Crystal clear waters, beaches of fine white or golden sand or rough volcanic pebbles. Come to discover the 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily.

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Sicily is a special land, rich in traditions and stories. A fantastic place capable of dragging you into a romantic, dreamy dimension, caressed by the sound of the waves crashing on the shoreline and a light breeze blowing from the sea. Crystal clear water and an infinite variety of beaches to choose, from those with very fine sand, to deserted and hidden coves, or wild rocks, bathed in transparent water.

Discover the 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, which we have selected for you, taking you on an ideal tour that touches all the coasts and includes 2 islands. Ideal trip for those who choose relaxation by the sea, but do not give up the infinite cultural and naturistic richness of this land, which offers archaeological sites, museums, nature reserves and traditional cuisine that will become unforgettable in your memories.

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily: choose your favourite

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, Italy

Spring is the right time for a holiday in Sicily or to start organizing your summer holiday. We have chosen for you the 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, to offer you a wide variety of choice we have selected less frequented and free beaches and equipped beaches capable of allowing you every comfort, all are wonderful dream places, ideal for disconnecting from everyday life and immerse yourself in a dream dimension.

We started from San Vito Lo Capo, the westernmost peak in the magnificent and wild Zingaro Reserve and from there we descended southwards in an anti-clockwise direction, touching the marvelous Scala dei Turchi, the Eraclea Minoa beach in the province of Agrigento, the unforgettable and surprising Conigli beach, on the island of Lampedusa, Porto Palo di Capo Passero, the southern tip of Sicily below the parallel of Tunis, the beach of Aci Trezza, remembered in a classic of Italian literature by the writer Giovanni Verga, the Isola Bella of the famous and chic Taormina, Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian islands, finishing with the renowned Cefalù, in the province of Palermo. Choose your favorite and organize your holiday.

10. San Vito Lo Capo and the Zingaro Reserve (Trapani)

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, San Vito Lo Capo

An ideal destination to spend your holidays, San Vito Lo Capo is located on the western coast of Sicily, in the province of Trapani, nestled between the Gulf of Macari, Gulf of Castellamare and the beautiful and wild Zingaro Reserve, where you can find rocks that alternating with coves of sandy beaches, isolated and enchanting places. San Vito Lo Capo offers 3 km of beaches and is also called the Caribbean of Sicily.

Right next to the village of San Vito Lo Capo you will find the most famous beach, characterized by very fine white sand, and bathed by crystal clear water, near the shore the seabed is particularly shallow, for a nice swim you will have to go offshore, but worth it. Dominating the landscape, in the background, is Mount Monaco, so called because it appears like a monk sitting in prayer. The beach is well equipped, in the small seaside village of San Vito Lo Capo you can find various restaurants with delicious traditional recipes, here the main dish is couscous and in fact the town is reminiscent of a North African country, with low white houses. Every year the couscous festival is held, which sees the presence of chefs from different countries competing in the preparation of the dish.

9. Scala dei Turchi (Agrigento)

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Türkiye, Scala dei Turchi

Moving on to the second of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, we find The Scala dei Turchi: it offers an extraordinary panorama, a long spur of pure white limestone rock, which falls vertically onto a very blue sea with fresh waters. We are in Realmonte, in the province of Agrigento, between Punta Grande and Lido Rossello, we are just 14km from the Valley of the Temples. This beach has served as a film set for famous films, including Malèna, by Tornatore and the famous Italian series Inspector Montalbano. The coastline is wavy and irregular, the rock is a cliff of very white marl, clayey and limestone in nature, which is why you will see many tourists collecting mud and treating themselves to improvised and free masks with local clay.

The beach is not equipped, so we advise you to arrive equipped with everything you need, the Scala dei Turchi has the advantage of never being too crowded. To get to this suggestive place you can opt for the tourist bus, the car or a walk starting from the nearby beaches. We recommend this destination as a day visit starting from the city of Agrigento, perhaps included in a small itinerary of the area that includes sea and culture, together with a visit to the Valley of the Temples, an archaeological park included in the UNESCO world heritage list, where you will be able to see temples in excellent condition, it will be like immersing yourself in antiquity.

8. Eraclea Minoa, Agrigento

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, Eraclea Minoa, Italy

Eraclea Minoa takes its name from an ancient Greek city, whose remains are still visible in a magnificent position, on the promontory at the foot of which extends a very long beach of fine golden sand, crowned by a beautiful pine forest of pines and eucalyptus. A corner of paradise between nature and turquoise sea. We are still in the province of Agrigento, in southern Sicily, between Capo Bianco and the mouth of the Platani river, its beach is 5 km long.

If you are passionate about the sea, nature and even history this is the place for you, the Greek theater in excellent condition will surprise you. The beach is free and not equipped, so we recommend that you arrive equipped with everything you may need during the day. We always suggest it as part of an itinerary together with the Valley of the Temples.

7. The rabbit beach, Lampedusa

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, Spiaggia dei Conigli

A powerfully evocative destination, we couldn't fail to give you a suggestion that's a little out of the ordinary. Among the many islands that surround Sicily, we have chosen to suggest a beach on the beautiful island of Lampedusa, off the southern coast of Sicily. Rabbit Beach (Spiaggia dei Conigli) is in the lower part of the island and is ranked among the most beautiful beaches in the world. The beach and the island are within a protected area, an ideal destination for those who love an immersive experience in nature. To reach it you will have to walk a long way and there is a limited entrance fee.

The name of the beach comes from a small island offshore, called Rabbit Island, connected by a strip of sand that disappears at high tide. From a wildlife point of view it is a very special area, a colony of rabbits lives here, and it is one of the rare areas where Caretta Caretta sea turtles lay their eggs, which is why you will have to access these places with a lot of respect to preserve the natural riches and faunal. Sailing and scuba diving are prohibited on this beach, bathing is permitted from land. The sea around Lampedusa is superb, it certainly deserves a swim and a boat ride, but not on this beach, find out where it is possible to do it instead... this was the fourth of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily.

6. Porto Palo di Capo Passero, Syracuse

the 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, Porto Palo di Capo Passero

Located where the Ionian Sea intersects with the Mediterranean Sea, Capo Passero is the most extreme southern tip of Sicily, it is part of the free municipal consortium of Syracuse, from which it is 58 km away. Capo Passero is also the name of the islet that is in front of the coast, during low tide it can be reached on foot, across a strip of sand that is covered by the water during high tide. The island is located right in front of the seaside village of Capo Passero. The ancient tuna fishery of Capo Passero is also interesting for a visit.

There are many beautiful beaches in this stretch of coast, you can choose between sandy beaches with shallow waters or rocky coasts and white cliffs bathed by a dream sea. Some of these beaches are free, others equipped, there is a wide choice to satisfy everyone's needs, if you love fine, clear sand and crystal-clear sea with shallow water, don't miss Playa Carratois or the sandy coast of Capo Passero Island, like the beach of the two seas, with such an evocative name. While if you are passionate about snorkeling and rocky areas, Scalo Mandrie beach is certainly better, where the sand alternates with cliffs and rocks.

5. Cala Rossa beach and the Plemmiro Marine Park, Syracuse

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, Cala Rossa, Syracuse

Pebble sand and outcropping rocks, the beach of Cala Rossa is in front of the island of Ortigia which is the oldest part of Syracuse and which we absolutely recommend you visit, we are in the municipality of Syracuse. We are a 10-minute drive from the Neapolis archaeological park, where the famous Greek theater of Syracuse and the ear of Dionysus are located, a 23-meter-high cave that creeps 65 meters into the cliff. Dionysius is said to have used the cave's excellent acoustics to spy on his prisoners. At Cala Rossa the sea is clear and takes on colors ranging from turquoise to blue.

If you are in Syracuse to visit the city and the archaeological remains, this beach can represent a relaxing day, it is easy to reach from the center, from the Ortigia seafront you will only have to go down a staircase that takes you to the beach, Cala Rossa is located exactly where the seafront crosses via Roma and via Santa Teresa. The beach is free, but there are freshwater showers and in the afternoon there is a pleasant shade that can lighten the heat of summer days. About half an hour's drive south you will find the Plemmirio Marine Park, ideal for a walk on the sea with an extraordinary view, from here you can go down to various coves.

4. Aci Trezza beach, Catania

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, Aci Trezza beach

Made famous by the great Italian writer Giovanni Verga who set the novel I Malavoglia here. The beach of Aci Trezza is 16 km from Catania, it is a particular beach made up of black stones and gravel of lava origin and black rocks that emerge from the sea and highlight the transparency of the water. The town of Aci Trezza is a center of ancient fishing tradition, famous for its magnificent sea stacks and traditional wooden boats, here you can taste excellent seafood specialties, as only Sicily can offer. The town overlooks the Ionian Sea in front of the small archipelago of the Cyclops Islands, a very interesting site for its biodiversity and of great naturalistic impact. Etna dominates the coast from above and is the reason why the gravel has lava origins.

In Aci Trezza the beach is free, but there are also bathing establishments, among the rocks there are comfortable wooden platforms on which you can lie down in the sun. On the seafront you will find several restaurants and bars to taste the local dishes and the excellent refreshing granitas. If you like observing the sea, here is an ideal spot for snorkelling, but if you want to go deeper you will also find rental points with diving equipment for diving, boat rental is also available for a tour of the surrounding area.

3. Isola Bella, Taormina

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, Isola Bella, Taormina

Isola Bella is undoubtedly among the most photographed beaches in Sicily, it is located between the promontory of Capo Taormina and that of Capo Sant'Andrea. You are a 16-minute drive from the center of Taormina and this beach is certainly the most beautiful in the area. Isola Bella is a small islet covered by dense vegetation connected to the mainland by a sandy path that appears and disappears depending on the tides. The beach is made up of white pebbles and the sea water is transparent. Access to the beach is free, but if you want to go to the islet, know that since 2011 it has become the Regional Naturalistic Museum of Isola Bella and can be visited for 4 euros.

Isola Bella has a beach equipped with any comfort you may be looking for, access to the beach is located along the Nazionale, Strada Statale 114, about 200 meters from the cable car station that connects the maritime area with the center of Taormina. Next to the cable car station there is a paid car park where you can park your car, if you don't have a car you can reach the beach by bus starting from the Taormina Capo stop and going down to Via Nazionale, from there in a few minutes via a path with steps you will arrive directly at the beach, alternatively the cable car will always drop you off in front of the entrance to the steps.

2. Lipari, Aeolian Islands

the 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, Lipari, Aeolian Islands

Lipari is the largest of the 7 islands that make up the Aeolian archipelago, this island has a huge variety of beaches. It is a quiet island, but the one that has developed the tourist aspect the most, here you will be spoiled for choice, between cliffs overlooking the sea, beaches equipped with light pebbles, sea with incredible shades, large bays, and deep caves. Lipari is a destination worth a visit.

The Bianca beach, or Papesca beach, is the most famous, the beach owes its name to the spectacular expanse of pumice dust that makes up the beach, it is located about 4 km north of Lipari town. Among the most popular beaches are Cala di Portinente, Valle Muria beach, Porticello beach, Gabbiani beach, accessible only by sea, Acquacalda, of gravel, and Canneto, of sand and gravel, chosen by those traveling with families, crystal clear sea inside a suggestive bay.

1. The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily: Sant'Ambrogio Beach, Cefalù

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, Cefalù

We have reached the end of our roundup of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily, we have done the complete tour of Sicily, an extraordinary land full of beaches of all types and crystal-clear sea. The last beach we take you to is Cefalù, a municipality in the metropolitan city of Palermo, which is an hour's drive away. Cefalù is a picturesque and charming town, among the most famous tourist locations in Sicily. The beach we recommend in these parts is Sant'Ambrogio beach.

The beach of Sant'Ambrogio is quiet and not too crowded, made up of small white pebbles alternating with some sandy sections, it is located 6 km from the center of Cefalù. It is a free and wild beach, where you can also find some beach establishments. Here you can take long walks along the shoreline, there are 3 km of beach, we recommend it for its tranquility which makes it an oasis of peace. In the surroundings of Cefalù we also recommend Pollina beach along the coast of sand and fine gravel (very busy during the high season), Salinelle beach and Capo Playa also suitable for sailing and surfing enthusiasts. Our tour of the 10 most beautiful beaches in Sicily ends here. Happy Holiday!

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