Let's go to know Giovinazzo, to find out what makes its extra virgin olive oil so special

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There is a small village in the sunny south of Italy, right on the shores of a very blue sea, made up of radiant white houses and a labyrinth of small streets. It is Giovinazzo, in the province of Bari, founded by the Greek hero Perseus, according to the legend.

From the Arch of Trajan to the medieval Cathedral, or to the Ducal Palace of the XVII century, in this corner of Apulia there is so much to know, to do and to see. In addition to the artistic beauties of the city and its unspoiled beaches, there is, however, another excellent reason to visit Giovinazzo, which may interest culture and tradition lovers, but above all the most demanding palates.

It is the extra-virgin olive oil, which here reaches peaks of excellence such as to make Giovinazzo the Apulian capital of this product. Let's find out why.

Giovinazzo the city of olive oil


Walking in the surroundings of Giovinazzo you will soon find yourself surrounded by the green of the olive groves, with their unmistakable silver mantle. Maybe, with a little luck, you will also be able to spot some cute green parrots, especially on milder days. In the warm southern sun, in the peaceful Apulian countryside, these birds have found their ideal habitat.

The area is characterized by a very nice climate and by a soil that particularly favors the cultivation of the olive trees. It is therefore not surprising that the production of oil is of primary importance for the economy of these places, so much so that the city has been nicknamed the capital of extra virgin olive oil.

The one produced in the Giovinazzo's mills is in fact of extraordinary quality. It is no coincidence that in 2019 the magazine Gambero Rosso, after a rigorous selection involving 746 products from all over Italy, awarded 6 types of extra virgin olive oil, all coming from the Agro Giovinazzese.

The olive tree is the mirror of the dawn

Ramón Gómez de la Serna

What makes Govinazzo extra-virgin olive oil special

extra-virgin olive oil

The success of the production of Giovinazzo's extra virgin olive oil is due to the use of traditional methods on which cutting-edge production processes have been added.

A mix of environmental conditions and exposure contributes to the typicality of the oil of this land, plus the nature of the soils, which originated from the limestone rock. In addition there is also a particular attention by the growers, in picking the olives at the right point of ripeness, and finally the cold pressing.

The extra virgin olive oil produced here has a very low acidity, an amber green color and an unmistakable taste. You will not find its characteristic aroma elsewhere and also the aftertaste, sometimes a little bitter depending on the olives, is one of the characteristics that make it unique.

It's truly tasty on his own, but also together with the many products of the Apulian gastronomy.

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