The Vatican Museums are a must-see in Rome for all art lovers, a museum whose importance and prestige attract nearly seven million visitors annually. 

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The Vatican Museums constitute, without a doubt, one of the most exceptional (and largest) museum collections on the entire Planet, ranging from Egyptian artifacts to contemporary art, not to mention some of the most unforgettable and famous works of art in all of history, such as the Sistine Chapel frescoed by Michelangelo, a true testament to the highest artistic heights ever reached by man.

It is not surprising, then, that such a treasure chest of wonders is object of a tourism knowing no "low season": people from all over the world do not want to miss the chance to admire such magnificence, and with good reason. They are a must for every stay in Rome.

So starting from the aforementioned Sistine Chapel, with the Last Judgment and The Creation of Adam, the Vatican Museums also allow visitors to admire the marvelous Raphael Rooms, the Pinacoteca (with works by Giotto, Caravaggio, and Leonardo), the Gallery of Maps, the Carriage Pavilion, or the fantastic spiral staircase designed in 1932 by Giuseppe Momo.

Inside the Vatican Museums every corner is a discovery full of emotion and wonder. So all that remains is to find out how to get to the Vatican Museums so as not to miss any of these treasures!

Skip the line at Vatican Museums

How to reach the Vatican Museums

How to go to Vatican museums

A necessary condition for reaching the Vatican Museums is, of course, to arrive in Rome. In fact, although the Museums are to all intents and purposes part of the Vatican State, their entrance is still on Italian territory, at Viale Vaticano 6.

The Vatican is exactly 5 km. from the center of Rome and can be easily reached by local public transportation. For those arriving in Rome by plane, it may be more convenient to reach the central train station of Roma Termini, where you can choose from a variety of ways to travel to the Vatican Museums. 

For travelling in Rome, public transport is very comfortable, but if you want to visit different locations in the surroundings and move around independently, you can choose to rent a car, indicating convenient pick-up and drop-off locations.

How to get to the Vatican Museums by subway

How to get to the Vatican Museums by subway

If your starting point is Roma Termini station, perhaps the most obvious choice would be to use the subway. You have to take the Line A Metro towards Battistini and get off at Ottaviano-Musei Vaticani and Cipro, two stops really very close to the Museums: we are talking about distances coverable in a 10-minute walk.

How to get to the Vatican Museums by bus

How to get to the Vatican Museums by bus

By bus one can use line 49, stopping right in front of the entrance to the Vatican Museums. Nearby Piazza Risorgimento, on the other hand, is where lines 32, 81 and 982 pass, with their terminus right there.

Visit to the Vatican Museums: some tips

Visiting Vatican Museums

Precisely because of the constant influx of visitors to the Museums, it is always recommended to book your ticket online, in order to avoid long queues and enjoy to the fullest the visit, estimated to last between two and three hours.

Inside the Museums, with the exception of the Sistine Chapel, photography with no flash is allowed. In addition, drinking and eating is prohibited in the halls, and smoking is absolutely forbidden (a ban applying also to electronic cigarettes).

Separate note for the dress code, which must be in line with the sacredness of the place. Therefore, one cannot enter the Museums with too low-cut clothing or leaving belly exposed. Super-recommended are shirts and knee-length pants, and we turn a blind eye to sandals although, since you have to walk so much, it is still recommended to choose a comfortable shoe!

How to arrive at the Vatican Museums

How to arrive at the Vatican Museums

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Visititaly's advice on how to get to the Vatican Museums allows you to plan a pleasant experience choosing which attractions to see. You can plan your itinerary in advance and buy tickets online. In this way you will be able to optimise your time and fully dedicate yourself to your holiday.

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