Discover 19 events in Italy in 2024 not to be missed: a year full of excitement and entertainment, culture and fascinating itineraries awaits you

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With the events not to be missed in Italy in 2024, the new year promises to be full of emotions and adventures that will provide unforgettable moments. 

From the world of entertainment to science, passing through cultural events, the pre-announced events will lead you to discover Italy and the splendid locations that come alive on these occasions.

This is your chance to plan your next holiday or treat yourself to an unexpected weekend: the events not to be missed in Italy in 2024 are an extraordinary experience.

Discover the must-see events in Italy in 2024 and set off on your next trip

Must-see events in Italy in 2024

From seaside resorts to mountain peaks, from art cities to picturesque hilltop villages, you need to get ready to experience the events in Italy in 2024. We have selected the ones you absolutely must not miss and which will accompany you throughout the year.

If you love culture, sport and music, you will find many opportunities to enjoy and rediscover Italy in all its facets.

At Milan events in Italy with Fashion and Expo 2024

Events in Italy in 2024 in Milan

The tour through the events in Italy in 2024 begins in the Lombardy metropolis. From 20 to 26 February, Milan prepares to host the event that attracts celebrities from all over the world. Fashion Week is a not-to-be-missed event and the city, an international fashion icon, celebrates the stars and stylists that make our country famous all over the world.

The theme will be 'Fashion of the Future' and will show, as always, the latest trends and emerging designers alongside the more established ones. It represents a great input for tourism, which is used to hosting tourists and celebrities in line with Milan's international soul.

The Salone del Mobile will be held from 16 to 21 April 2024 in Milan in the Rho Fiera area and will bring new features compared to other years: a new layout for Euro Cucina, the International Bathroom Exhibition and digital services to assist visitors. An exhibition will be set up in the city to celebrate 25 years of Salone Satellite.

Among the events in Italy in 2024, it is the one dedicated to the design industry; it attracts all fans not only of furniture, but also of lighting, textiles and home accessories. This year's theme will be 'Tradition and Future'.

Finally, Expo 2024, which will be an opportunity to repeat the success of Expo 2015. The theme is 'Feeding the Planet: Energy for Life' and will be a journey to discover the importance of food and energy for our planet. Culinary cultures from around the world will be explored from 20 May to 20 October.

Visitors come from all over the world, attracted by the themes that inspire the event: food sustainability, clean energy, innovation and inclusion. The activities will be moments of reflection on the future of our planet, with the hope of preserving it and making it better.

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Rome and the events not to be missed in 2024: culture and entertainment

Events in Italy in 2024 in Rome

The first of the must-see events in Italy in 2024 is the one that bridges the gap between the old and new year. Scientopolis in Rome is an exhibition that will be open until 28 January 2024, allowing you to discover the world of biology.

The route through the exhibition includes numerous installations and also the possibility of doing experiments, to discover the world of physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy at first hand. The final part is the Evolution Park, which traces the evolution of life on earth in an immersive journey.

The city of Rome also organises cultural and entertainment events: the International Rome Film Festival brings together world-famous artists and presents content that relates to issues and problems of contemporary society. The films in the competition are historically tales of everyday life that tie in with the real world. In 2024, the dates are 18-29 October; the prestigious Golden Lion will be awarded to the film that best represents cinematic excellence.

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Fashion and music in Tuscany

Events in Italy in 2024 in Tuscany

In Florence from 9 to 12 January, the stage is set for men's fashion with Pitti Uomo. The event attracts sector operators from all over the world and for fashion enthusiasts it is an unmissable appointment.

Like other events during the year, special attention will be paid to sustainability and social responsibility; the chosen location is the Fortezza da Basso, located in the city centre.

In June and July, the city of Lucca becomes the stage where internationally renowned guests such as Ed Sheeran, Rod Stewart and Lenny Kravitz will perform. The Lucca Summer Festival will take place at the historical Mura and Piazza Napoleone.

The event is one of the most eagerly awaited of the year and has always attracted a large number of music fans. It proposes different musical genres to satisfy all tastes.

These are all opportunities to treat yourself to a stay in Tuscany and discover the nature that makes it special.

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Carnival and art meet food and wine in Venice

Events in Italy in 2024 in Venice

The Carnival of Venice is world famous: the city's charm during this event attracts the curious, tourists and enthusiasts who come to celebrate and admire the costumes that parade through the city. In 2024 it will be celebrated from 27 January to 13 February.

The magic that is created is contagious and surreal; the masks, true works of art, are a characteristic element present in every event: processions, balls and galas. It is also a unique opportunity to visit the city and discover its beauties.

Verona will host Vinitaly, the largest event dedicated to the world of wine and spirits, from 14 to 17 April. It is a historic appointment that cannot be missed among the must-attend events in Italy in 2024.

The appointment attracts exhibitors and connoisseurs from all over the world every year. It is a unique occasion that brings together 10000 fine wines for tasting in one place. Side activities, such as conferences and workshops, allow operators to keep up to date with the latest developments in the wine sector.

The Biennale International Art Exhibition in Venice will be held from 20 April to 24 November; the theme will be 'Stranieri Ovunque - Foreigners Everywhere', addressing migration and inclusion. It will explore the ways in which architecture contributes to the creation of inclusive spaces, where people with different social origins and cultural backgrounds find a suitable place.

The event ranks among the events not to be missed in Italy in 2024, not only because of its international relevance, but because it promotes important issues that call for reflection on contemporary society and proposes architecture as an element of union between distant customs and traditions.

Among the must-see events in Italy is the Venice Film Festival, which will take place from 28 August to 7 September; during these days film and show business stars will populate the Lagoon, are you ready to photograph them? With our Venice Pass you can move around easily and enjoy all the events and artistic beauty of this enchanting city.

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In Liguria Italian music and sport are celebrated

Events in Italy in 2024 in Sanremo

From 6 to 10 February, the Teatro Ariston in Sanremo lights up for the 74th Italian Song Festival. It is a historic event, with worldwide resonance, where artists perform in competition, in a setting that enhances the city and the Ligurian Riviera.

National and international guests contribute to creating moments of entertainment where music will be the real protagonist; the scenario, while being a place of heated competition, will act as a bridge between innovation and tradition, with the aim of creating an engaging experience for all viewers.

Genoa will be the venue for the Sports Festival from 24 to 26 May: the city will be consecrated as the European Capital of Sport in 2024 and in this year the event will turn 20.

A sports village will be set up in the context of the Old Port, thus directly overlooking the sea. There will be days dedicated to students and days open freely to the public where it will be possible to try out different activities and meet famous sports athletes.

All year round the climate in this region is mild. Treat yourself to a sea trip and discover the coast from its most picturesque side!

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In Emilia Romagna creativity is on show with Bologna Arte e Fiera

Events in Italy in 2024 in Bologna

Bologna is celebrating 50 years of Arte Fiera; it is the first Italian art fair to reach this milestone and last year saw the participation of 200 galleries. On this occasion, the historical path to date will be shown and attention will also be focused on foreign contemporary artists.

Alongside the Main Section, three invitation-only sections will be offered: Photography and Moving Images, Painting XXI and Multiples. The route linking the various stands present will have drawing as its main theme and can be visited from 2 to 4 February.

The city has always been a destination for international tourism and every event is an opportunity to treat oneself to a weekend of art, culture and fun.

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In Trentino Alto Adige, between a descent and a sparkling wine

Trentino Alto Adige is a paradise for skiers and its proposals always prove to be exciting. Until 15 March, in various locations, you can experience the mountains before dawn and be the first skiers of the day, with the Trentino Ski Sunrise event.

The awakening of nature against a snowy backdrop is a marvellous sight; the lifts open a few hours early and allow you to arrive on the peaks and observe the colours and lights of dawn to admire the Dolomites in a magical atmosphere.

As every year, the unmissable  Merano Wine Festival will be the event that attracts experts and enthusiasts for days of meetings, tastings and in-depth webinars.

Merano is a wonderful city in every season of the year, discover its true essence with our tips.

Napoli awaits Comicon, the biggest comics fair in Italy

Fans of comics, video games, games, music and cinema eagerly await the new edition of Comicon in Naples, from 25 to 28 April. The event is one of the events in Italy in 2024 that has a large number of international followers, won over by various editions that have proved to be increasingly electrifying.

The pop culture that permeates all the organised activities: exhibitions, concerts, screenings and above all close encounters with the most popular authors. Don't miss the opportunity to visit one of the most popular cities for tourists from all over the world!

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In Piedmont returns The International Book Fair, Italy's most important book fair

Events in Italy in 2024 in Turin

The event dedicated to culture will take place from 9 to 13 May in Turin and focuses on the world of literature, creating points of contact between readers and writers. Among the stands of the  Salone Internazionale del Libro, in fact, it is possible to meet one's idols and interact with them.

The event is divided into seven sectors that tell the story of literature's relationship with other art forms: publishing, art, romance, light, information and cinema. These are different approaches to stimulate new forms of interaction.

If you want to organise a tour of Turin, you will find a thousand reasons to stay and return. See also our suggestion below, are you gourmand?

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NoSoundFest 2024 in the Marche creates a magical atmosphere

The Peace Park in Servigliano, in the Marche region, hosts a festival featuring nationally and internationally renowned artists. The event is dedicated not only to music, but also to art and culture in general.

The NoSound Fest offers different genres, such as rock, pop, indie and hip hop. Side events enrich unique moments in a suggestive location. It will be held from 26 June to 27 July.

Cultural proposals in this region go hand in hand with local events that take you on a discovery tour of small villages or better-known historical locations.

Sardinia hosts jazz festival Musica sulle Bocche

Events in Italy in 2024 in Sardinia

The Musica sulle Bocche Festival is organised in August and has grown to involve several municipalities in northern Sardinia. In an enchanting setting that celebrates and respects nature, events celebrating music, culture and art come to life.

The international artists belong to different genres, such as jazz, blues, soul and world music. Side events complete an immersive experience that leads to the discovery of an unspoilt region.

This land offers emotions in every season: discover its culture and its territory even in the less touristy places, you will discover an authentic population!

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Sicily in all its beauty with the Infiorata di Noto

The Infiorata in Noto is a floral event that covers an enchanting town with colour. On this occasion, one can enjoy a colourful spectacle that gives a new light to the Baroque architecture that characterises this town.

In a multicoloured mosaic, religious and mythological depictions come to life that are famous throughout Italy and attract tourists from all over the world. It takes place every year on the third Sunday in May, so the date scheduled for 2024 is 20 May.

Sicily, rich in history and traditions, welcomes tourists all year round who choose it as a destination for holidays and relaxation, but it also offers original experiences that lead you to discover its food and wine culture.

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Molise, with Caseraria, promotes a heritage to be preserved

In September, Molise organises Casearia, a fair that promotes the culture of the milk chain that is present in many Italian regions. Agnone, in the province of Isernia, offers an event that exalts local products and places them in an unspoilt territorial context.

The basic idea is linked to the concept of economic and environmental sustainability, which is reflected in greater respect for the surrounding nature and a form of conscious tourism.

This is one of the events in Italy that in 2024 will highlight not only this region but the whole of southern Italy: the occasion allows you to discover hidden and fascinating places, organise your trip with our tips!

Events in Umbria in Italy in 2024 between art and delights

Events in Italy in 2024 in Perugia

The region of Umbria is hosting several events in 2024 that will attract international tourists to Italy. In Perugia, Eurochocolate is organised from 18 to 27 October; it is a special experience during which you can walk among chocolate sculptures, delight your palate with tastings and participate in exhibitions and shows that surprise visitors every year.

The event allows visitors to experience Perugia in a different way, combining a fun and delicious side with the artistic and cultural heritage that is always appreciated by tourists.

From 25 to 26 May, always in Perugia, the Flower show returns, a market exhibition where rare plants are displayed and side events are organised such as gardening courses, workshops and live demonstrations.

From 28 June to 14 July, Spoleto becomes the location for an international event, where various art forms such as dance, theatre and opera are celebrated: the Festival of Two Worlds. The occasion brings together world-famous artists and tourists, promoting Italian culture at an international level.

As in previous editions, the highly successful activities will be repeated: the midday concerts, jazz music meetings and appointments with artists.

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Aosta Valley: Apple Festival celebrates local culture and tradition

Events in Italy in 2024 in Aosta Valley

The event takes place every year on the first and second Sundays of October in Aosta Valley, in two different locations: Gressan and Antey-Saint-André. It is an event dedicated to apples, which is the most cultivated fruit in the region: you can taste specialities prepared with different types of apples: jams, juices, cakes, tarts, and everything that is part of the regional tradition.

The Apple Festival brings tourists closer to the region's culture and traditions and is an opportunity to visit a region that is beautiful for its unspoilt nature. You can also shop from local producers who gather in the streets of the old village.

In Apulia The first Table Grape Fair is organised

Events in Italy in 2024 in Apulia

The first Table Grape Fair will be held in Apulia from 23 to 25 October. Bari will host one of the events not to be missed in Italy in 2024, linked to the wine sector that is of great importance in our country.

The event presents itself as a prestigious showcase for all exhibitors, but also for enthusiasts who follow the grape harvest tradition in Italy with interest.

Between one tasting and another, will you find time to discover Bari like a local? Don't miss the chance!

Pesaro, capital of culture 2024

Events in Italy in 2024 in Pesaro

Pesaro has been proclaimed European Capital of Culture for 2024 and has  planned  a programme of events focusing on the theme 'The Nature of Culture', involving the entire province in the project.

It will be an opportunity to enhance the city's historical and cultural heritage, relaunching an idea of widespread, inclusive culture integrated with the environment. For the occasion, a dedicated information office has been set up, located on the ground floor of the municipal building.

Various themed itineraries are planned to make the journey fascinating: the route on the trail of Gioachino Rossini, an archaeological journey that leads to the discovery of the city's origins, events dedicated to drivers and motors for sports enthusiasts, and the urban sculpture park that will be appreciated by contemporary art lovers.

Visiting this location will introduce you to a city rich in history but also modern and dynamic.

Calabria is testimonial of the most beautiful villages in Italy

Events in Italy in 2024 in Calabria

Calabria will be the region that will represent, in 2024, the small towns that are examples of the immense beauty of our country: a great opportunity to showcase wonderful places against the backdrop of a beautiful sea.

The municipalities of Oriolo and Rocca Imperiale will be the location for the event 'The most beautiful villages in Italy'. The occasion will highlight the region's natural beauty and culinary excellence through the discovery of local communities.

The artistic treasures that reside in small Italian towns are the legacy of a historical culture handed down over time. This event, which involves the whole of Italy, makes it possible to enhance artistic sites and bring tourists closer to extraordinary realities.

The promoting association is a spokesman for so-called 'proximity tourism', which aims to bring people closer to local culture.

Sport events in Italy in 2024

Discover the sport events in Italy in 2024

Italy is also preparing to celebrate sporting events that are very popular and involve international athletes, which in turn attract supporters from various parts of the world. Football fans are eagerly awaiting the European Championship, which will be held in several cities.

Rome, on the other hand, will host the European athletics championships from 7 to 12 June, where the Italian athletes will have the support of their compatriot fans in the various disciplines, such as relay, high jump, marathon, and march. Will you be there? We are waiting for you!

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