restaurant

La Bufala Allegra Restaurant is synonymous with tradition and qualityFish, seafood or meat recipes and  are all prepared with the freshest and best quality products to satisfy lovers of good cuisine. A gastronomic journey across Italy to discover the most genuine and authentic flavours. Don't miss the paccheri with truffle cream, the carbonara with shrimps and pistachios, the fried squid and shrimps and the wide range of grilled meats. You must also try the pizzas baked in the wood-fired oven in an infinite variety of flavours. From starters to desserts, every dish is a real guarantee.


Terra di Siena restaurant

Terra di SIena restaurant

In the square that is home to Rome's most famous talking statue, PasquinoTerra di Siena Restaurant offers the flavours of ancient Sienese cuisine. In keeping with Tuscan gastronomy, the dishes have a strong, warm, and decisive character. World-famous ingredients and flavours such as Florentine-style steak, beef fillet tartare, pici all'aglione (hand-rolled pasta, similar to fat spaghetti, savoured with the aglione sauce -sugo all’aglione - made with a locally grown garlic), maltagliati (homemade pasta cut from the excess parts of the dough. The same name maltagliati, literally means "poorly cut") and much more. White or red, delicate, mellow, or sweet sparkling wines will enhance their taste and characteristics with any meal or food. 


Flavio Al Veloavevodetto restaurant

Flavio Al Veloavevodetto restaurant

On the slopes of Monte Testaccio, Flavio al veloavevodetto is the authentic temple of Roman cuisine. The restaurant is welcoming and inviting, from the terracotta walls to the lighting. Here, you will find the perfect atmosphere for your special moments. Chef Flavio will delight you with an excellent carbonara, creamy and velvety, and a perfect cacio e pepe, just spicy enough. A genuine Roman from the Garbatella district, Flavio embodies all the characteristics of traditional Roman gastronomy.


Exploring Roma with the Rome Super Pass

Rome Super Pass

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