What are the most secret spots on the Amalfi Coast? Here is an unusual tour of the hidden beaches of the Amalfi Coast.

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Small bays, steep cliffs overlooking the crystal-clear water, ancient lemon groves that descend towards the sea. The Amalfi Coast releases strong colors and delicate aromas, recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site, it is loved and coveted by the whole world. In this article we will take you to discover the hidden beaches, which share the peculiarity of being places accessible only by sea.

Uncontaminated territories and unexpected views to enjoy the silence, accompanied only by the sound of the waves on board a boat. Arriving from the sea offers a different perspective and the opportunity to observe and immerse yourself in clear waters, which depending on the time of day can transform into intense blue, emerald green or quiet light blue. Come with us to discover the hidden beaches of the Amalfi Coast.

The hidden beaches of the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast, hidden beaches by boat

Alongside the most well-known beaches, here is an unexpected itinerary for you, in search of hidden beaches. Ideally, we imagined it starting from the north and continuing towards the south, but each of these wonderful places deserves its time, its contemplation and its enjoyment. We will encounter the pristine beach of Tordigliano, then the exciting Fiordo del Furore, passing through the fresh water of the Marmorata waterfall, the Pandora's Cave and ending with the legendary beach of the Dead Horse.

The unusual tour that we propose you was inspired by Amalfi Charter, which thanks to its expert knowledge of the area is the key to access hidden beaches and unforgettable places, reachable only by sea. Amalfi Charter is a boat rental and organized excursion service, whose fleet includes motorboats and yachts, up to 30 meters in length. Its crews are made up of skilled and experienced local professionals, whom you can rely on for a special day or even several days, taking as many breaks as you need for a relaxing trip, perhaps even stopping for a break at typical cliffside restaurants, where you can enjoy local foods, cooked with genuine products.

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5. Tordigliano beach

Tordigliano beach by boat

Tordigliano beach is a true hidden paradise, wild nature and crystal-clear sea. Tordigliano beach is located in the municipality of Vico Equense, very close to Positano. A strip of beach bathed in turquoise water, enclosed in a rocky mountain spur, which creates a small welcoming gulf in this place, barely visible and reachable only by boat.

An ideal place to observe shooting stars during a summer night, in the silence of nature accompanied only by the sound of cicadas and the rustle of waves crashing on the shoreline. We recommend it during the day for a swim or as a nocturnal destination, for a romantic sea walk in the moonlight. The view and the atmosphere are worth the trip.

4. The Fjord of Furore

Amalfi Coast, Fjord of Furore

The Furore Fjord is a natural jewel, probably the most photographed place on the Amalfi Coast. It is no coincidence that this evocative place was used as a backdrop by the director Roberto Rossellini, to shoot some scenes of the second episode of the film L'amore, with Anna Magnani, who was romantically linked to the director in those years. A plaque affixed to the rock and a small museum dedicated to them is housed in one of the houses in the fjord. Magnani was so enchanted by the place that she bought a small house to spend her love idyll with Rossellini.

The Furore Fjord, a small and wonderful strip of beach, is located between overhanging rocks 250 meters high, just like a fjord, it was formed by the erosion caused by the passage of the Schianto stream, which has now disappeared. Although, according to legend, the formation of this suggestive beach was created by the devil himself, furious because he had not managed to subjugate the souls of the inhabitants of the area. Thanks to the shape of the cliff, the sun only appears after midday; therefore, the heat is never too much and makes it an ideal place for a long relaxation during a sultry day.

Every year the most famous diving competition on the Sorrento peninsula is held in the Furore Fjord, athletes from all over the world challenge each other, throwing themselves from a platform located 28 meters high, an exciting show, where there is no lack of a large dose of adrenaline, even just looking at it gives you chills. We suggest you watch the show directly from the sea, on board a boat so as not to miss any of the suspense.

3. The Marmorata waterfall

Located near the city of Ravello, between Minori and Atrani, the Marmorata waterfall takes its name from Marmorata, a town that directly overlooks the sea, the toponym could derive from the murmur of a spring located in a deep inlet. At this point the rocks overlook the sea and the Marmorata waterfall is only accessible by boat. Surrounded by Mediterranean vegetation, the lush lemon groves stand out; it is surprising to observe the jet of cold water, which flows from the rock to dive into the sea. It is a blue flag area of the Amalfi Coast.

Our advice is to arrive by boat, observe it from afar, then dive into the blue waters and swim up to the Marmorata waterfall experiencing the contrast between the sea water and the cold water that flows from the waterfall, it is a unique experience, not to be missed.

2. Pandora's Cave

Amalfi Coast, Pandora's Cave

Pandora's Cave is a surprising natural rarity, just a few minutes by boat from the city of Maiori. Blue water, which depending on the sun's rays is tinged with emerald green, creating enchanting reflections and plays of light inside the majestic cavity. Pandora's Cave can only be reached by sea and due to its wild and not very accessible nature it is a still uncontaminated place, which will seduce you with its peace and silence.

On the rocky vault of the cave hang precious stalactites and stalagmites with bizarre shapes, created slowly over the centuries, due to the dripping of water inside the cave. There is a magical atmosphere in this place. It is one of the largest caves on the Amalfi coast. Due to its natural characteristics, it is a place to be preserved and visited with respect.

1. Dead Horse Beach, the end of Amalfi Coast hidden beaches tour

Also called Bellavaia, the Dead Horse beach, is halfway between Capo d'Orso and Maiori. It is one of the most evocative places on the Amalfi Coast, the first beach after 4 kilometers of coast, it is accessible only from the sea and this makes it a peaceful and almost intimate place. The name given to it derives from some local legends of which there are different versions. According to one version, on a stormy night a horse accidentally fell here, because it was on the mule road above, and its remains were found along the shore; while another version of the legend tells that in the second half of the 19th century, this inaccessible spot was used as a cemetery for thoroughbred horses.

But we can also wonder that the name depends on the shape of the inlet, precisely in the shape of a horseshoe. In this small bay the sea is very clear and has a suggestive and intense color between blue and emerald green. In summer the sun lights up the beach all day, but especially in the afternoon and it is one of the rare points on the coast from which you can observe the entire sunset.

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