Discover with us the best experiences to do in Italy in autumn to make your journey unforgettable: choose your favorite ones among our 15 ideas!

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Some think that autumn, unlike summer that jad just gone, is not the best season to travel, explore new places and discover unique stories and sensations. Well, probably they never realized about the wonders which can be experienced only in Italy in autumn: a romantic season, blessed by the warmth of colours that distinguish this time of year accompanied by mild weather days kissed by soft sunlight. What could be better than taking a moment to relax and break the routine while discovering the beauties of the most amazing country in the world? We've selected for you 15 experiences to do in Italy in autumn to have fun with family and friends - even if it's not summertime - and find out the most authentic side of the Italian style!

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn

Italy in autumn turns into a real wonderland, ready to welcome tourists from all over the world in an extraordinary setting where cities and villages get dressed in the typical shades of red, orange, yellow and brown. Just think that, while leaves fall down from trees, even seaside is still beautiful! It's the perfect season to admire the Italian landscape from its most fascinating side, discover the secrets of excellent products such as wine and oil, or perhaps explore historical, curious and mysterious places throughout the Boot. What are you waiting for? Choose your favorite one among our 15 experiences to do in Italy in autumn!

15. Admire the foliage from a historic train

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: foliage from a historic train

Foliage is undoubtedly one of the undisputed protagonists of autumn. A relaxing experience to reinforce your own spirit and make your own eyes in awe in touch with nature, that for this special occasion paints landscapes with the wonderful seasonal colours and gives precious souvenirs in the shape of dry leaves, perfect to save within the pages of a book. Why not experience it by letting yourself be lulled by the slow running of a historic train? In Italy there are many places where to live this adventure discovering autumn, admiring breathtaking natural glimpses that seem painted by the hand of a talented artist and feeling the thrill of being transported by a train of old ages. There are surely all the ingredients for an unforgettable journey!

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14. Enjoy a tour to cellars and vineyards

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: wine tour at Vesuvius

It's well known that autumn, even if it doesn't sound like, rhymes with wine! In Italy there is a real wine culture made through centuries of traditions and autumn is the ideal season to discover it. How? By visiting  vineyards and cellars with the possibility to taste brand new wine: a joy for the palate of lovers of the nectar of the Gods! Wine tourism is an experience that gives great emotions and satisfaction discovering iconic tastes and places. We suggest you a wine tasting tour at Vesuvius where to try Lacryma Christi DOC wine and have lunch with the best local products, such as salami, cheeses, pasta with tomato and even a traditional ricotta-based pie!

13. Harvest the olives

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: olive harvest

The olive harvest is one of the most traditional autumn rituals. representing the first key step for the production of one of the pillars of Mediterranean diet and italian cuisine: the oil. In autumn it is possible to take part in this bucolic experience and learn about all the steps, from harvesting to making extra virgin olive oil, related to a symbolic activity for the rural culture especially in Southern Italy. Lovers of good food and genuine products made from earth can't miss this opportunity involving all five senses. Do you think to make a quick trip to Basilicata this autumn? We recommend you visit the museum dedicated to olive oil in Matera: the best experience to learn a wonderful story made of authentic scents and tastes.

12. Drive around on a Vespa

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: tour on Vespa

What is one of the most iconic symbols of contemporary Italian culture? Naturally Vespa, the motorcycle of the Italians par excellence! For many people, jumping on the saddle of this vehicle is synonymous with freedom, agility, desire to travel and discover unique emotions - exactly the perfect characteristics for those who want to visit Italy with the right spirit. Do you want to try this experience too? Then we have the right solution for you: we recommend you a fantastic Vespa tour, departing from the splendid Florence, through the wonderful landscapes of the hills of Tuscany! An unmissable opportunity to enjoy a breathtaking landscape among vineyards, villas and castles in the evocative guise of autumn colours.

11. Walk around the woods

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: walking around woods

Immerse yourself in nature to regenerate and relax: there is no better season than autumn to do so, with a true explosion of colours and scents pervading woods while, slowly, wild life retires to go to sleep with the approaching winter. Trees bring many benefits for body and soul, a stunning panacea to enjoy a break from daily routine and the chaos of cities. Italy has the great privilege of having many wonderful millenary woods over its terriotry, perfect for hiking and discovering hidden paths or glimpses to photograph, admiring foliage or perhaps looking for close encounter with wild animals. One of these woods is the forest of the Giants of Sila, a magical place that preserves centuries-old trees, real giants, which reach 45 meters in height and 2 meters in diameter. Find out about other beautiful Italian green lungs below.

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10. Visit a literary park

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: visit a literary park

One of the most beautiful activities to do in autumn is certainly reading, perhaps holding in your hands a masterpiece of Italian literature to read all in one breathe. But wouldn't it be even better to personally visit the places that have inspired the most brilliant and creative minds in literature? From North to South, throughout Italy it is possible to venture to discover literary parks: territories which, thanks to the work done by these authors, today add enormous cultural value to their very rich heritage.

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9. Explore the mistery

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: explore mysterious places

Autumn is also well known - above all - for its gloomy atmosphere shrouded by mystery, a conjecture that is probably confirmed by the gradual darkness that characterizes this season with the progressive decrease of the hours of sunlight throughout the day. And of course, between tricks and treats, let's not forget that this is also the season of the famous Halloween celebration! This is definitely an inviting scenario for taking a journey into mystery to discover the most esoteric places in Italy: a sensational experience for all those who love thrill and unknown!

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8. Cook typical autumn food

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: cooking class

Is learning to cook like a real Italian chef your dream? Then autumn is the ideal time to attend a professional cooking class and try to make unique and tasty dishes, obviously by using the precious traditional ingredients of this season, such as pumpkin, mushrooms and chestnuts. Gift yourself a trip discovering Rome and its wonders and learn the secrets of Italian cuisine with this amazing experience with a 100% made in Italy flavor!

7. Visit the temples in Sicily

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn:  Valley of the Temples

To best enjoy the mild weather that Sicily offers even in deep autumn, why not plan a trip to discover the Valley of the Temples? This extraordinary archaeological park houses priceless cultural treasures in excellent condition, which allow tourists to travel back in time through history. Walking through the temples is a wonderful experience, especially at sunset, with the changing colors embracing the autumn sky in a truly magical atmosphere.

6. Discover underground Naples

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: underground Naples

As already mentioned, autumn is a season strictly linked to mystery and the pleasure to discover the most suggestive and dark places over the territory. One of the most interesting and fascinating examples is surely underground Naples: a city within the city that holds an ancient cemetery, a complex system of caves and tunnels and water mains. Why not book a visit in this place full of historical charm and unique emotions and explore thousands years of history in the extraordinary setting of one of the most beautiful city of the Mediterranean?

5. Visit a zoological garden

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: Villa Borghese

For the pleasure of children (but also for adults that still keep active their inner child's spirits!), to visit a zoological garden is a perfect activity to do in autumn. The warm climate of the season allows you to spend a few happy hours discovering exotic and particular animals, learning more about all the natural habitats of our planet. In Rome, inside the wonderful Villa Borghese, there is the oldest zoological garden in Italy hosting about 1200 animals of different species: an exciting experience to stay in touch with nature even within the city and find out an alternative side of the splendid Eternal City.

4. Join a treasure hunt

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: tresure hunt in Rome

Are you looking for a fun experience to explore Rome in an alternative way, learn new knowledge and discover many curiosities and mysteries about the most iconic places of the capital city? We recommend a fantastic treasure hunt in the company of...Leonardo da Vinci! A real guided tour that perfectly mixes with the involvement of the game to spend a few hours in carefreeness having fun with family and friends!

3. Go to food events and festivals

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: food festivals and events

Festivals and food tastings are unmissable events in autumn, to discover delicious gastronomic products that play the role of undisputed protagonists of dedicated events that distinguish the most authentic soul of villages and territories throughout the peninsula. If you are looking for an experience that puts taste and good food first, don't forget to include themed food festivals and gastronomic events in your travel itinerary in Italy in autumn: find out more below!

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2. Visit a castle

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: Avio castle

The castles have a unique charm and visiting them is like taking a journey back in time, getting lost in ancient times populated by kings and queens, princes and princesses, faithful knights and elegant ladies. Italy holds a vast heritage of castles located throughout the territory, a real fairy-tale world to discover especially in the company of children. Among the activities to do in Italy in autumn, discovering castles and historic houses is undoubtedly one of the most evocative and engaging: we suggest you visit the beautiful Avio castle, in Trentino, a building framed in a unique atmosphere and immersed in the pure nature of the mountain landscape.

1. Visit an exhibition

Experiences to do in Italy in autumn: Murano Glass Museum

Italy is a country rich in art and culture, which is why it is always the right time to go to the museum and visit art or handicraft exhibitions. Autumn, perhaps, is the best season to discover the artistic treasures of Bel Paese enclosed within the most beautiful Italian cities. We recommend you take a trip to Venice to visit a tourist attraction you can't miss: the Murano Glass Museum, the perfect place to admire the best of the historical production of this national excellence loved all over the world, so much that it is one of the most beautiful made in Italy souvenirs!

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