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It is not easy to make a list of the most beautiful beaches in Calabria. We are talking about 800 km of coastline, which is surprising for its evocative and diverse landscapes: white sandy bays, Mediterranean maquis and rocky cliffs overhanging the sea. The sea is one of its most prized assets, and both Italians and foreign tourists appreciate it greatly. We are sure that Calabria's most beautiful beaches will amaze you. Its coastline offers isolated bays, cliffs, fine white sand and sheer cliffs. Magnificent landscapes and moments of relaxation will not be missed, starting with the hidden corners of its cliffs, all waiting to be discovered. However, what are the most spectacular beaches in Calabria? Between Tropea and Grotticelle, passing by the island of Dino, not forgetting Scilla and Pietragrande. Choose your favourite Calabrian beach and find out if you are the romantic type or if you prefer places full of things to do.

We are here to make you dream and help you plan your next adventure, whether it is a weekend getaway or a trip to visit new places, discover the Magna Grecia Tour. With our travel tips for the most beautiful beaches in Calabria, you will always be informed, prepared and ready to go. We have created a useful guide to the most beautiful beaches on the Tyrrhenian and Ionian coasts of Calabria. In fact, this wonderful land is washed by two seas, the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian. You will never get bored along the Calabrian coasts, the landscape is constantly changing and offers breathtaking scenery, characterised by cliffs, ravines, secret beaches and long stretches of fine sand, perfect for going to the beach with children. The Tyrrhenian coast has inlets, caves and cliffs, while the Ionian coast has a bluer sea than ever, with white beaches and enchanting coves. Calabria is famous for its beautiful beaches, you just have to discover them. It is not easy to make a ranking of the most beautiful beaches in Calabria. However, we have selected a few to help you regenerate your body and enjoy spectacular views. Shall we go?

Here are the 10 most beautiful beaches in Calabria to visit

Most beautiful beaches in Calabria to see

There are many kilometres of coastline to choose from to find the most beautiful beaches in Calabria. It is dizzying to think of spectacular cliffs alternating with beaches of white sand perfumed by vineyards, orange groves and olive groves, of villages clinging to the mountains overlooking the coastline often crushed by wind and waves. The Tyrrhenian coast stretches from north to south and features cliffs, sea terraces, caves with inventive names, rock arches and bridges, sandy lunettes and cliffs that are home to holm oaks, heather, mastic trees and myrtles. The Ionian coast is perfect for those seeking tranquillity and natural beauty, thanks to its long stretches of golden sand, hidden coves and crystal-clear waters. Let's discover together some of the most beautiful beaches in Calabria.

The Calabrian coast has a wide variety of beaches that will leave you breathless. White beaches of fine sand or sheer cliffs overlooking the sea are your options. However, which are the most spectacular beaches in Calabria? Calabria is an amazing country for the variety of its landscapes, with almost 800 km of coastline washed by the waters of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas. Romantic inlets, sheer cliffs, isolated rocky bays and white sandy beaches are ideal places to spend relaxing days and enjoy the sun on your summer holiday. This place combines the beauty of nature with the strong, authentic flavours of the local cuisine and a history that goes back a long way, so don't miss these 10 must-sees in Calabria. All the beaches in Calabria are truly enchanting, follow our selection of the 10 most beautiful and our favourites. Are you curious about them?

10. The most beautiful beaches in Calabria: Fiuzzi Beach and Isola Dino, Praia a Mare, CS

Calabria's most beautiful beaches: Isola dino, Fiuzzi, Praia a Mare

One of the most beautiful beaches in Calabria is Praia a Mare. A well-known seaside resort on the Riviera dei Cedri located on the northern border, on the Tyrrhenian Sea side. Its boasts include the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Grotta, the Viale della Libertà, a km of promenade lined with plane trees declared monumental trees, and the seafront promenade that runs along the entire coastline. Its beach has been awarded the Blue Flag by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) and the Italian Paediatricians' Green Flag for beaches suitable for children. The sandy shore is wide and long and consists of light-coloured sand mixed with gravel and pebbles. From the sandy shore you can see the island of Dino, which is the largest island in this region. If you take a boat or pedalo tour around the island, don't forget to visit the Grotta Azzurra and the Grotta del Leone. Praia a Mare is a popular seaside resort near the river Noce. The town, frequented by visitors of all ages and backgrounds, has established itself on the world tourist scene for its beautiful and clean beaches, as well as for its wide range of accommodation facilities to suit all budgets.

Punta Fiuzzi beach is the most famous beach in Praia a Mare and offers many fun activities for adults and children, such as beach and water activities. Punta Fiuzzi beach is located opposite the beautiful Dino Island. The sandy shore is small and well divided between free beach and beach managed by bathing establishments. The sand is of medium grain size mixed with gravel and has a light colour tending to grey in the northern part of the island, while in the southern part it is black. Since it faces completely south, Punta Fiuzzi beach is one of the sunniest in Calabria. We suggest a visit to the ancient Fiuzzi Tower, built above the stacks of the same name in the 16th century as a watchtower. Another event, not to be missed, is the sea procession of Praiesi sailors and other boats all lit up. On the day of the patron saint, the Madonna della Grotta, 15 August, she is carried around the village, the play of light reflecting on the water is impressive, and the fireworks that every bathing establishment shoots off in her honour are equally spectacular.

9. The most beautiful beaches in Calabria: Arcomagno Beach, San Nicola Arcella, CS

The most beautiful beaches in Calabria: Arcomagno, San Nicola Arcella

A few kilometres from the famous beach of Praia a Mare is the beautiful beach of San Nicola Arcella. It is distinguished by its diverse variety of sand, which is sometimes pebbly, sometimes fine and sometimes made up of rocks and pebbles. San Nicola Arcella is a very popular place during the summer and offers many options for fun. The Arcomagno beach is one of the most famous beaches in San Nicola Arcella.

Arco Magno beach, also known as Arcomagno beach, is located in the territory of San Nicola Arcella on the Riviera dei Cedri in Calabria. It is located between two towns: Praia a Mare and Scalea. The beach is small and can be reached on foot via a path carved into the rock or by sea. The beach has grey sand mixed with gravel with two rocky cliffs on either side that protect the entire inlet. The Arco Magno beach is so called because of its extraordinary natural arch. A curiosity about the beach, there is a freshwater spring near the cove.

8. Most Beautiful Beaches in Calabria: Diamante Beach and Cirella Island, CS

Calabria's most beautiful beaches: Diamante, Cirella bay and island

Among the most beautiful beaches in Calabria, we must also include a stretch of coast about eight kilometres long, known as Diamante beach. It consists of wide beaches of fine sand that are interrupted by low cliffs formed by volcanoes. The seabed is full of marine vegetation and the sea has a crystal-clear colour 'sparkling' like a diamond. One of the most famous and beautiful seaside resorts on the Calabrian coast is Diamante. It is on the Riviera dei Cedri, which is the northwest coast of Calabria. It is famous for its cedar liqueur, its enchanting promenade where you can enjoy beautiful walks in all seasons, and the Peperoncino Festival.

The island of Cirella is a short distance from the coast, in front of Diamante beach. Its striking shape and wild flora make it a small island full of silver Posidonia.

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7. Among the 10 most beautiful beaches in Calabria: Spiaggia della Rotonda, Tropea, VV

The 10 most beautiful beaches in Calabria: spiaggia della rotonda, Tropea

It is the largest beach in Tropea and a favourite destination for most visitors. Very special is the Rotonda beach, originally called 'linguata' because of the shape of the tongue. It was called 'Spiaggia della Rotonda' (Rotunda Beach) because of the presence, around the 1960s, of a circular dance floor desired by the mayor Lydia Toraldo Serra, elected in 1946 and one of the first women to hold this position in Italy. At the time it was frequented by celebrities and show business people, now it has become a bathing establishment. The San Leonardo rock is so called because there was once a small church dedicated to San Leonardo on its summit. It is here that a very special gem can be found!

Inside the large rock is a small cave named after the rock; there is a small natural pool inside the cave. This is a cave dug by the Tropeans, a destination for lovers who swore eternal love to each other. Perhaps because of its sparkling, romantic colours, it was thought to be dedicated to them. Actually, the story is a little less poetic because it was used to deposit sacks of lupins in the hollow to take advantage of the salty sea. Since it is accessed from the beach, by climbing a few steps carved into the rock, you will have an unforgettable experience. This beach is ideal for sports, with the imposing cliff overlooking the old town of Tropea behind it. If you want to enjoy more of this beautiful town and want to know where to bathe and relax in the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea, discover the 10 most beautiful beaches in and around Tropea.

6. The most beautiful beach in Calabria: Marina dell'Isola beach, Tropea, VV

The most beautiful beach in Calabria: Marina dell'Isola beach, Tropea

Marina dell'Isola beach is close to the Rotonda beach and near Isola Bella, which has a white rocky outcrop that makes this beach even more attractive. Its sandy shore has fine white sand. Rotonda beach is the access point.

At the foot of the cliff that houses the town of Tropea, Marina dell'Isola offers visitors long beaches of very white sand, surrounded by areas of rocks such as the Pizzuta, the rocks 'a Tunnara' Capo Cozzo and the Scoglio delle Galere. The beach at Marina dell'Isola becomes rockier south of the marina, surrounded by cliffs. One of the most fascinating sights to visit is the Grotta dello Scheletro (Cave of the Skeleton), which lies under the Scoglio dell'Isola, and 'Formicoli', which are the underwater remains of the ancient Roman port of Porto Ercole, at a depth of about 20 metres. If we still haven't convinced you, we want to give you 10 more good reasons to visit Calabria and the Costa degli Dei.

5. What are the most beautiful beaches in Calabria: Grotticelle beach, Capo Vaticano, VV

What are the most beautiful beaches in Calabria: Grotticelle beach, Capo Vaticano

The most famous bay in Capo Vaticano is Grotticelle, which lies below the lighthouse (military zone) and extends southwards. Often referred to as 'the natural pools' or 'the Calabrian Caribbean', this bay has a white sandy bottom that makes the sea turquoise in colour. Here is how to get to Grotticelle beach. After a short downhill road, there is a large car park where you can leave your car and easily drive to the beach. The sand is fine and white and the bathing-beach has pebbles similar to gravel. Rock shoes might help us stay casual. Heading south, the beach ends at a group of rocks that fall into the sea. The Grotticelle beach continues north into another bay, less wide, but the sea is almost always calm thanks to the submerged rocks that protect from the waves. Recommended for families, this is a unique place for children and snorkelling enthusiasts. Be aware that during the summer season, it is very crowded, so we advise you to go early in the morning.

Did you know that Vibo Valentia has been proclaimed World Book Capital in 2021, here is a good reason to visit, you are not far from here.

4. What is the most beautiful beach in Calabria: Le Castella, Isola di Capo Rizzuto, KR

What is the most beautiful beach in Calabria: Le Castella, Isola Capo Rizzuto

Le Castella is located on the most fascinating stretch of the Ionian coast, where beaches and Mediterranean maquis merge. The imposing Aragonese castle, called Le Castella's fortress by all, which dominates the bay enhances the landscape: history and nature come together to offer an unforgettable experience. At 30 metres above sea level, Le Castella sits on a beautiful natural terrace overlooking the bay and the ancient Aragonese castle.

The sandy and pebble beach of Le Castella is very close by and can be reached on foot. Everyone can bathe while the sea slopes gently. Throughout the day, there are many ways to play sports and participate in games and tournaments. Don't miss the opportunity and enjoy the sun and relaxation this beach has to offer, your health will benefit. Particularly suitable for those who love diving, the wonderful seabed awaits your excursions, visit the Marine Protected Area of Capo Rizzuto. In addition, theatre, cabaret, music and comedy shows await you in the evening in an amphitheatre under the stars.

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3. Most beautiful beaches in Calabria: Caminia and Pietragrande beaches, Stalettì, CZ

Calabria's most beautiful beaches: Pietragrande reef, Stalettì

The Caminia and Pietragrande beach can be found in the Gulf of Squillace. It is very close to other well-known seaside resorts, such as Copanello and Soverato, is located on the Costa dei Saraceni or Costa degli Aranci, and is one of the most beautiful beaches in Ionian Calabria. By car or motorbike, you can easily reach it by exiting at the junction of the SS 106 ionica and following the signs for Pietragrande/Caminia. You can see splendid views as you walk towards the sea. Crystal-clear water and grainy sand are the calling card of this beautiful coastline. The beach is set as if between two cliffs, Torre del Palombaro and Pietragrande, which form a natural bay full of caves. The most famous cave is that of San Gregorio. There are coves and archaeological remains, such as the remains of the small church of Panaja, and stretches of equipped beach alternate with free spaces.

A pedalo ride is a great way to see the bay in all its beauty. Particularly during the summer season, parking is not always easy to find, either free or for a fee. For those who can, I suggest choosing a day other than Saturday or Sunday and, if possible, arriving early in the morning. There are small bars and a good restaurant with a sea view. A camera is essential to preserve memories to look back on with nostalgia. Let us remember that nature, like beaches, the sea and other natural places, belongs to everyone and, if we want to preserve it, we must respect it.

2. Calabria beautiful sea: Soverato beach, CZ

Calabria beautiful sea: Soverato beach

The Soverato beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Calabria and is called the 'Pearl of the Ionian Sea'. It is located between Montepaone Lido and Marina di Davoli and is a charming seaside resort. The FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) has awarded it the 'Blue Flag' and the 'Green Flag' for its beaches suitable for families with children. Only fine, bright white sand can be found here, emphasising the wonderful turquoise and cobalt blue tones of the sea. The seabed has a variety of marine flora and fauna and is clearly visible even at great depths and only a few metres from the shore. Consequently, it is an ideal place for snorkelling enthusiasts who want to admire the Caribbean seabed rich in marine fauna and flora.

The famous Hippocampus Bay, located a short distance from the city centre, is among the most beautiful, popular and famous beaches in Soverato, Calabria. Since 2018, the hippocampus Hippocampus and the hippocampus Gattulatus have been included in the marine park for protection. The huge promenade that runs along the beaches is really charming; there are many kiosks where you can sit and enjoy the sea view. As always, we like to combine relaxation and fun with history, culture and cuisine in our trips. Therefore, we recommend visiting 'upper' Soverato, the old one with its ruins. It is far from the coast but not too far, on the hill behind it, from where you can see spectacular views of both the sea and the surrounding hills. Soverato is a popular option both as a seaside destination and for its unique culinary traditions. Not everyone knows that the Soverato chilli pepper, also known as 'Diavolicchio', is a typical product of the area that is exported all over the world and is said to be one of the hottest chillies in the world.

1. Among the best beaches in Calabria: Chianalea beach, Scilla, RC

Best beaches in Calabria: Chianalea beach, Scilla

The pretty village of Chianalea di Scilla is certainly among the Costa Viola's most charming attractions. The Little Venice of the South is the oldest and most charming district of Scilla, a seaside resort in the province of Reggio Calabria. It is known for its swordfish fishing and the wonders of its historic centre. This charming district is made up of small houses arranged like mosaics. Narrow streets leading directly to the basin of the Tyrrhenian Sea separate the council houses. Chianalea's current name derives from this architecture known as Piano della Galea.

Chianalea beach is located in the district of the same name to the east of the city of Scilla, Calabria. The SS 18 Tirrenia Inferiore road towards Favazzina is the best way to reach the beach. It is not difficult to appreciate the unique glimpses between the buildings with their ancient descents to the water for boats, since Chianalea began as a fishing village. The houses overlooking the sea bear witness to this. Even today, there are many restaurants on stilts where you can eat local fish food prepared in the traditional way. The beach of Chianalea, which consists of gravel and pebbles, has a small sandy shore that is almost entirely occupied by a bathing establishment, where one can rent deckchairs and umbrellas. Alternatively, you can stay on thin strips of cliffs and pebbles during your holiday in Scilla. The sea is crystal clear and there is spectacular marine life, visible with mask and snorkel near the rocks. If you want to go snorkelling, this is the right place.

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