Let's set off on a trip through the best food markets in Italy in each region, discovering authentic local daily life and customs.

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Food markets in Italy are authentic places where you can find the true essence of the inhabitants and get closer to the culture of each region. Discovering local products and having the chance to buy them from producers is a fascinating experience that enhances Italian gastronomic culture and makes you appreciate original tastes and scents.

A journey through the best food markets in Italy represents an itinerary that embraces the whole country and shows it from an original point of view: here locals and tourists meet not only to shop but also to socialise, chat and make new connections. Are you ready for an exciting new adventure?

Discovering the food markets in Italy: a journey through colours, flavours and traditions

Best food markets in Italy

Let's start discovering the best food markets in Italy, with an itinerary from North to South, an immersion in local life in its daily routine. Here you will be able to touch fresh, seasonal produce, often at convenient prices, and establish contact with its producers: this enhances both gastronomic excellence and the local economy.

The experience you will have at the best food markets in Italy will also introduce you to the lesser-known corners of each locality: sellers, proud of their business, are ready to give advice on how to fully appreciate all that their city has to offer. The lively and engaging atmosphere provides the setting for unforgettable moments that will give a sense of authenticity to every experience.

20. Aosta Valley, food market in Aosta

Best food markets in Italy in Aosta

Our itinerary through the best food markets in Italy begins in Aosta Valley with the city market in Piazza Cavalieri of Vittorio Veneto in Aosta. It takes place on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and hosts a section dedicated to Coldiretti producers in the region.

Here you will have the opportunity to try and buy local seasonal and zero-kilometre products. The many companies in the area offer their traditional products, from meats to cheeses, from wines to honey. But you will also find clothing and household items, along with a few souvenirs to take home as keepsakes.

19. Piedmont, food markets in Turin and Asti

Best food markets in Italy in Turin

If you are in Piedmont, you cannot miss the food market of Porta Palazzo in Turin, which is held from Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. and on Saturdays allows you to shop until 7 p.m. This meeting place has always reflected the soul of the district, with folkloristic traits and a great variety of products to choose from. It is one of several opportunities to get to know the city like a local.

The city of Asti, on the other hand, offers a market in Piazza Campo del Palio that reflects the idea of an open-air shopping centre: the square is a very large area, divided into sectors with different product categories, so that you can find everything you need in one place. It is held on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

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18. Lombardy, food market in Milan

Best food markets in Italy in Milan

A cosmopolitan city like Milan also comes alive with different cultures at the Mercato Centrale, located in the railway station. It brings together growers, producers, artisans' workshops and offers several fast food stations with gastronomic offerings. It is closed on Sundays.

The Mercato Comunale Isola is characterised by an authentic and sparkling spirit and is open every day. Shops offer food for purchase and many also have kitchens where you can sample both traditional dishes and modern, varied cuisine, reflecting the various ethnic groups that populate the city. The Municipal Market in Wagner is the oldest in Milan and is characterised by innovative services, such as themed workshops for children and days dedicated to food: a true space to be lived in joy.

17. Trentino Alto Adige, food markets in Bolzano and Merano

Best food markets in Italy in Bolzano

In Trentino Alto Adige, the tradition of food markets, typical in Italy, is felt and kept alive, both in small towns and in large cities. Farmers are proud to offer food that they have grown or produced themselves and there are various opportunities for unique experiences. In Bolzano, the most popular is the daily Herb Market.

The weekly markets also offer clothing and handicrafts, but always combined with local delicacies and seasonal produce. At the Merano Small Market you can experience like a local, buying bread, cheese, fruit and vegetables, and anything else you might need for your person or home.

16. Friuli-Venezia Giulia, food markets in Udine and Trieste

Best food markets in Italy in Udine

In the central area of Udine, one of Italy's food markets comes to life, offering workshops, events, and activities for children, combined with the direct sale of food products. The area hosting the market also offers corners for wine and beer tasting, to taste before buying.

It is open on Friday and Saturday mornings, while on Tuesdays it welcomes local visitors and tourists in the afternoons: you breathe the authentic life of a local inhabitant. In Trieste, on the other hand, the fruit and vegetable market is a must for stocking up on fresh vegetables and fruit every day, Tuesday to Saturday, and offers various fresh food products.

15. Veneto, food markets in Venice and Padua

Best food markets in Italy in Venice

In Venice, the Rialto Market offers a wide variety of fresh fish in a charming area behind the Rialto Bridge. It is open every day except Sundays and Mondays and is very popular for the assortment you can always find. Nearby you can also buy fruit and vegetables at the market known as Erberia, bringing home a full shopping spree of culinary delights.

Always in Veneto, but in Padua, another of the best food markets in Italy, Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza della Frutta, is very characteristic: the names suggest the products you will find in these open-air markets, which invite you to take a stroll and discover the city.

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14. Emilia Romagna, food markets in Bologna and Modena


In Emilia Romagna, Italian food and wine culture makes itself felt, with traditional dishes and products that are typically regional. Where can you find the most authentic forms? In Bologna, the Quadrilatero is a path where you can taste and buy local food, while shopping among the various stalls. It is one of the unmissable experiences of living like a local.

In Modena, you absolutely must visit the Albinelli market, where you will find all food products grown or produced in the area. Vendors display fresh fruit and vegetables, fish that arrives daily from the coast, and the smell of freshly baked bread makes the walk a prelude to the typical flavours of the region that you can savour at home.

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13. Liguria, food market in Genoa

Best food markets in Italy in Genoa

In Liguria, you have the chance to visit one of the best food historic markets in Italy: Genoa's Orientale market. It is held every week in the open air and is characteristic because it is very lively; it offers fruit, vegetables, fish, meat and spices.

In addition to the products, there is a very dynamic atmosphere, with shows, events, workshops, which fill the day and offer various insights into local culture. The location, in the historic centre, is the ideal starting point for a tour of discovery of a fascinating city.

12. Tuscany, food market in Florence

Best food markets in Italy in Florence

In Tuscany, the Mercato Centrale in Florence is an unmissable stop for tourists and locals, who can do their shopping every day except Sunday. The structure has two floors: on the ground floor the foodstuffs are sold, arranged as in a traditional market, while on the upper floor you will find an area with various catering offers and shops of all kinds, to create a complete and relaxing shopping experience. The brightness that can be enjoyed inside, due to the large windows on the roof, is very special.

The Sant'Ambrogio Market, also in Florence, has the same opening days and will immerse you in the local lifestyle. The stalls, set up inside and outside, sell all kinds of fresh food products; you will also have the chance to enjoy a lunch of real Tuscan food.

11. Marche, food market in Ancona

Best food markets in Italy in Ancona

In the Marche region, one of the most characteristic food markets in Italy is the one in Ancona, held from Tuesday to Saturday in Piazza Mazzini. You can buy fresh produce, household items, shoes, bags and clothes. It offers the authentic Italian market style, where you buy what you need for the day and take the opportunity to socialise with the seller.

The Mercato delle Erbe, located in an Art Nouveau mansion, is being enriched with new outlets and product categories. It presents itself as a meeting point, where you can breathe in the authentic air of the city and with modern premises next to traditional food stalls.

10. Umbria, food market in Orvieto

Best food markets in Italy in Orvieto

The Orvieto market in Umbria takes its name from Piazza del Popolo, where it is held on Thursday and Saturday mornings. The sale is strictly of local products, both food and other, and also includes handcrafted items made in the region. Everything is offered on tables that fill the square with colour and fragrance.

The location of this market offers an interesting historical route: being situated on a plateau that is best reached on foot, you can see the alleys and artistic treasures of the city and admire the surrounding panorama. It is held on Thursday and Saturday mornings from 7 a.m. to 12 noon.

9. Lazio, food market in Rome

Best food markets in Italy in Rome

In Lazio, among food markets in Italy, the one in Testaccio in Rome is not to be missed: frequented by locals, it will show you how real Romans live their daily lives and how they do their shopping. You will find local food products, including wine, but also household items. It is open every day except Sunday and you can shop from 7am to 3.30pm.

The Mercato Centrale, also in the capital, is perhaps more tourist-oriented; along with the shops and artisans you will find small restaurants where you can try all kinds of specialities, not only Italian, every day except Sunday. The Campo de' Fiori Market offers a slice of Rome experienced as a local: stalls selling all kinds of local foodstuffs and an atmosphere reminiscent of Roman film sets.

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8. Abruzzo, food market in Pescara

Best food markets in Italy in Pescara

The Campagna Amica market in Pescara is organised in a renovated circular structure. It is convenient in every season of the year and allows you to buy directly from producers in the province or region of Abruzzo, guaranteeing fresh and selected products.

From Thursday to Saturday, local delicacies such as pasta, meat and cold cuts will be on display all day, alongside vegetables, cheeses, fruit and various plants. There is also a fish market next to the facility, to complete the culinary shopping experience.

7. Molise, food market in Campobasso

Best food markets in Italy in Campobasso

In Campobasso, the food market is located in the city centre, near the railway station. It is a meeting place for locals who also appreciate the food area, set up precisely to satisfy the palate: it is possible to informally taste traditional Molise dishes prepared with the same products sold in the various shops present.

On Thursdays and Saturdays, you can buy all kinds of food, from the classic category of fruit and vegetables to cheeses and meat, but above all, you will find delicacies such as honey, oil and agricosmetic products, for an unforgettable experience that will bring you closer to this beautiful region.

6. Campania, food market in Naples

Best food markets in Italy in Naples

In Campania, typical food markets in Italy are folkloristic places that reflect the soul of the city and its inhabitants. You can find everything: food, clothing, accessories and, above all, taste local products directly in a lively and bustling atmosphere.

In Naples, the Porta Nolana market in the Market Square only stops on Sunday afternoons; the Pignasecca market in the Spanish Quarters is very charming and characteristic and is closed on Sundays. What animates these places is precisely the typical liveliness of the inhabitants, who manage to turn their activity into an exhibition, attracting tourists, involving the locals and charming everyone with unforgettable smells and tastes: don't forget to try the typical Neapolitan pastries that offer a mouth-watering assortment from the stalls.

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5. Apulia, food market in Gallipoli

Best food markets in Italy in Gallipoli

The fish market in Gallipoli is one of the best food markets in Italy offering freshly caught fish. Its characteristic is that it offers both products to take home and products to eat on the spot. This is one of the aspects most appreciated by tourists who can thus taste and appreciate Apulian gastronomy in its characteristic expressions.

The useful advice is to haggle over the price before buying or ordering, as is the custom in every Italian market: in the morning you can also admire the ongoing negotiations between fishermen and buyers of all kinds and participate in local customs.

4. Basilicata, food market in Matera

Best food markets in Italy in Matera

The Agrimercato Basilicata association brings together the producers behind the Campagna Amica markets in the region, which are held in Matera and Potenza. In these cities, food markets, like those in other locations in Italy, tell the story of the region's origins, enhancing local flavours with recipes that recall tradition.

The retailers offer products that come directly from local farms, breeders and dairies, which meet here and keep alive the authentic experiences that characterise the territory, such as zero km.

3. Calabria, food markets in Tropea and Cosenza

Best food markets in Italy in Cosenza

A weekly open-air food market is held in Tropea every Saturday, offering both food and other commercial products to provide a complete shopping experience. The food sector showcases the entire Calabrian gastronomic culture, loved by locals as well as tourists looking for an experience like a local.

In Cosenza, on the other hand, you can visit the covered agri-market, in the city centre, which acts as a meeting place between producer and consumer. Products from the countryside arrive in the city, presented by the various companies in the area and become a reason to meet and socialise.

2. Sicily, food market in Catania

Best food markets in Italy in Catania

Food markets in Sicily, among those in Italy, are the true expression of a community that tries to maintain contact between the inhabitants and pass on traditions from generation to generation. The fish market in Catania offers a spectacle of unique colours, smells and flavours. Strolling among the stalls, you will hear people speak and negotiate in Sicilian and if you are not local, it is best to be accompanied by a guide.

The Ballarò market is dedicated to all foodstuffs; along its way you will find side streets with characteristic restaurants to make a pleasant stop. The Vuciria market is very characteristic and although it is smaller it will immerse you in the Sicilian spirit, appreciating everything you find.

1. Sardinia, food market in Cagliari

Mercati rionali in Italia a Cagliari

Among food markets in Italy, the Mercato di San Benedetto in Cagliari is known as the largest indoor market in Italy and renowned in Europe for its fresh products. Rich in all kinds of food of excellent quality, it offers local specialities in a festive atmosphere.

It is open Monday to Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and is housed in a two-storey building: on the lower floor you will find the fish department, on the upper floor the other foodstuffs and various articles. The human contact with sellers is greatly appreciated by all visitors, including suggestions such as recipes and cooking tips: authentic immersion in local life!

Food markets in Italy are part of the national tradition; over the years they have kept their spirit alive, but have also added new experiences that make them still appreciated today by locals and tourists alike.

Take the opportunity to get to know Italy through these authentic events and experience each city like a local, with our tips and City Passes that allow you to organise your time with ease... we are waiting for you in Italy!

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