The season of foliage and the scent of roasted chestnuts: between villages and festivals, discover which cities to visit in autumn in Italy.

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There is no season that makes people dream more than Autumn. From the colors of nature, slowly falling asleep, to the crackling sound of roasted chestnuts on the grill, Autumn is one of the liveliest times of the year. And here in Italy we know it well. The Italian territory, in fact, is full of invitations to taste and explore the best our land has to offer.

In this article, we would therefore like to propose 10 cities to visit  right now in autumn in Italy, because in our opinion they fully embody the colorful and sparkling spirit of Autumn. They could be the perfect idea for one of the long Autumn weekends, for an alternative getaway and for that vacation that, after the summer, wants nothing more than to be renewed.

Whatever the motivation, and we at Visit Italy know all of them, here follows the best places in Italy to see the colors and vibrancy of the autumn spirit.

Autumn in Italy: 10 amazing Italian cities you definitely have to visit in Autumn

In this guide to Autumn in Italy, we have selected 10 destinations that we think shine even brighter than others under the vermilion light of the season.

Some of these cities to visit in autumn in Italy are certainly well known, others are probably a little less so. What we would like to give you is definitely an extra inspiration to pack your suitcase and dive right into this multicolored dream with us.

10. Our tour of autumn in Italy starts in Apulia

Trani was even mentioned by the Washington Post in a nice article devoted to destinations around the world to visit in Autumn. Indeed, this Apulia's incredible white city is often a destination for summer tourism, attracted by the possibility of a stroll through the center and a dip in the crystal-clear waters of its sea.

Yet, Trani in Autumn is certainly more enjoyable. Fewer tourists crowd the narrow streets in the center and certainly you can explore quieter the Jewish quarter, the Swabian Castle or the wonderful Trani Cathedral.

9. Alba and the Langhe area, Piedmont.

Not only queen of Autumn, but also queen of one of Italy's most interesting typical products, the white truffle of Alba.

This place is certainly among those that more than any other in Italy are enhanced by the colors, scents (and taste) of Autumn. Alba is home to the annual Truffle Fair, for example, but this is also the perfect starting point for exploring the wonderful villages of the Langhe.

What's more, a passion for photography can become an easy obsession here, due to the beauty of the foliage that covers the gentle hills of the Langhe with dozens and dozens of reddish hues. It is one of the unmissable destinations among the cities to visit in autumn in Italy.

8. Florence, a historical place to visit in autumn in Italy

We cannot fail to mention this wonderful city among the most extraordinary destinations to visit in Autumn in Italy. The city blooms with the warmest and most enveloping colors of the palette, the weather becomes mild, almost cool, and above all, the city becomes more peaceful and enjoyable. Moreover, it is precisely at this time of year that one can fully breathe in the rhythm of nature.

The olive and the grape harvest, but also the harvesting of truffles and chestnuts: here in Florence it will be possible to taste every nuance of flavors. Also because here in and around Florence there is no shortage of festival occasions.

And it is precisely those surroundings that we would like to talk to you about as well: because certainly the hills surrounding Florence hold more than one treasure. Wine roads that need no introduction, ancient villages and abbeys, among which we cannot help but cite the great San Miniato al Monte.

The enchanting view of Florence and surroundings will make you desire to come here over and over again, as if a lifetime is not enough. However, if you want a worthy capstone to your Tuscan weekend, why don't you turn to a place that has become a great symbol of high-quality shopping? At The Mall Firenze, in the beautiful town of Reggello, you will find the best of Made in Italy luxury located in a setting of refined elegance.

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7. Monselice and Euganean Hills, Veneto.

This town nestled around its fortress simply comes alive in Autumn. In the shadow of the Euganean Hills, in fact, this Paduan town is one of the unmissable cities to visit in autumn in Italy.

Could it be the magical natural setting of vineyards and olive groves? Or perhaps the presence of fairs and festivals that have been making life in this sleepy town very crackling for dozens of years?

Monselice is certainly one of the destinations to think about for one's autumn weekend. You can gather chestnuts, drink the Brodo di Giuggiole (Jujube Broth) from nearby Arquà Petrarca, and you can even take a trip between Abano and Montegrotto, where there are some of the most important hot springs in Italy, known since Roman times!

6. Autumn in Italy in Syracuse

Let's continue our tour of Italian weekend ideas during Autumn by landing in Sicily, more precisely in Syracuse. This land certainly needs no introduction in terms of attractions, but in Autumn it reveals an unseen face to its visitors. Chestnuts, hazelnuts, but also olives are harvested here, and the whole territory is covered with festivals and events.

Syracuse is also the place where summer seems not to be over yet, and all nostalgic people can come here to take a nice swim in its placid waters. Let's not forget, however, that Autumn is also a time for hiking and trekking in the hills and mountains.

In short, everything you didn't do in summer, you can do now, with warm temperatures and much more quiet.

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5. Naples and the Vesuvius, Campania.

This city also certainly needs no introduction. Architecture, history, art and gastronomic culture constitute a spectacular uniqueness. Yet even Naples in Autumn acquires such a special charm that it rightfully ranks among the most beautiful places to visit in this season.

The weather is certainly mild, the skies are blue, and the flow of tourists is certainly calmer. The ideal time to discover the artistic treasures, go to the Veiled Christ or the Duomo, and definitely bite into sfogliatelle and baba with even more gusto. Then let's not fail to pay a visit to the one who dominates the whole gulf, Vesuvius: Autumn is undoubtedly the most beautiful season to do some trekking.

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4. Sanremo and the Riviera dei Fiori, Liguria.

Why come to the Riviera dei Fiori in Autumn? Because the weather is exceptionally mild, there are few tourists and the landscape is tinged with new and colorful hues. Coming here, however, is also the perfect time to delight yourself with the new products of the earth, especially olives.

Close to beautiful Sanremo, there is in fact the Argentina Valley, perhaps best known for the harvesting of the famous and tasty Oliva Taggiasca. And, therefore, why not visit Sanremo and also organize an excursion to an olive mill to taste its oil?

Then, when your gaze has been worthily enriched by the marvelous Ligurian views and your palate has tasted the most delicious dishes of this land, if you wish you can end your Autumn weekend in the charming setting of The Mall Sanremo. Renowned place for high-quality shopping, offers fine garments in a scenic spot of the Riviera dei Fiori. The perfect place to welcome the vibrancy of the new season.

3. Ferrara, Emilia Romagna.

The colors of this city stand out in vibrancy in Autumn. The red that glows from its castle and medieval buildings makes this city the perfect Italian destination to visit during Autumn.

Exploring Ferrara on foot, or even by bike, is a perfect way to breathe in the magical atmosphere of its quiet alleys. The fog has not yet passed through its gates, but Autumn in our opinion particularly shines here in intensity. The festivals and stalls, then, give that extra touch of liveliness that makes Ferrara a truly irresistible place, one of the ten cities in Italy you absolutely must visit in Autumn.

2. Matera, Basilicata.

Certainly Matera is one of those cities to visit at any time of the year, but it even glows during Autumn. It's not just the mild climate and colors, but also the many cultural initiatives that crowd its calendar.

Here it is not only possible to immerse oneself in the discreet and quiet charm of streets and alleys, but also cultural and especially musical events. Concerts, exhibitions and shows dilute the sweet melancholy of Autumn in one of Italy's most extraordinary stages.

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1. Viterbo and the Tuscia area, Lazio.

How many names does Viterbo have? The City in the Tuff, the City of the Popes... In our opinion, it deserves an important place on the list of the most beautiful places to visit in Italy in Autumn.

Foliage in Tuscia is one of the most beautiful events of the year, literally blowing up all the villages and towns in this slice of Lazio. In this season, the local cuisine is at its best, with truffles and mushrooms, but also delicious chestnut dishes, which account for about 30 percent of Tuscia's economy. Not to mention local oils and wines that alone deserve a separate chapter.

Viterbo, in short, in addition to the richness of its history and architecture, represents the right point of view to start exploring Italy during Autumn.

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What other cities would you like to visit in Autumn in Italy?

The wonderful dress that Italy wears in Autumn accentuates the already extraordinary beauty of its villages and towns. Wonderful places that under the marvelous autumn diorama acquire new and enchanting faces.

We hope we have inspired you to add these, or other Italian cities, to the destinations to visit during your long Autumn weekends. For our part, we can already smell the enveloping aroma of roasted chestnuts and the inviting crispness of the Autumn air.

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