12 experiences not to be missed in Italy for an unforgettable autumn.

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Autumn is a romantic season: the warm colors that distinguish this time of year accompany us during the warm days, which will lead us to the cold winter. What could be better than taking trips outside the city to break the routine? Here are 12 experiences not to be missed in autumn, to have fun with family and friends.

12. Admire the foliage on a historic train

Experience to do in autumn: historic train

The foliage is one of the protagonists of autumn. Admiring the orange, brown and yellow of tree leaves is relaxing. Why not do it by letting yourself be lulled by the slow running of a historic train? In Italy there are many places where you can have this experience. Breathtaking landscapes, glimpses that seem painted by the hand of a talented artist and the thrill of being transported by a train of the past. The ingredients for an unforgettable day are all there!

11. Take a tour of the cellars

Autumn in Italy: vineyards and wine tasting

Autumn rhymes with wine! In Italy there is a real wine culture and autumn is the ideal season to discover it. Visits to the vineyards and cellars with tasting of the new wine: a joy for the palate of lovers of the nectar of the gods. Wine tourism is an activity that gives great emotions and satisfaction and during this season the experience in the vineyard is complete.
An example would be a wine tasting on Vesuvius with wine, with cheese and a banquet at the foot of Vesuvius. 

10. Collect the olives

Experience in autumn, in Italy: the olive harvest

The olive harvest is one of the most traditional autumn rituals. The oil that is extracted from olives is one of the key elements of the Mediterranean diet, a symbol of Italian cuisine. In the autumn season it is possible to participate in this bucolic experience, which allows you to know all the steps, from harvesting to making extra virgin olive oil. Lovers of good food and genuine products, will not be able to miss this opportunity that involves all five senses. We at Visit Italy also recommend a visit to the underground museum dedicated to olive oil in Matera, to discover one of the most interesting traditions in the world.

9. Walk in the woods

Activity in autumn in Italy: walking in the wood

Immerse yourself in nature to regenerate and relax: there is no better season than autumn to do so. Trees bring a series of benefits to body and mind, taking a "nature bath" is therefore a panacea. Italy has many wonderful millenary woods, where you can go hiking immersed in the foliage. One of these is the forest of the Giants of Sila, a magical place that preserves centuries-old trees, real giants, which reach 45 meters in height and 2 meters in diameter.

8. Learn to cook traditional dishes

Autumn cooking class in italy

Is learning to cook like a real chef your dream? Then autumn is the ideal time to attend a cooking class and try to make unique and tasty dishes. The autumn season is rich in quality raw materials, such as pumpkin, chestnuts, mushrooms. Learning how to combine them in the best way can be a turning point in home life, to surprise friends during home dinners.

7. Stroll in the shadow of the temples in Sicily

Autumn weekend in Italy:  Valley of the Temples

To enjoy the mild weather that Sicily offers even in autumn, why not plan a trip to discover the Valley of the Temples? This extraordinary archaeological park houses temples in excellent condition, which allow visitors to take a dip in history. Walking through the Doric temples is a wonderful experience, especially at sunset, with the changing colors that envelop the sky.

6. Visit underground Naples

Autumn experience in Italy: underground Naples

Autumn is linked to mystery. During this season there is Halloween, the night of the sacred spirits and for this reason it is the ideal time to visit magical and mysterious places, such as underground Naples. The underground city holds an ancient cemetery, caves, aqueducts, tunnels, a city within a city, capable of giving unique emotions. Why not book a visit and explore 2400 years of history in such a special place?

5. Visit a zoo

Villa Borghese in autumn

To the delight of children, a visit to the zoo is a perfect activity for the fall. The warm climate of the season allows you to spend a few happy hours discovering exotic and particular animals. In Rome, inside Villa Borghese, there is the oldest zoological garden in Italy. About 1144 animals of 223 different species are housed here. An experience that excites children and adults, a way to stay in contact with nature, even in the city.

4. Take part in a treasure hunt

Autumn in Italy: tresure hunt in Rome

A fun experience that allows you to get to know new aspects of a place. Taking part in a treasure hunt is always a good idea to spend a few carefree hours. It is a fun way to socialize and appreciate a destination even more. We at Visit Italy recommend the treasure hunt to discover the mysteries of Rome, a guided tour that reveals many secrets of the Eternal City.

3. Go to gastronomic events

Autumn in Italy: Montella's Chestnut PGI Festival

Festivals and tastings are events not to be missed in autumn. Autumn gastronomic products are delicious and attending events dedicated to them can be a unique experience. In Sicily, for example, every year the Ottobrata Zafferanese takes place in Zafferana Etnea, in the province of Catania, a festival that celebrates the flavors and excellence of the area. Taste itineraries, musical events and guided tours of the beauties of the area are the protagonists of an event that celebrates the wonders of autumn.

2. Visit a castle

Autumn in Italy: visit Castello di Avio

Castles have an exceptional charm: visiting them is like taking a journey through time. Italy preserves numerous fortresses, some seem to have come out of the fairytale world. Among the activities to do in Italy in autumn, discovering castles and historic houses is undoubtedly one of the most particular. For example, Castello di Avio, a medieval fortress in Trentino, catapults us into the past, making us feel like ladies and knights, in a unique atmosphere, between the hills and unspoiled nature.

1. Go to an exhibition

Autumn events in Italy: visit Murano Glass Museum

Italy is a country rich in art and culture, which is why it is always the right time to go to the museum and visit an art exhibition or a handicraft exhibition. The treasures of the beautiful country can be admired in every place of culture: each of them contains works of inestimable value. A museum not to be missed at this time of year is the Murano glass museum, in Venice: a special tour to discover the secrets of Murano glass processing.

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