In the land of good food, even a walk can become a good excuse for a tasty snack. Here is a review of the 10 most beloved Italian street food

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Never deprive yourself of the pleasure of eating: this is probably the principle from which the idea of street food was born. In the land of good food, in fact, even a walk can become a good excuse to fill your stomach with a tasty snack. And Italian cities know something about this. Here is a review of the 10 most beloved street foods by Italians (and not only). 

Piadina romagnola

20200330190723Piadina Romagnola - Italian street food - Visit Italy.jpg

A poor and fast dish that conquers everyone with its simplicity. Originally from the Romagna tradition, piadina, also known simply as piada, is a thin disc of unleavened bread stuffed to taste with cold cuts and cheese.

Pizza a portafoglio

20200330190441Pizza a portafoglio - Italian street food - Visit Italy.jpg

A variation of the classic and legendary Neapolitan pizza in street food version. It differs from the traditional pizza for its size (slightly smaller) and for the way it is eaten: folded twice on itself (hence the name "pizza a portafoglio" that means "wallet pizza"). 

Panzerotto pugliese

20200330190757Panzerotto Pugliese - Italian Street Food - Visity Italy.webp

Originally from the Salento peninsula, panzerotto pugliese is a small fried crescent usually stuffed with tomato sauce and mozzarella filante. To date, the recipe of the classic panzerotti has been revisited giving life to many imaginative variations.

Focaccia genovese

20200330191057Focaccia Genovese - Italian Street food - Visit Italy.jpg

From Liguria, but now widespread in every part of Italy is the focaccia genovese, a tasty bakery product that everyone likes for its simplicity. It is characterized by a soft dough full of alveoli on the surface (commonly called "buchi" that means "holes"), poor ingredients (water, salt and oil) and a golden color that makes the mouth water.


20200330191935Brezel - Italian street food - Visit Italy.jpg

Typical of the nations of Northern Europe and Trentino-Alto Adige, Brezel is a kind of bread with a thin and intertwined shape. Brezels have a shiny amber-coloured crust embellished with many grains of coarse salt. 

Sicilian arancina

20200330191303Arancina siciliana - Italian street food - Visit Italy.jpg

The debate on its name is still open: "Arancina" for who lives in Palermo, "Arancino" for who lives in Catania. What is certain is that regardless of its name and form, its goodness cannot be resisted. We are talking about a small ball of rice seasoned, in its classic version, with meat sauce and covered with a delicious crunchy breadcrumbs.


20200330191511Seadas - Italian street food - Visit Italy.jpg

Sardinia is very good in terms of street food too and offers a delicious dessert with an intense and refined taste: the Seada. Seadas are small sweet ravioli made with semolina and cheese dough, seasoned externally with a generous layer of honey. 


20200330191739Sciatt - Italian street food - Visit Italy.jpg

In matter of street food Valtellina offers Sciatt: tasty buckwheat pancakes with a round shape, filled with a warm melted cheese heart and often accompanied by chicory. In Valtellina dialect "Sciatt" means "frog". It is presumed that the nice starter for walking has taken on this name because of the shape it acquires when fried. 

Tuscan lampredotto sandwich

20200330192048Panino con lampredotto - Italian street food - Visit Italy.jpg

A must of Florentine cuisine and Italian street food: the lampredotto sandwich. The lampredotto is nothing but beef (the stomach to be exact) boiled in broth. In this street food it is eaten inside a round sandwich seasoned with salt and pepper or with a sauce made of eggs, capers and anchovies. 


20200330192530Arrosticini - Italian street food - Visit Italy.jpg

Let's close in beauty with one of the most beloved dishes of Italian cuisine, the Abruzzese arrosticini. As any street food lover will probably already know, roasts are succulent skewers of grilled or grilled sheep meat. One pulls the other!

Let's close this delicious review on the most beloved dishes of the Italian street food tradition hoping to have whet your appetite and your curiosity! 

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