Visit Italy offers you a series of travel tips and experiences to do in autumn in Italy. There are always new destinations to visit, even unexpectedly suited to the period. Although many people prefer summer or spring, autumn is a great season to visit Italy. The climate is still mild and pleasant.

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When does autumn begin? Contrary to common thinking, the astronomical seasons do not always start on the 21st day (be it September, December, March or June). Hence, as for the other seasons, the equinox, the first autumn day, falls on 22 September 2021, at 19:21 UTC, 21:21 Italian time.
The autumnal equinox occurs between 21 and 24 September, always at different times. The variation in the time at which it occurs is caused by the different lengths of the solar and calendar years: the planet takes 365.25 days to make an orbit around the Sun. For this reason, it is not always the 21st.

The main event of the Italian autumn: the grape harvest

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In autumn, there is a specific temperature range between night and day, and you can change from swimming costume to knitted fabric on the same day, and you can have authentic experiences such as the grape harvest.

The grape harvest is not only an important event for the start of wine production. In all houses where there are vineyards, the Italian grape harvest is when the whole family gathers to pick grapes and celebrate together. It is a goliardic moment when people have lunch together, and everyone dresses up as farmers. In many wineries, it is still customary to press the grapes with one's feet or have the children do it.

Even in wineries, everyone is usually involved in the harvest, not only the workers but also the families. The grape harvest is work, but also a kind of big party. This event is often also open to Italian and foreign tourists.

12 experiences to do in autumn in Italy


Visit Italy suggests in this ARTICLE, a series of very authentic experiences: from a tour on a vintage train to participating in a gastronomic event. From a cooking and gastronomy lesson to an archaeological walk. Autumn can also be very romantic with its particular landscapes tinged with red, brown and other shades. 

5 Italian cities to visit in autumn

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Italian cities are not just provincial and regional capitals such as Milan, Venice, Naples or Rome. There are many smaller, exciting cities. These are unique, lesser-known cities that offer great artistic and cultural wealth: Visit Italy has chosen Mantua, Belluno, Grosseto, Cuneo and Camogli for you.

5 islands to visit in autumn

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Who said that islands are perfect to be visited in summer? The Italian islands are also gorgeous in autumn. They take on a different charm and often offer the opportunity to enjoy the sea or thermal baths, and hiking trails, and wonderful nature walks. Here you are the 5 islands to visit in autumn, suggested by Visit Italy. 

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