Many meters below the ground, you can discover centuries and millennia of Naples' history. Find out how to get to Naples Underground in this guide.

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One of the greatest wonders of Naples is hidden, like a precious secret, underground. About 40 meters below the ground, in fact, Naples Underground (Napoli Sotterranea, in Italian) tells its visitors more than 2,000 years of history.

It seems unbelievable that, in the course of a simple walk, it is possible to see relics, artifacts and objects that tell stories from the times of Ancient Greece to those of WWII.

The route is truly exciting: for this reason, we thought we would prepare this guide with all the useful info and directions on how to get to Naples Underground.

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How to get to Naples Underground: the updated guide to completely enjoy the visit

Naples Underground is one of the must-see stops of the city.

The entrance is located in the heart of Naples, right next to the Basilica of San Paolo Maggiore, and very close to the Cloister of San Gregorio Armeno.

The exact address of the only authorized route is located at Piazza San Gaetano 68.

Since the location is very central, one should plan one's visit as best as possible. So let's see the easiest ways to get to Naples Underground.

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How to get to Naples Underground by plane: the closest airport

The closest airport to Naples Underground is certainly Naples Capodichino.

From there, not only you can arrive by private transport, but you can also board bus #182 and get off at the Foria-Caserma Garibaldi stop (about a 40-minute ride). From there, a walk of about 700 meters is sufficient to reach the entrance.

Alternatively, you can reach Naples Centrale station by Alibus (5 euros per ticket for about a 15-minute trip). From Naples train station, in fact, there are numerous connections to Naples Underground, as we will see shortly.

How to go there by train

The nearest train stop is Napoli Piazza Cavour. If you take the train from Napoli Centrale, you need to consider a short walk to Piazza Garibaldi and take the metropolitan train line to Piazza Cavour (about 1.40 euros). The walking distance from here to Piazza San Gaetano is about 800 meters.

Alternatively, simply arrive at Napoli Centrale station. As we will see shortly, the connections from here are really numerous, including the use of both bus and metro, as well as private transportation.

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How to go there by metro

The nearest metro stops to Napoli Sotterranea are 3: Duomo, the one most used, but also Napoli Piazza Cavour and Museo.

The furthest away is the Museo stop and is about 900 meters from the entrance.

The nearest bus stops are those located along Corso Umberto I. The nearest is Corso Umberto I - Duomo, about 700 meters from the entrance to Napoli Sotterranea.

If you decide to travel by public transport, remember that there is the Naples Pass, the card that allows you not only to visit monuments and attractions, but also to travel unlimitedly on public transport, both bus and metro.

How to move around the city with the Naples Pass

How to go there by car: where to park your car and visit Naples Underground

The entrance to San Gaetano Square falls within the restricted traffic zone of Naples.

Therefore, if you arrive by car, you should consider leaving your vehicle in one of the paid parking lots located nearby. Some of the verifiable areas are located along Via Duomo and Corso Umberto I, Piazza Cavour or Via Costantinopoli.

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How to reach Naples Underground from Piazza Garibaldi (train station)

You have 4 options, at least.

1. The metropolitan train we saw earlier from Piazza Garibaldi to Piazza Cavour.
2. The L1 metro line stops at the Duomo, about 700 meters from Napoli Sotterranea.
3. The L2 metro line also stops at Piazza Cavour.
4. The R2 bus line connects the station to the Duomo.

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How to reach Naples Underground from Piazza Plebiscito

Plebiscite Square is about 2 kilometers / 1.2 miles from the entrance to the attraction.

Here are two ways to reach it by public transportation:

1. The L1 metro line, with a stop at the Duomo.
2. The R2 bus line, which also allows you to get off at the Duomo.

How to reach Naples Underground from the Port

The Port is also not very far from the entrance to Naples Underground (about 2 kilometers / 1.2 miles).

The most convenient transfer is definitely by metro. With the L1 metro line you can reach the Duomo stop, starting from Municipio, in about 3 minutes.

Final tips to enjoy your visit at Naples Underground

Visiting this attraction presents no particular difficulty. However, since it is a walk underground, some considerations should be made:

- The temperature is stable but, especially in summer, it is lower than we are used to. Therefore, it is always a good idea to bring something to cover yourself.
- Shoes should be comfortable to be able to cope with a path that sometimes could be rough.
- One tunnel, which is encountered during the visit, is quite narrow: it could be challenging if you suffer from claustrophobia.
- Children are welcome to visit Napoli Sotterranea! Due to the presence of a long flight of steps, however, it is certainly not advisable to come here in a stroller.

We hope we have provided you with all the useful directions to reach Naples Underground. If you click below you can proceed to purchase your tickets now!

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