Our first travel horoscope is here! Discover your ideal Italian destination based on your zodiac sign with this beginners’ astrological guide.

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What you are about to read is a tour through Italy where the mood of the planets serves as our GPS. We attempted to consult the best astrologers in the world and the top experts in star divination to round up the most complete and up-to-date travel horoscope you'll ever bump into.

Unfortunately, none of them were available. Obviously, we didn't let that get us down and scrutinised what was written in the stars by ourselves. The result is the bizarre adventure that follows where your zodiac sign is matched with a place or experience to do in Italy.

Travel horoscope: the perfect Italian destination based on your zodiac sign

Travel horoscope: the perfect Italian destination based on your zodiac sign

Our first travel horoscope goes from the Aries' 'wet' adventures to the Pisces' journey into beauty and spirituality: get ready to discover which corner of Italy suits your sign according to Visit Italy. Then hurry up and book your next experience: no one will get in your way. Not even Saturn. 

Make yourself comfortable while you enjoy how we've mixed astrology with a Grand-Tour-like itinerary in this stellar guide through towns and cities, mountains and volcanoes, sea and lakes.

There is something for everyone: the idyllic landscapes of the region known as Italy's Green Lung and the volcanic atmospheres of the south, adrenaline-pumping recommendations and restful activities in the midst of nature. 

There are twelve suggestions for twelve signs of the zodiac. If the one assigned does not resonate with you, have a look at your ascendant. And if that doesn't suit you either, just be inspired by whatever strikes your fancy on the list—you have our blessing, although we can't vouch for Saturn.

Travel horoscope. Aries: adventurers on the river

Travel horoscope. Aries: adventurers on the river

Summer holidays have not exhausted you: Aries are full of energy and eager for adventure in travel format. You have climbed mountains in Nepal, dived among vertiginous cliffs in Mexico, crossed the desert in Namibia, and slept among wild animals in Botswana. Nothing can stop you from searching for new adventures. 

Where to go now? Near Lake Garda, Rio Nero waters have carved out rock for millennia, shaping a Disneyland of caves and gorges to traverse with pure adrenalin: dives, water treks, abseiling, slidings down the toboggan like in an amusement park. The only difference is that here, right in the heart of the Ledro Valley, it's all real. 

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Taurus: comfort on Lake Garda

Travel horoscope. Taurus: comfort on Lake Garda

Leisure and good wine: Veneto can be your oasis, dear Taurus. This region knows how to be a unique and special haven of peace thanks to its lakes with fairy-tale villages nestled on the water and the exciting food and wine scene. 

Your stay will be an ode to life's little pleasures: you can spend unforgettable days simply strolling through landscapes that look like paintings, savouring local delicacies and sipping fine wines. 

The experience we recommend is on board: take your boat in Sirmione and then off to the most beautiful castles overlooking Lake Garda. Between one excursion and the other, there will be time for a mouth-watering diversion and a satisfying wine tasting guided by an expert sommelier.

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Gemini: A potpourri of southern life

Liveliness, contrasts, a whirlwind of stimuli that will awaken your innate need to do and see so many different things all at once and an infinity of opportunities to socialise. Naples is calling you, Gemini: can't you hear the siren's song? 

Don't resist Parthenope and let yourself be seduced by its neighbourhoods whose singular essence is hardly found elsewhere. 

Visit Italy, and Visit Naples has already given you a glimpse of its truest soul. We've shared some genuine insider tips, suggested what to do, where to eat and even where to stay the night.

With Naples Pass, visiting the city has never been easier. Get it to live your best travel experience. 

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Cancer: saudade by the sea

The small, colourful coastal villages of the Cinque Terre offer an ideal setting for leisure, meditation, and experiencing special, authentic emotions with those closest to you. Cancers will find the right balance between romanticism and that somewhat rough and sly Ligurian atmosphere. 

As you sometimes tend to be sentimental, we are sure you'll leave a piece of your heart in this slice of Liguria featuring seemingly inaccessible landscapes and ancient flavours. The nostalgia effect, once back home, is inevitable. 

It is the ideal place to make memories to cherish forever. An unforgettable experience to do: a kayak tour of Monterosso.

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Leo, you are eager for experiences that satisfy both the soul and senses. Hungry for culture and beauty, eager for sparkling atmospheres, light-heartedness, positive people and good vibes, your ideal holiday should be a hymn to the joie de vivre. The customised travel suggestion for you is a timeless great classico: Rome.

Our website already has everything you need to plan the perfect stay, figure out how to reach to the historic centre, choose where to eat, what to do, and learn how to blend in with the Romans.

All you need is Visit Rome Pass to take your holiday to the next level and discover the Eternal City like never before.

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Virgo: Nature and wellness at high altitude

Travel horoscope. Virgo: Nature and wellness at high altitude

For a Virgo looking for nature and wellness, nothing is better than an immersion trip to one of the most beautiful landscapes in Europe. Valle d'Aosta region is a tempting destination that will surely find the best way to win your heart. For example, through your stomach.

An irresistible opportunity to become familiar with local food and wine is provided by the many events, festivals and fairs celebrating Valdostani leading products: hams, cheeses, delicate meats, apples, mountain honey, and bread. 

Not only intensive skiing sessions, snowshoeing, trekking and walks through woods and valleys where princely castles and little gem villages spring up. Also, make room for some self-time. For example, regenerate body and soul with the benefits of thermal waters in a luxury resort with a view of Mont Blanc.

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Libra appreciates art, tranquillity and finding authentic places. Better if little known and frequented. So, what destination do we think is the best for you? Venice. 

Well, it's not exactly the most brilliant example of a not-touristy-destination, but wait a minute. With the proper measures and a minimum of organisation, visiting La Serenissima while respecting such a precious yet immensely fragile place is definitely possible. Also, you can learn how to truly appreciate it for its profound cultural and historical identity, an immensely attractive uniqueness that paradoxically struggles to emerge, almost suffocated by daily anonymous tourist hordes. 

Choose carefully the period when to go, ask a local guide for the right tips (and consult our suggestions) and get your Venice Pass. This tool will allow you to move around independently and decide what to see and where to go in a flexible, money-saving and stress-free way.

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Scorpio: adventure trip around Sicily

Travel horoscope. Scorpio: adventure trip around Sicily

It's not the destination; it's the journey. And you, Scorpio, will live the most beautiful, satisfying and fulfilling travelling experiences by making this maxim your own. Set off in search of mysterious adventures where tourists never dare. Or not: after all, as we said, it doesn't matter where you go because it's all in adopting the right mental approach. 

The volcanic energy of Sicily will be an overwhelming travelling companion. Discover the secrets of a land steeped in passion and history. Palermo will tell you an infinite number of stories, be they noble or popular. There are so many things to see, experiences to have and dishes to taste in the city that one visit alone will not be enough to capture its spirit. 

For a break from urban exploration, head for Erice. The medieval town on the island's western side is a splendour. And along the Via del Sale you experience the suspended time of a one-of-a-kind landscape.

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Sagittarius: Sport and Nature

Travel horoscope. Sagittarius: Sport and Nature

Free spirits that are yearning for freedom. For Sagittarius, no space is too vast to explore, no city too far to reach, and no mountain too high to climb. And although there is no place in the world that you do not wish to make yours, be it a forest or ultra-modern metropolis, it is in nature that you find your true dimension. 

Sagittarius loves outdoor activities and the thrill of adventure. Of the countless destinations on your bucket list, Etna is the one that will give you spectacular scenery and the right rush to match your innate thirst for exploration. The best time for an excursion is between April and November. Also, do it by jeep at sunset.

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You plan your trip meticulously, with care and scrupulous attention. After all, dear Capricorns, you know what you want and how you want it.

You certainly can't be described as lazy travellers, on the contrary: you are demanding, attentive to details and to your own timing, dictated by the places and people you meet along the way. 

Capricorns, ambitious and workaholics, will feel at home anywhere in the world as long as they can plan everything possible to experience their perfect trip, balanced between outdoor activities (even very wild ones) and regenerating stops for total relaxation. Our advice? Opt for a dream holiday among the ancient villages, the Blue Flag sea and the surprising nature of the Cilento region.

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Aquarius: Innovation and Culture

Travel horoscope. Aquarius: Innovation and Culture

Curiosity acts as your compass, Aquarius. You have a thirst for novelty and adventure during your travels and your ideal itinerary includes a good dose of outdoor activities.  

Being keen of innovation and culture, Bologna has a slew of aces up its sleeve that amaze every time you visit: the avant-garde culinary scene, the history of its medieval towers and UNESCO World Heritage-listed porticoes, the exuberant musical tradition. 

Walking its streets, you can breathe in the infectious creativity of a city that embraces the new by vocation. The attraction to visit: FICO Eataly World for a fun culinary class where to learn all the secrets of pasta, pizza, ice cream or wine.

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Pisces: beauty and spirituality

Travel horoscope. Pisces: beauty and spirituality

Dreamy Pisces seek more than just a holiday. For them, travel translates into an opportunity for growth, a moment of encounter with themselves that will lead them to get to know themselves better and return a little differently each time the journey ends. 

They will find sure inspiration in Umbria, whose mystical, genuine and wild atmosphere will resonate with their sensitive souls. Wide green spaces, medieval towns almost immune to the passage of time, glorious works of art and architecture, the spiritual legacy of eminent religious figures who found refuge in this land: each spot is a paradise for beauty lovers, a gem for those seeking tranquillity and a promised land for gourmets.

The magnificence of places like Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto or Narni is only the tip of the iceberg.

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