Discover with us traveler's most loved souvenirs from Italy. Here are 20 products for a great made-in-Italy gift.

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Traveling has always been one of the most beautiful things in the world and tourists who come to discover the wonders of Italy know it well. Bel Paese certainly doesn't need any introduction in terms of quality tourism, between enchanting places to visit and unique experiences to live. But anyway: what often makes the difference are the souvenirs from Italy that tourists love to buy in memory of the most spectacular country in the world. The best thing is that now you can easily buy them online!

What could be the unmissable typical products for foreigners who love our country? We wondered about this question and have made for you a list of 20 souvenirs from Italy that tourists love, exploring the whole country region by region to discover the most interesting ideas for an original gift between crafts and food, naturally made in Italy quality only. Let's start!

Discover the best souvenirs from Italy in every region

Souvenir Italia

You are back from a wonderful trip, you have tasted extraordinary foods and discovered wonderful handicrafts which, however, you have not been able to buy in person and pack in your bag to take them home as souvenirs from Italy and now, of course, you miss them. We understand you, it's absolutely normal! But who said this can't be fixed?

Thanks to new technologies, in fact, today it is very easy to access all the made-in-Italy quality through the potential of e-commerce, an essential tool, especially for small businesses and local productions which, this way, can also expand their activity abroad.

Do you want to discover with us the travelers' 20 most loved souvenirs from Italy that you can easily purchase online? Let's not waste time then, let's start right away to discover the most interesting ideas for an Italian gift from north to south: there is something for all.

20. Handmade pasta from Abruzzo

Italian souvenirs handmade pasta

When it comes to Italian souvenirs, how can you not start with pasta? But, as you know, a bit like regional dialects, there are even tens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of varieties of one of the most iconic Italian products - pasta, in fact.

Directly from Maiella, in Abruzzo, here is a fantastic handmade pasta for you in different types in a beautiful gift box. The perfect Italian gift for aspiring chefs, expert cooks or simply good food enthusiasts!

Try this awesome handmade pasta

19. Citrus honey from Basilicata

Italian souvenirs citrus honey

Honey is an excellent product of local productions in Basilicata . There are many kinds of honey, of different colours, flavours, scents, but we are certain that abroad they do not know the citrus variety.

Have you ever tasted the citrus honey of Metaponto, in Basilicata? A real delicacy, with a unique and typically sour taste, perfect to combine with meats and fresh cheeses. Try it, you won't regret!

Try the citrus honey of Metaponto

18. Chili pepper chocolate from Calabria

Italian souvenirs chili pepper chocolate

Chocolate is always tempting to everyone, but… is it the same if the bar is filled with chili pepper cream? Spiciness is perhaps the most typical flavor of Calabria, a quality that the most daring tourists will surely appreciate when it's time to try Italian specialties.

So, what better Italian souvenirs for lovers of handmade chocolate than one (or more!) chili pepper chocolate bar? If you are looking for something very strong, we recommend it!

Try handmade chili pepper chocolate

17. Lucky horn pendant from Campania

Italian souvenirs lucky horn pendant

The tradition of Campania is very rich in symbols known and loved all over the world, but there is one, perhaps less known, which represents the perfect idea for fantastic Italian souvenirs: the lucky pendant in the shape of a horn - of course flaming red.

Are you looking for an original Italian gift, perhaps to surprise your girlfriend? We offer you here a beautiful handcrafted version made of Mediterranean coral, strictly made in Italy and in a gift box with case and shopper. Check it!

Check out the lucky horn pendant

16. Balsamic vinegar from Emilia Romagna

Italian souvenirs balsamic vinegar

Balsamic vinegar of Modena is one of the iconic ingredients of Emilia Romagna and one of the most loved in Italian cuisine, capable of adding flavor and making even very simple salads unique.

Why not treat your foreign friends to some extraordinary experiences for their taste with a bottle of this extraordinary product? Here is a very high quality one for you, also aesthetically stunning in an elegant squared glass bottle with a lacquered cap. Amazing!

Try the original balsamic vinegar of modena

15. Pocket grappa from Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Italian souvenirs pocket grappa

In Friuli-Venezia Giulia grappa is a real institution, highly appreciated by tourists from all over the world. But have you ever heard of pocket grappa?

If you are looking for Italian souvenirs to impress a distillate lover, with something more original than a classic bottle, perhaps we have found the right one for you!

Try this new pocket grappa format

14. Cheek lard from Lazio

Souvenir Italia guanciale amatriciano

Cheek fat. In Italian cuisine, a single word is often enough to give space to spectacular recipes that are loved all over the world. Directly from Lazio here is the original Guanciale amatriciano, a real specialty to cook like a true Italian.

After a nice trip to Rome, have you tasted an amazing pasta alla carbonara or bucatini all'amatriciana and do you want to relive that moment by reproducing these dishes at home? Then all you have to do is start with the right ingredients!

Try the original guanciale amatriciano

13. Pesto from Liguria

Souvenir Italia pesto

After a trip to beautiful Liguria, you want to take home Italian souvenirs that will make you remember that experience, why not… maybe with taste.

We have what's right for you. How about a nice tris of pestos like the homemade one? The fame of pesto as a condiment for pasta is second only to the very classic sauce: here you will be able to taste three variations to make your friends go crazy at dinner. Try them!

Try the original pesto in three varieties

12. Panettone from Lombardy

Souvenir Italia panettone

When we talk about Made in Italy icons from Lombardy, we most likely think right away of the Milanese classic panettone. Oh yes, the sweet symbol of the Christmas holidays that has become a tradition throughout the Bel Paese.

But why wait for Christmas when you can order a fantastic gourmet panettone directly online? Here is an idea for you for Italian souvenirs suitable for those with a sweet tooth.

Try the original Milanese classic panettone

11. Handmade beers from Marche

Italian souvenirs handmade beers

Talking about Italy it is probably difficult to think of beer as a typical product or even classifiable as a souvenir. What if instead there was a fantastic selection of Italian handmade beers for your friends abroad to taste?

Directly from the Marche region, here is an original gift idea for you to make the quality of these products known even outside the national borders. And what about the artworks on the bottles? Really beautiful! What's your favorite beer? Find out, there's something for all tastes!

Try these great and beautiful handmade beers

10. Metal handicraft from Molise

Italian souvenirs metal handicraft

Molise boasts a rich tradition in the field of handicrafts and processing of raw materials such as metals and mother-of-pearl, giving life to small masterpieces to embellish your home with a little Italian flair.

An idea for original Italian souvenirs? How about a gorgeous handcrafted Tiffany-style lamp? Here is an interesting idea for you, naturally made in Italy!

Check out this handmade table lamp

9. Chocolate from Piedmont

Italian souvenirs chocolate

Let's talk about chocolate again, but this time combined with the delicious hazelnuts of Piedmont, a region with a great mastery in the production of sweets. In particular, chocolate is a serious matter here, loved by both Italians and foreign tourists.

Are you looking for a greedy gift, but at the same time elegant and fun? We recommend the chocolate cigar filled with cocoa paste and hazelnuts: a real treat for delicious Italian moments!

Try this delicious chocolate cigar

8. Terracotta cups from Apulia

Souvenir Italia terracotta

One of the most beautiful and important handicraft products of Apulia is certainly terracotta, with which pans, cups and other containers are mainly produced as kitchen tools - but, why not, also as original ornaments for the home.

Are you looking for original, useful and aesthetically appealing Italian souvenirs? We offer you a beautiful set of handcrafted terracotta cups, perfect for a drink with family or friends while enjoying an excellent Apulian wine!

Check out these beautiful handmade terracotta cups

7. Myrtle liqueur from Sardinia

Italian souvenirs myrtle liqueur

There is no myrtle without Sardinia and there is no Sardinia without myrtle. This precious liqueur with a unique taste, among the symbols of its region of origin, is also one of the most loved Italian souvenirs by foreigners returning from a trip to the jewel island of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Did you know that now you can enjoy excellent handmade myrtle by buying it comfortably online? Here is our proposal for you, try it!

Try this amazing handmade myrtle liqueur

6. Ceramics from Sicily

Italian souvenirs ceramics

Caltagirone ceramics, among the handcrafted artistic beauties of Sicily, are for many fans wonderful home ornaments and collector's items.

What better Italian souvenirs than a beautiful set of handcrafted ceramics? The perfect gift to take abroad to give your home a delicate and colorful Italian touch!

Check out these beautiful handmade ceramics

5. Leather handicraft from Tuscany

Italian souvenirs leather handicraft

The great mastery of Tuscan artisans in leather processing is something everyone knows, even the millions of tourists who visit this splendid region every year, especially Florence and its wonders.

For a classy, ​​elegant and practical Italian gift, we offer you an extraordinary product from Tuscan leather goods: a diary in recycled handcrafted leather, perfect for career professionals who will be able to stand out with the made in Italy!

Check out this leather handmade diary

4. Liqueur apples from Trentino-Alto Adige

Italian souvenirs liqueur apples

The apple is certainly an icon of Trentino-Alto Adige and of the entire Italian alpine landscape. There are many types, all delicious, but... have you ever tried Trentino apples dipped in liqueur?

Do you want to amaze everyone on your return from your trip to Italy with a truly special and inimitable souvenir? We are sure that these liqueur apples will leave everyone - pleasantly - speechless!

Try these amazing apples dipped in liqueur

3. Handmade deli products from Umbria

Souvenir Italia norcineria

Umbria is famous all over the world for its gastronomic delicacies, in particular as regards the production of cured meats and butchery. But not only.

If you are looking for Italian souvenirs with a great impact and suitable for gourmets, don't miss the opportunity to give a fantastic handmade food pack of Umbrian deli products, containing typical quality salami accompanied by oil, red wine and dry biscuits. Impossible to say no!

Try this amazing tasteful handmade food pack

2. Wood handicraft from Aosta Valley

Italian souvenirs wood handicraft

Have you ever heard of Aosta Valley coffee? Well, in addition to a typical recipe from this place, mainly based on coffee, grappa and other spices including citrus peels, it is a real habit of this region.

What do you need to drink Aosta Valley coffee? Simple: the cup of friendship! This strange and fascinating handcrafted object in walnut wood is certainly one of the Italian souvenirs that mostly capture the attention of tourists, often unaware of this tradition. What are you waiting for, discover it now comfortably online!

Check out this wooden handmade cup of friendship

1. Glass cups from Veneto

Italian souvenirs glass cups

We end on a high note with one of the greatest prides of the Veneto region and of all Italian craftsmanship, one of the most loved souvenirs by tourists returning from Italy: glass manufacturing - and what glass!

Here is a splendid proposal for you for a set of handcrafted Murano glass cups: elegant, refined and very colourful, the perfect Italian gift to embellish your home with something truly unique and inimitable!

Check out these beautiful handmade Murano glass cups

Italian souvenirs: what’s your favourite?

Italian souvenirs

How wonderful are all these Italian souvenirs! Find the perfect idea, easily online, to give your friends abroad a little piece of Italy: have you chosen your favorite souvenir?

Here is the complete list of Italian souvenirs that we have written about in this article:

- handmade pasta from Abruzzo;

- citrus honey from Basilicata;

- chili pepper chocolate from Calabria;

- lucky horn pendant from Campania;

- balsamic vinegar from Emilia Romagna;

- pocket grappa from Friuli-Venezia Giulia;

- cheek lard (guanciale) from Lazio;

- pesto from Liguria;

- panettone from Lombardy;

- handmade beers from Marche;

- metal handicraft from Molise;

- chocolate from Piedmont;

- terracotta cups from Apulia;

- myrtle liqueur from Sardinia;

- ceramics from Sicily;

- leather handicraft from Tuscany;

- liqueur apples from Trentino-Alto Adige;

- handmade deli products from Umbria;

- wood handicraft from Aosta Valley;

- glass cups from Veneto.

We recommend

We recommend