A total of 485 Italian beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag for the 2024 summer season, with 10 new municipalities receiving awards.

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The Foundation for Environmental Education Italy (FEE -Foundation for Environmental Education) has presented the list of Italian resorts deserving the recognition of the famous Blue Flag, the coveted and prestigious international certification of sea quality and eco-sustainability, in collaboration with the United Nations World Tourism Organisation - UNWTO, established in 1987, the European Year of the Environment, around the binomial ‘environment-tourism’.
The award-winning seaside resorts are spread across the entire peninsula and include both sea and lake resorts. 

Blue Flag 2024: an Italian triumph with 485 award-winning beaches

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy

Italy has once again confirmed itself as a true excellence on the international tourism scene, winning no fewer than 485 Blue Flags for the year 2024. This is an extraordinary achievement that rewards the quality of our coastlines, commitment to environmental management, and the offer of high-level tourist services. Compared to the year 2023, 10 more municipalities were awarded with 81 tourist landings, over 11% on a global scale.

From the Cinque Terre to the splendid islands of Sardinia, passing through the coves of Apulia and the seaside villages of Campania, the Bel Paese boasts a unique landscape heritage capable of satisfying every need. The recognition of Blue Flag goes beyond the borders of the sea and also extends to inland waters such as lakes, to the awarding of beauty and sustainability. In fact, the award-winning municipalities stand out for the efficiency of the services they offer, the responsible management of the territory and the promotion of environmentally friendly tourism.

The awarding of Blue Flag represents an important opportunity to enhance the territory and promote Italy as a tourist destination of excellence, also because in Italy we have the most beautiful beaches. 

Blue Flag: the criteria and requirements for awarding them

Blue Flag: the criteria and requirements for awarding them

Ischia - Campania

In 2024, 485 Blue Flags will proudly fly over Italy's coastlines, a certificate that rewards not only the beauty of Italy's beaches but also the commitment of the institutions and citizens of the various localities, aimed at protecting the environment and promoting their territory through sustainable management that avoids waste.

The criteria for awarding the Blue Flag are quite strict and complex and take several aspects into consideration:

Water quality: This is a fundamental parameter. The water quality must be exceptional and must comply with the parameters set by the regulations in force. Analyses and sampling are constantly carried out to monitor the levels of pollution and microorganisms in the water, so as to establish its cleanliness. 

Facilities: The sea water is obviously fundamental in the choice of bathers, a clearer sea influences the choice towards a less clear sea, what influences bathers a lot, however, and is a fundamental criterion for the award of the Blue Flag, are the services offered. Obviously, it is necessary to offer adequate and efficient services to bathers, such as rescue services, health care, hygiene facilities and waste separation. The accommodation facilities and bathing establishments can offer additional services to customers that tend to put the bather at ease and influence his or her choice of beach or establishment to go to.

Environmental management: The resort must demonstrate a concrete commitment to environmental protection by taking appropriate measures for sustainable land management, pollution reduction and enhancement of natural resources.

Safety: Blue Flag beaches must be safe and accessible to all, with adequate prevention and rescue measures. Accessibility goes hand in hand with inclusion and prevention. Access on beaches and in the water also for people with motor disabilities.

Let's find out together which locations and beaches have been awarded this prestigious recognition. Blue Flag 2024, from north to south! 

18. Piedmont: 5 beaches awarded for their excellence

Blue Flags 2024 in Italy: Piedmont

Lake Maggiore - Piedmont

Once again this year, Piedmont stands out for the quality of its waters and the sustainable management of its territory, obtaining no less than five Blue Flags. All the flags fly on the shores of Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta, confirming the tourist vocation of these areas and the commitment of the local administrations to guaranteeing a safe and pleasant bathing experience while respecting the environment.

This year's five Blue Flag winning locations are:

Cannobio (VB);
Cannero Riviera (VB);
Verbania - Fondotoce - Isolino (VB);
San Maurizio d'Opaglio in the province of Novara;
Gozzano in the province of Novara.

17. Lombardy confirms its 3 blue flags

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Lombardy

Lake of Garda - Lombardy

In 2024, as in the previous year, Lombardy will again boast 3 splendid Blue Flag beaches, all located on the shores of Lake Garda in the province of Brescia. This is an important confirmation for Lombardy, which went from 1 to 3 Blue Flags in 2023.

The resorts awarded Blue Flag 2024 in Lombardy are:

Sirmione (Brescia): Lido delle Grotte;
Toscolano Maderno (Brescia): Lido Azzurro;
Gardone Riviera (Brescia): Lido Beach and Casino Beach.

16. Trentino Alto Adige is awarded 12 Blue Flags

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Trentino Alto Adige

Lavaredo Lake - Trentino Alto Adige

Trentino Alto Adige was awarded 12 Blue Flags for 2024, 2 more than in 2023 with the inclusion of Tenno (Trentino Alto Adige) and Vallelaghi (Trentino Alto Adige). Trentino is proving itself to be more and more a cutting-edge region that focuses on the enhancement of the territory and sustainability of its lakes.

Here is the complete list of resorts awarded the Blue Flag:

Vallelaghi - Lido Terlago, Tre Faggi;
Sella Giudicarie - Roncone Beach;
Tenno - Spiaggia Grande;
Bondone - Porto Camarelle;
Bedollo - Piazze locality;
Baselga di Pinè - Beach Bar, Alberon beach Lido;
Pergine Valsugana - San Cristoforo;
Tenna - Tenna Beach;
Calceranica al Lago - Alle Barche/Al Pescatore/Riviera;
Levico Terme - Levico Beach;
Caldonazzo - Lido/Spiaggetta;
Lavarone - Lido Marzari.

15. Liguria is the 2024 Blue Flag Queen

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Liguria

San Fruttuoso - Camogli

Liguria is confirmed in 2024 as the undisputed queen of Blue Flags in Italy, with no fewer than 34 award-winning locations. This is an excellent result that testifies to the region's commitment to protecting the environment and promoting eco-sustainable tourism. Compared to the year 2023, there are two new entries: Borgio Verezzi in the province of Savona and Recco in the province of Genoa.

Here is the complete list of locations awarded the Blue Flag:


Bordighera - Litorale;
Sanremo - Tre Ponti, Imperatrice, Bussana, Baia Capo Pino, Tiro a Volo;
Riva Ligure - Centro;
Santo Stefano al Mare - Il Vascello, Baia Azzurra;
San Lorenzo al Mare - Baia delle Vele, U’Nustromu/Prima Punta;
Imperia - Spianata Borgo Peri, Borgo Marina;
Diano Marina - Litorale;


Laigueglia - Litorale;
Ceriale - Ceriale Nord, Ceriale Sud (Camping Delphis);
Borghetto Santo Spirito - Litorale;
Loano - Spiaggia di Loano;
Pietra Ligure - Ponente;
Borgio Verezzi - Ex Sati, Rio Batorezza, Rio Bottasano;
Finale Ligure - Castelletto San Donato, Varigotti, Spiaggia del Porto, Finalpia, Finalmarina, Malpasso;
Noli - Le Cave/Capo Noli/Zona Vittoria/Zona Anita/Chiariventi;
Spotorno - Lido;
Bergeggi - Villaggio del Sole, Il Faro;
Savona - Fornaci;
Albissola Marina - Lido;
Albisola Superiore - Lido;
Celle Ligure - Ponente, Levante;
Varazze - Levante Teiro, Ponente Teiro, Arrestra.


Sori - Spiaggia Centrale di Sori;
Recco - Ciappea, Spiaggia Centrale;
Camogli - Spiaggia di Camogli, San Fruttuoso;
Santa Margherita Ligure - Punta Pedale;
Zona Milite Ignoto, Scogliera Pagana;
Chiavari - Spiaggia Porto;
Lavagna - Lungomare;
Sestri Levante - Baia Portobello, Spiaggia Renà, Riva Trigoso;
Moneglia - La Secca, Levante, Centrale;
Santa Margherita Ligure - Punta Pedale;
Zona Milite Ignoto, Scogliera Pagana;
Chiavari - Spiaggia Porto;
Lavagna - Lungomare;
Sestri Levante - Baia Portobello, Spiaggia Renà, Riva Trigoso;
Moneglia - La Secca, Levante, Centrale.

La Spezia:

Framura - Spiaggia La Vallà-Apicchi, Fornaci;
Bonassola - Litorale;
Levanto - Levante Porto Levanto, Ghiararo;
Lerici - Eco del Mare, Colombo, Lido, Fiascherino, Baia Blu/Marinella.

14. The Waters and Structures of Tuscany

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Tuscany

Elba Island - Tuscany

Tuscany is confirmed as one of the most awarded Italian regions with Blue Flags in 2024, boasting an impressive 18 awards. A certificate that not only celebrates the breathtaking beauty of its coastline, but also rewards its constant commitment to protecting the environment and promoting sustainable tourism.

From the renowned beaches of Argentario to the evocative coves of Elba Island and the gulfs of Versilia, Tuscany offers a varied seaside panorama capable of satisfying every need. This year's new entries include Castiglione della Pescaia and Punta Ala, while established locations such as Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio and Marina di Pietrasanta confirm their excellence.

Here is the complete list of resorts awarded the Blue Flag:

Massa Carrara:

Carrara - Marina di Carrara Centro;
Massa - Marina di Massa;


Forte dei Marmi - Litorale;
Pietrasanta - La Versiliana, Tonfano/Focette;
Camaiore - Lido di Camaiore;
Viareggio - Ponente/Levante, Torre del Lago Puccini;


Pisa - Calambrone/Tirrenia, Marina di Pisa;


Livorno - Bagni Rex, Cala Quercianella, Parco Marina del Boccale, Rogiolo, Bagni Roma;
Rosignano Marittimo - Castiglioncello, Vada, La Mazzanta;
Cecina - Le Gorette, Marina di Cecina;
Bibbona - Marina di Bibbona centro-sud;
Castagneto Carducci - Marina di Castagneto Carducci;
San Vincenzo - Rimigliano nord/sud, Spiaggia della Principessa, Conchiglia Fosso delle Rozze;
Piombino - Parco Naturale della Sterpaia;


Follonica - Litorale;
Castiglione della Pescaia - Levante/Tombolo, Pian D’alma/Casetta Civinini-Piastrone, Rocchette/Roccamare-Casa Mora/Riva del Sole/Capezzolo/Ponente;
Grosseto - Marina di Grosseto, Principina a mare;
Orbetello - Fertilia, Puntata, Osa - Albegna, Giannella, Feniglia, Tagliata.

13. Friuli Venezia Giulia reconfirms itself with the pearls of the Gulf of Trieste

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Friuli Venezia Giulia

Lignano Sabbiadoro - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia is confirmed as one of the Blue Flag award-winning regions in Italy. The region confirms its excellence in coastal quality, tourist services and environmental protection. Among the confirmations are the two pearls of the Gulf of Trieste, Grado and Lignano Sabbiadoro, which boast a long tradition and a complete and high quality tourist offer.

Here is the complete list of the resorts awarded with the Blue Flag:


Grado - Spiaggia Principale, Costa Azzurra, Pineta;


Lignano Sabbiadoro - Lido.

12. Veneto: a triumph of beauty and sustainability

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Veneto

Jesolo - Veneto

Veneto confirms itself among the Italian regions with the highest number of Blue Flags in 2024. Nine beaches have been awarded, distributed along the coasts of the cities of Venice and Rovigo. This result testifies to the territory's excellence in terms of environmental quality, tourist services and commitment to sustainability.
Here is the complete list of Blue Flag award-winning locations:


San Michele al Tagliamento - Bibione; Caorle - Porto Santa Margherita, Ponente, Duna Verde, Brussa, Levante; Eraclea - Eraclea Mare; Jesolo - Lido, Levante; Cavallino Treporti - Lido; Venezia - Lido di Venezia, Alberoni; Chioggia - Sottomarina, Le Dune, Isola Verde;


Rosolina - Albarella Capo Nord, Rosolina Mare, Albarella Centro Sportivo; Porto Tolle - Conchiglie, Boccasette, Barricata.

11. Emilia Romagna is confirmed with its 9 Blue Flags

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Emilia Romagna

Rimini - Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna confirms itself as a land of Blue Flags, this year like last year it was awarded 9 Blue Flags. The Romagna Riviera is one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists every year, equipped with state-of-the-art accommodation and reception facilities, following local tradition and the trend of the moment everything becomes sustainable and anti-waste.

Here are the resorts that have been awarded Blue Flag 2024:


Comacchio - Lido degli Estensi, Lido di Volano/Nazioni/Pomposa/Scacchi/Garibaldi, Lido Spina;


Ravenna - Marina Romea/Porto Corsini, Marina di Ravenna/Punta Marina Terme/Lido Adriano, Lido di Savio, Lido di Dante/Lido di Classe, Casalborsetti;
Cervia - Milano Marittima, Cervia-Pinarella-Tagliata;

Forlì - Cesena:

Cesenatico - Litorale;
Gatteo - Gatteo Mare;
San Mauro Pascoli - San Mauro Mare;


Bellaria Igea Marina - Igea Marina;
Riccione - Coastal area;
Misano Adriatico - Parco Mare Nord, Misano Centro, Porto Verde, Brazil.

10. Blue Flags 2024: Porto Sant'Elpidio makes its entrance among the Marche's excellencies

Blue Flag: Marche

Conero Coast - Marche

The Marche region confirms itself as a region of excellence for seaside tourism in 2024, with no less than 19 beaches awarded the Blue Flag, one more than last year, the new entry being Porto Sant'Elpidio, in the province of Fermo.

This prestigious recognition, awarded by the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education), attests to the high water quality, efficient services and commitment to environmental sustainability demonstrated by the Marche's coastal resorts.

The other 18 Marche localities that have confirmed their Blue Flag in 2024 are:

Pesaro - Urbino:

Gabicce Mare - Lido;
Pesaro - Sottomonte, Ponente;
Fano - Torrette, Sassonia, Nord, Lido;
Mondolfo - Marotta;


Senigallia - Spiaggia di Ponente, Spiaggia di Levante;
Ancona - Portonovo;
Sirolo - Sassi Neri/San Michele/Urbani, Due Sorelle;
Numana - Numana Bassa/Marcelli Nord, Numana Alta;


Porto Recanati - Litorale Nord/Centro;
Potenza Picena - Lido Nord/Centro, Lido Sud;
Civitanova Marche - Lungomare Nord, Lungomare Sud;


Porto Sant'Elpidio - Lungomare Centrosud; Fermo - Lido di Fermo/Casabianca, Marina Palmense;
Porto San Giorgio - North Central Seafront, South Central Seafront;
Altidona - Lungomare Paolo Borsellino;
Pedaso - Lungomare dei Cantautori;

Ascoli Piceno:

Cupra Marittima - Lido;
Grottammare - South Beach, North Beach;
San Benedetto del Tronto - Riviera delle Palme.

9. Abruzzo: Ortona is Blue Flag!

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Lake Scanno, Abruzzo

Lake Scanno - Abruzzo

Abruzzo reconfirms itself as one of the Italian regions with the highest number of Blue Flags, reaching 15 this year, thanks to the addition of the splendid Ortona! This is an important recognition for a city overflowing with history, culture and natural beauty, winning the prestigious Blue Flag for the first time.

This achievement is the result of hard synergetic work by all local institutions, tour operators and citizens, committed to enhancing the area and ensuring a quality tourist experience while respecting the environment.

Here is the list of localities that have been awarded the Blue Flag 2024: 


Martinsicuro – Spiaggia di Villa Rosa, Spiaggia di Martinsicuro;
Alba Adriatica - Spiaggia d’Argento;
Tortoreto - Spiaggia del Sole;
Giulianova - Lungomare Zara, Lungomare Spalato;
Roseto degli Abruzzi - Lungomare Sud, Lungomare Nord, Lungomare Centrale;
Pineto - Villa Fumosa, Corfù, Torre Cerrano, S. Maria a Valle Sud, S. Maria a Valle Nord, Pineto Centro, Pineta Catucci - Lungomare dei Pini;
Silvi - Arenile Sud, Lungomare Centrale;


Pescara – Riviera Nord/Centro,Riviera Sud;


Francavilla al Mare – Piazza Adriatico, Piazza Sirena;
Ortona - Lido Saraceni, Ripari di Giobbe;
Fossacesia - Fossacesia Marina;
Vasto - Vignola/San Nicola, Punta Penna, San Tommaso;
San Salvo - San Salvo Marina;


Villalago - Spiaggetta di Villalago;
Scanno - Spiaggetta di Scanno (località Acquevive), Parco dei Salici.

8. In Molise 2 Blue Flags

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Termoli, Molise

Termoli - Molise

Once again this year, Molise has won two Blue Flags, confirming it as an undiscovered pearl of Italian tourism that is very often forgotten.

The award-winning beaches are:

Termoli - Sant'Antonio: a beautiful, almost 3-kilometre-long beach with crystal-clear sea and shallow waters, ideal for families and water sports enthusiasts or for those who want to take long walks in the water. 

Campomarino Lido: a beautiful beach with golden-coloured sand that stretches for 7 kilometres. The beach is equipped with bathing establishments and services of all kinds, perfect for those seeking relaxation and fun.

7. Lazio dives into the blue with 10 Blue Flags

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Lazio

Sperlonga - Lazio

The region of Latium brings home an excellent result with 10 Blue Flags divided between Rome and its province and Latina with its province, down to lower Latium, almost on the border with Campania. The region remains stable in the Italian Top 10.

So many areas rich in vegetation, nature and top-level accommodation facilities that welcome thousands of tourists every year.


Trevignano Romano - Via della Rena;
Anzio - Riviera di Ponente, Riviera di Levante, Lido Di Lavinio


Latina - Latina Mare;
Sabaudia – Litorale;
San Felice Circeo - Litorale;
Terracina - Levante, Ponente;
Fondi – Spiaggia di Levante, Spiaggia di Ponente;
Sperlonga - Ponente, Lago Lungo, Levante, Bazzano;
Gaeta - Arenauta, Ariana, Sant‘Agostino, Serapo;
Minturno – Spiaggia di Ponente.

6. 20 Blue Flags in Campania with Cellole as a new entry

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Campania

Marina di Camerota - Campania

Campania takes third place and climbs the podium among the regions with the highest number of Blue Flags. As many as 20 Blue Flags were awarded to Campania in 2024, with the addition of a new entry: Cellole, in the province of Caserta. Among the confirmations are the renowned resorts of the Amalfi Coast and Cilento with Palinuro and Marina di Camerota, as well as Capri and Anacapri, renowned for their scenic beauty and the excellence of their luxury tourist services.

Here are the localities that have been awarded the Blue Flag 2024: 


Massa Lubrense (Napoli): Recommone/Marina del Cantone, Marina di Puolo, Baia delle Sirene;
Piano di Sorrento (Napoli): Marina di Cassano;
Vico Equense (Napoli): Marina d'Aequa, Marina Grande, Seiano;


Cellole (Caserta): Baia Felice, Baia Domizia Sud;


Positano (Salerno): Spiaggia Fornillo, Spiaggia Arienzo, Spiaggia Grande, Spiaggia Laurito;
Capaccio Paestum (Salerno): Villaggio Merola/Varolato/La Laura, Casina d'Amato/Ponte di Ferro/Licinella, Foce Acqua dei Ranci;
Agropoli (Salerno): Torre San Marco, Trentova, Spiaggia Libera Porto, Lungomare San Marco, Licina;
Castellabate (Salerno): Lago Tresino, Marina Piccola,
Pozzillo-San Marco, Punta Inferno, Baia Ogliastro;
Montecorice (Salerno): San Nicola, Baia Arena, Spiaggia Agnone, Spiaggia Capitello;
San Mauro Cilento - Mezzatorre (Salerno);
Pollica (Salerno): Acciaroli, Pioppi;
Casal Velino (Salerno): Lungomare-Isola, Torre Dominella.

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5. In Basilicata 5 Blue flags

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Basilicata

Maratea - Basilicata

Basilicata confirms its 5 Blue Flags also for 2024, already obtained last year and maintained this year. No new entries but confirmation that the flags have been awarded to the right places, places where the quality of the water and services offered make Basilicata a destination of excellence for lovers of the sea and sustainable tourism.

The locations awarded the Blue Flag 2024 are:

Maratea (Potenza): Santa Teresa/Calaficarra,
Macarro/Illicini/Nera and Castrocucco/Secca di
Metaponto di Bernalda (Matera);
Nova Siri (Matera);
Pisticci (Matera): Marina di Pisticci;
Policoro (Matera): Lido Nord and Sud

4. Apulia in second place with 24 Blue Flags

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Apulia


A sea of awards for Apulia, with 24 locations awarded the Blue Flag 2024. Among many confirmations and new entries, the region is confirmed as one of the most sought-after destinations for top quality seaside tourism. A combination of landscapes, excellent services, and attention to the environment, with a focus on tourists.

Three new entries stand out this year: Lecce-San Castaldo, Patù and Manduria. The confirmations, on the other hand, concern 21 municipalities already awarded in previous years, including the renowned Monopoli, Polignano a Mare, Vieste, Rodi Garganico, Gallipoli and Otranto.

From the Tremiti Islands to Salento, via the Gargano and the Brindisi coastline, Apulia offers its visitors breathtaking beaches with turquoise and transparent waters suitable for activities such as snorkelling.

Here are all the locations awarded the Blue Flag 2024: 


Isole Tremiti - Cala delle Arene;

Rodi Garganico - Riviera di Ponente, Riviera di Levante;

Peschici - Sfinale, Gusmay, Baia di Calalunga, Baia di Monaccora, Baia San Nicola, Procinisco, Baia di Peschici;

Vieste - San Lorenzo, Scialara;

Zapponeta - Lido;


Bisceglie – La Salata, Salsello, Scogliera, Scalette;


Polignano a Mare - Cala Paura, San Vito, Ripagnola-Coco Village, Cala San Giovanni/Cala Fetente;

Monopoli – Castello Santo Stefano, Capitolo, Lido Porto Rosso, Cala Paradiso;


Fasano - Egnazia Case Bianche, Savelletri, Torre Canne;

Ostuni - Creta Rossa, Lido Fontanelle, Lido Stella, Litorale Parco Dune Costiere, Litorale Rosa Marina, Litorale Torre Canne Sud;

Carovigno - Mezzaluna, Pantanagianni, Punta Penna Grossa;


Lecce - San Cataldo;

Melendugno - Roca, San Foca Nord/Centro/Torre Specchia, Torre Sant’Andrea, Torre dell’Orso;

Castro - La Zinzulusa, La Sorgente;

Patù - Felloniche, San Gregorio;

Salve - Marina di Pescoluse/Posto Vecchio/Torre Pali;

Ugento - Torre San Giovanni/ Torre Mozza/ Lido Marini;

Gallipoli - Litoranea Sud, Litoranea Nord;

Nardò - Porto Selvaggio, Sant’Isidoro, Santa Caterina, Santa Maria al Bagno, Torre Squillace;


Manduria - San Pietro in Bevagna;

Maruggio - Commenda, Campomarino, Acqua Dolce;

Leporano - Lido Gandoli, Porto Pirrone, Portosaturo, Baia d’Argento;

Castellaneta - Riva dei Tessali/Pineta Giovinazzi/Castellaneta Marina/Bosco della Marina;

Ginosa - Marina di Ginosa.

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3. Calabria celebrates a new entry: 20 Blue Flags

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Calabria

Chianalea Beach - Calabria

Calabria wins an excellent result for 2024, 20 locations awarded the Blue Flag! An international recognition that rewards the quality of the waters of this magnificent southern Italian region. Compared to 2023, a new Blue Flag was awarded to Parghelia, thanks to its beautiful beaches on the Costa dei Monaci, La Grazia/Vardano, Michelino and La Tonnara.
Here is the complete list of 2024 Blue Flag resorts in Calabria, broken down by province:
Catanzaro Lido; Soverato - Baia dell'Ippocampo;
Diamante; Praia a Mare - Dino Island; San Nicola Arcella; Santa Maria del Cedro; Tortora; Trebisacce; Villapiana; Roseto Capo Spulico; Rocca Imperiale; Cetraro (marina);
Cirò Marina; Isola di Capo Rizzuto; Melissa;
Reggio Calabria:
Caulonia; Roccella Jonica; Siderno; Reggio Calabria; Locri; Melito Porto Salvo; Staiti;
Vibo Valentia:
Briatico; Tropea; Vibo Valentia - Bivongi;

2. Sicily boasts 3 new entries with 14 Blue Flags

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Sicily

San Vito lo Capo - Sicily

In 2024, Sicily can boast 14 locations awarded the Blue Flag, three more than the previous year, a goal achieved thanks to the coordination of institutions, citizens and, of course, nature. Respect for nature has ensured that the beauty of Sicily's seas has become more and more exalted, becoming an Italian excellence.

The three localities awarded the Blue Flag in 2024 are Letojanni, Taormina and Scicli, three pearls of Sicily, destinations that we highly recommend because they are worth every single second spent in reaching and enjoying them.

Here are all the Sicilian localities awarded the Blue Flag 2024:


San Leone;




Taormina (Mazzeo);




Letojanni (Centro);
Santa Teresa di Riva;


San Vito Lo Capo;


Marina di Ragusa;
Scicli (Sampieri - Pisciotto);



1. Sardinia shines with 15 Blue Flags in 2024!

Blue Flag 2024 in Italy: Sardinia

La Pelosa Beach Stintino - Sardinia

Sardinia in 2024 confirms its 15 Blue Flags already won last year, an excellent result for one of the regions with the most beautiful waters in the Mediterranean.

Here are all the locations that have been awarded the Blue Flag 2024: 


Castelsardo - Sacro Cuore / Ampurias, Madonnina / Stella Maris, Ex Palazzo Americani;
Sorso - Spiaggia della Marina, Marina di Sorso;
Sassari - Porto Ferro, Porto Palmas, Platamona Rotonda;
anta Teresa Gallura - Rena Ponente (Loc. Capo Testa), Rena Bianca,Rena di Levante-Zia Culumba (Loc. Capo Testa), La Taltana- Santa Reparata, Conca Verde, La Marmorata;
Aglientu - Vignola Mare, Rena Majore, Lu Chiscinagghju;
Trinità d'Agultu e Vignola - La Marinedda, Cala Sarraina, Lunga Isola Rossa;
Badesi - Li Junchi, Li Mindi, Baia delle Mimose-Pirottu Li Frati, Lu Poltu Biancu;
La Maddalena - Bassa Trinità, Carlotto/Nido d'Aquila, Cala Garibaldi/Due mari/Relitto (Caprera Island), Spiaggia del pesce (Santo Stefano Island), Lo Strangolato, Monte d'a Rena, Porto Lungo, Spalmatore, Tegge;
Palau - Palau Vecchio, Isolotto;
Budoni - Baia di Budoni;


Oristano - Torregrande;


Tortolì - Lido di Cea, Lido di Orrì (I and II Spiaggia), Muxì (Il Golfetto), Orrì Foxilioni, Ponente (known as ‘La Capannina’), Porto Frailis, San Gemiliano;
Le Piscinette;
Bari Sardo - Bucca ‘e Strumpu/Torre di Barì/Sa Marina, CEA;


Quartu Sant'Elena - Mare Pintau;
Sant'Antioco - Maladroxia/Coacuaddus.

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