Merano Wine Festival : 5 days to test excellence in food and wine from all over the world in a fine location  

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We are going to have the first wine festival after restrictions of past years. Take part to this event and meet wine producers coming from all over the world. They were selected for this particular occasion.

Merano Wine Festival is an international event about food and wine. It was born 30 years ago and now it is one of the most important wine and food events. The increasing number of visitors shows its rising popularity.

Merano Wine Festival: history, success, stakeholders, location and plan

Let’s find out MFW, taking place in Merano from 4 to 8 Novembre

In ancient days the image of wine was linked to stories about hunger and sacrifices. Our ancestors used to tell stories about how wine and gastronomic products were only seen as nourishment. They also could help warming up during cold days. They also had many symbols and meanings. History is full of stories about the importance of wine in man’s life. Wine represented symbols, values, traditions, landscapes and languages. Today we celebrate its value by making products of absolute gastronomic excellence.

Wine Festival in Merano: a divine event in a fairy-tale place

Toast at Merano Wine Festival

Merano is the pearl of South Tyrol, nestled in the heart of the Alps. During past times, Kings, Queens and Princesses used to love this place. Nowadays this city keeps its original charm and culture, with its architectural and cultural beauties. Merano has a fairy tale look and it is the ideal place for an international festival. The Kurhaus was built in Art Nouveau style. It’s the perfect place for MWF, hosting thousands of people coming for Merano Wine Festival.

How was the Merano Wine Festival born?

How was the Merano Wine Festival born?

The Merano Wine Festival was born, from the love and passion for gastronomic products and great wines, by two Meran Helmuth Köcher and Johann Innerhofer and the help of Othmar Kiem, In 1992, the first Merano Wine Festival took place in the halls of the Hotel Palace in Merano.

The first edition was attended by 50 winemakers and 1000 visitors, its success had such an important impact that the following year they moved the Festival in the city center, in the current location of the Kurhaus.

An History full of success

Wine tasting at Merano Wine Festival

Merano wine Festival quickly reached relevance in the world of food and wine. In 1996 products started to be selected, in order to ensure quality. Wines to be tasted were choosed with great attention. The Festival was growing to higher levels.

In 2003 the partnership with the Union des grand cru de Bordeaux was consolidated, taking over 100 labels among the best French wines. In 2005, a few kilometers from Merano, inside Katzenzungen Castle, there is a worthy stage for organic, biodynamic and natural viticulture. Naturae et Purae - bio&dynamica takes shape, an event that since 2008 is first brought to the center of Merano in Castel Kallmünz and the following year, since 2009, in the hall of the Pavillon des fleurs of the Kurhaus headquarters.

Wine tasting at Merano Wine Festival

Wine producers from all over the world at Merano Wine Festival

The 2022 edition of Merano Wine Festival will take place in Merano from 4 to 8 of November. During these four days, you will be able to taste the best wines and gastronomical products. You will also find craft beers and Italian grappa.

More than 450 wineries, 200 artisans and 15 chefs are going to take part to this event

The location of the Wine Festival 2022 is the historical seat of the Kurhaus, located in the central Corso della Libertà of the city of Merano. Wine - The WineHunter Selection will be located in the main venue. While, a few steps from the Kurhaus, the Gourmet Arena. Lovers and curious about culinary tastings, craft beer and spirits will find the location along the Passirio. Also in the city center, in Piazza Terme, at the Hotel Therme Merano, will be set up the stand of the event Naturae et Purae bio&dynamica, while the venue of the highly anticipated wine festival, the Merano WineCitylife, will be on the elegant Corso della Libertà/ Freiheitsstraße. During the four days of the Festival there will be moments of discussion and conferences organized in the magnificent Puccini Theatre.

Tickets for Merano Wine Festival

Tickets for the Merano Wine Festival are available directly from the event’s website, for a small fee. It will be possible to buy tickets both for single days and subscriptions for multiple events.

Programme of the MWF

From 4 to 8 November 2022 Merano will be the world capital of wine. On November 4 and 5, we start with the theme "Breath and cry of the earth" an interesting summit focused, in fact, on sustainability issues. At Teatro Puccini, in fact, we will discuss sustainable economy and solutions to be applied to the viticulture sector to safeguard its production.

All this is contained in six meetings, where participants will try to find the problem of water and food safety answers, also, we will discuss the sustainability of the wine supply chains and certifications in viticulture. During the summit, some of the most interesting case studies in the Italian and global wine sector will be presented and addressed.

After the conferences, the result will be delivered to the Minister of Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies. All the solutions and guidelines, that will be previously identified, will be published on an open Manifesto, signed by opinion leaders and stakeholders.

A constantly evolving format: collateral events

During the years the MWF format is grown. Now it is full of events. Many related events were added to the original format.

As per tradition, today, inside the Kurahus are hosted in addition to the Wine Italy selection, also the events: The WineHunter Selection Area, the International Wine and the Catwalk Champagne. A branch of the Merano Wine Festival, "Food - Spirits - Beer", is dedicated to the world of grappa, craft beers and good food; in the area reserved for culinary specialties, gastronomic excellence and showcooking directly from the various territories, We will discover Territorium & Consortium, which are two events that we will find within the GourmetArena.

This year 2022, we will also find plenty of space dedicated to organic wines, a trend that knows no crisis and increasingly in vogue. The Accademia degli Studi Italo Tedeschi will present the latest news on organic, natural, biodynamic, orange and PIWI integrated agriculture wines. Instead, it will be the home of masterclasses and the B&F Club, the charming and historic location of the Hotel Terme Merano.

Red Wawe 2022, events outside the main fair

The Red Wave 2022 is the unmistakable sign and symbol of this show. This year, the red carpet of the fuorisalone will animate and involve the city’s living room of Corso Libertà, Piazza Arena, the Promenade and the Puccini Theatre.

Pre festival and online guide The WineHunter Award

In a few weeks, initiatives partly anticipated by  Helmuth Köcher on August 16, will be officially shown. The festival's owner presented the guides: The WineHunter Award and the TOP 50 Food - Spirits - Beer. The guides contain a selection of the 100 best Italian wines and a review of the food, Spirits and Beer sector, of the 50 top products. Winners for The WineHunter Award Red, Gold e Platinum will be chosen among these ones.

Who is Helmuth Köcher, patron of the Merano Wine Festival?

Helmuth Köcher is the founder and president of the Merano Wine Festival, as well as the sole manager of Gourmet’s International and The WineHunter. Born in 1959, he has a degree in political science and he is a lover of gastronomic culture and  passionate about wines.

In 1992  Köcher realized the MWF, thus giving shape to his passions.

Helmuth Köcher is the creator of The Wine Hunter Brand and he is an esteemed food and wine expert. Today, in the world, he is recognized as one of the best organizers of food and wine events. 

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