Cliffs overlooking the sea, crystalline waters and colorful villages. Are you ready to discover the best hiking trails in Liguria?

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Liguria, an Italian region bathed by the Ligurian Sea, boasts an admirable artistic-cultural, gastronomic and landscape heritage. With its colorful villages, its crystal-clear waters and enchanting landscapes, it enchants tourists from all over the world.

So, wear comfortable shoes and backpack, you will explore its incredible paths with breathtaking views!

Best hiking trails in Liguria

Best hiking trails in Liguria

Imagine walking among the colors and aromas of the Ligurian Mediterranean vegetation, between the sound of the waves broken on the coast and the shimmer of the sun on the sea: this is hiking in Liguria.

Walking along the Ligurian hiking trails is an experience to do at least once in your life; you will discover villages nestled between rock and sea and admire breathtaking landscapes. Ready to discover these wonders? 

5. Pilgrim's path: from Noli to Varigotti passing through Counterfeiters' Cave


- Length: 4.5 kilometers
- Walking time: 2 hours and a half
- Difficulty: medium

Do not miss the Pilgrim's Path that connects Noli, one of the "most beautiful villages in Italy" and Varigotti, a beloved seaside village. The path, once a pilgrimage destination, winds through ancient deconsecrated churches and breathtaking views of the sea and it is one of the most famous hiking trail in Liguria.

In Noli take Via XXV Aprile to start your journey and after about 20 minutes you will meet the Church of Santa Margherita. Continuing, you will meet the Grotta dei Briganti (or Brigands Cave), where smugglers hid their goods. Let yourself be amazed by the glimpse of the waters set among the rocks of the cave like a jewel and enjoy a break admiring a breathtaking view!

Continuing your journey, you will meet the Tower of the Witches and then you will admire one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Riviera di Ponente from the cliff of Punta Crena. From here you will see the mountain that descends sheer to the turquoise waters of the sea and you will love the view of the famous Saraceni beach.

Next, let yourself be intrigued by the Mausoleum of Giuseppe Cerisola, known as the Man of the Seven Seas for his passion and his rescues. The mausoleum collects life jackets, ropes and newspaper clippings set in a very colorful wall, which shows the adventures of the hero.

The Church of San Lorenzo will lead you to the end of the Pilgrim's Trail and to discover the seaside town of Varigotti, where you can enjoy a refreshing dip in the crystal-clear waters.

4. Camogli – San fruttuoso hiking trail: discovering the magnificent Abbey of Liguria


- Length: 5 kilometers - Walking time: 2 hours - Difficulty: medium
Hiking in Liguria cannot continue without the path that connects Camogli, a colorful fishing village and San Fruttuoso, where you will visit the famous Abbey, set in an inlet of the bay of the Gulf of Genoa.
In via San Bartolomeo, in Camogli, begins your journey. Passing through the olive groves you will find yourself in front of the Church of San Rocco, from which you can enjoy a wide view of the Golfo Paradiso (Paradise Gulf).
Going down the staircase, you will find yourself in front of a corner of paradise: Punta Chiappa, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy and characterized by a tongue of rock that juts out into the sea from the Portofino Promontory.
After about 40 minutes of walking, you will reach Batterie, where you can admire bunkers dating back to the Second World War on a splendid viewpoint over the gulf.
At Passo del Bacio we advise you to be careful, as the route becomes more complicated, but the view will be rewarded by the breathtaking view of Cala dell'Oro and Punta Torretta.
The last part of the route will be all downhill and will reach the pier, from which you can visit the San Fruttuoso Abbey, the Benedictine monastery set in the rock and you can dive into the wonderful waters of the bay.

3. Nature ring of Borgio Verezzi and Valdemino Caves


- Length: 7.6 kilometers- Walking time: 3 hours and a half - Difficulty: low
If you want to walk a simpler but equally fascinating path, walk along the Nature Ring of Borgio Verezzi, a small town in the province of Savona, also known as the town of theater for the theater festival that hosts every year.
Along the way, you will find numerous information boards, which will show you the flora and fauna that you will find along your path.
Taking via Nazario Sauro (direction Verezzi), you will begin your ring route. The first stop you will make will be near the Church of San Martino Vescovo and the Sanctuary of Maria Regina Mundi, from which you will enjoy a wonderful view of the sea.
Continuing, you will meet the Phoenician Mill and the descent towards the hamlets of Piazza, Roccaro and Verezzi will begin.
Finally, you will arrive in Borgio, the initial starting point, where you can enjoy an unforgettable visit to the Valdemino Caves, considered the most colorful caves in Italy for the bright colors of its minerals: a thousand different shades of white, yellow and red. Among bone finds of rhinos, crocodiles and mammoths and between columns and stalactites of all kinds, you will find yourself immersed in caves dating back to two million years ago!

2. Sentiero Azzurro (Blue Trail): the hiking trail to discover Cinque Terre


- Length: 12 km- Travel time: min. 5 hours - Difficulty: low/medium
The Blue Trail is the most famous path in Liguria and is the best way to discover the fascinating Cinque Terre, the characteristic seaside villages overlooking the sea, famous all over the world.
The Blue Trail connects Riomaggiore to Monterosso, passing through Manarola, Corniglia and Vernazza. The route lasts about 5 hours, but we recommend dividing the route over at least 2 days, to stop in each of the Cinque Terre and appreciate their breathtaking beauty.
Walking along it, you will enjoy exceptional views, visits to the most famous villages in the world, the view of colorful houses that characterize them and diving into crystal clear waters dream!
The Blue Trail is one of those paths to walk at least once in a lifetime!
The most easily passable stretch is the Via dell'Amore (Love street), a 2km promenade that connects Riomaggiore to Manarola offering a spectacular view of the villages and the mountain overlooking the sea.
Unfortunately, however, the section is temporarily closed, but will reopen in summer 2024.
We remind you that to walk the Blue Path it is necessary to buy the Cinque Terre Card.

1.Lerici - Tellaro trail: discovering the Gulf of Poets through hiking in Liguria


- Length: 4.6 km- Walking time: 1:45 hours - Difficulty: low
The path that leads from Lerici to Tellaro will allow you to discover the Gulf of Poets, which has inspired poets and writers such as the spouses Shelley, Lord Byron, Gabriele D'Annunzio and many others.
The departure is located in via Carpanini in Lerici. A staircase will lead you to the magnificent Caletta di Lerici, a corner of paradise where you can dive into the transparent waters surrounded by rocks.
Continuing in the Mediterranean scrub among the olive groves, you will enjoy extraordinary views of the Gulf. Following the signs, you will reach Tellaro, the most romantic seaside village in the Gulf of Poets, which was the refuge of the writer D.H. Lawrence and which inspired Eugenio Montale.

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