Are you looking for a hotel where to sleep in Rome? Are you traveling with family, friends or as a couple? Here are our recommendations just for you.

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Your trip to Rome has never been easier than this! In addition to this guide on where to stay in Rome. With the Visit Rome Pass, you can find all the information you're looking for. This tourist pass for the city of Rome offers you countless attractions and benefits to make the most of your holiday in the City of Dolce Vita. Here's a small guide if you need some advice on where to stay in Rome.

The city of the dolce vita, famous both for its monuments and for its yummy food, both for fashion and for cinema, is the destination that everyone should visit sooner or later.

The ancients called it the eternal city because they believed it was destined to live forever, and in fact, with its almost 2800 years of life, Italy's capital still enchants its visitors with its everlasting charm and also boasts a basically endless offer of accomodations for every need.

Where to stay in Rome


Finding the right hotel is the best starting point in organizing an unforgettable holiday, but it's not always easy, and in a large city full of things to do and see, finding your way around can be complicated.

While looking for the best place to stay in Rome keep in mind that the historic center is quite extensive and of course you will find fabulous hotels with magnificent views of the most important monuments, but if your budget is limited it's better to move a little further away from the major tourist spots.

You'll find you'll always have everything at your fingertips anyway, in a city full of life where getting bored is impossible, and maybe even an excuse to take wonderful walks to discover the most suggestive hidden corners.

Where to stay in Rome as a couple

Fontana di Trevi

A timeless city, magnificent and always able to excite. Rome seems made for lovers, indeed one of the experiences not to be missed is to throw three coins into the Trevi Fountain: one to return to Rome, one to find love and one to get married.

The best neighborhood where to sleep in Rome as a couple is Campo Marzio, where is located Piazza del Popolo, one of the most famous squares in the city. With the famous trident of streets, this area is among the most visited, but there is also the Lungotevere riverfront nearby, for a romantic walk hand in hand.

Above the square are the gorgeous gardens of Villa Borghese. Its avenues, fountains, statues and temples make it an enchanted place, while the famous terrace, the Pincio, offers an extraordinary panoramic view of the city from which to enjoy breathtaking sunsets that make you heart beat faster.

For a romantic stay in Rome Holiday House Belle Arti is the best choice.

Where to stay in Rome with friends

Rome - Pantheon

If you are traveling with friends and you are looking for pubs, bars, or you want to have fun tasting all the delights of Roman street-food, Rione Monti is the place for you.
During the day you will have the major monuments close at hand, such as the Colosseum, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon, but also the shopping districts, authentic vintage shops or street markets. By night, informal bars and restaurants await you, scattered throughout the neighborhood, albeit the heart of this area seems to be Piazza della Madonna dei Monti, which in the evening comes alive with tourists and locals.
A perfect hotel for your group of friends? Sant'Erasmo Suite, a short walk from the famous basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano. Discover sights to visit in Rome

Where to stay in Rome with your family

Rome- Trastevere

Rome is a family-friendly city, but the neighborhood that probably best satisfies the tastes of adults, children and teenagers is Trastevere.

Its characteristic alleys are perfect for relaxing walks, without necessarily being surrounded by the crowds of the historic centre. Trastevere is also full of art treasures, starting with the most famous one, the basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere. The botanical garden is also a must-see, and a wonderful experience for adults and children- So is Villa Doria Pamphili, which has one of the largest green areas in Rome.

Teen-agers will certainly love being in a neighborhood that attracts many young people, thanks also to its excellent small restaurants, cafés and bohemian atmosphere.

Public transport, more bus than metro, will allow you to easily reach all the other beauties of Rome; anyway the historic center is a stone's throw away, on the other bank of the river.

If you have chosen Trastevere to sleep in Rome with your family, check Trastevere Rome's Heart charming apartment 8.

Rome is the city of echoes, the city of illusions, and the city of desire.


Hot to reach Rome's center from the airport

Rome city center

If you travel by plane you will probably land at Rome Fiumicino airport. From here, reaching the center is easy. The Leonardo Express train leaves every fifteen minutes and in half an hour takes you to the main station, Roma Termini, for a cost of €15. Here you will find metro, buses and taxis to reach every other part of the city. It takes twice as long, but costs about half the price, the regional train to and from Roma Ostiense station.

The connection from the second airport, Rome Ciampino, is faster and cheaper, but it is not direct. A shuttle connects the airport to Ciampino city, from where you can reach the center by regional train. The journey takes about thirty minutes in total.

In both cases, a taxi ride from the airport to the center costs around €50 and takes more or less an hour from Fiumicino, half an hour from Ciampino.

5 places you cannot miss if you visit Rome for the first time

Navona square

You can go back to Rome a thousand times and every time fall in love with this city that has gone through history, enriching its heritage of beauty and culture more and more. However, if you are in Rome for the first time, and maybe you don't have much time, there are some places that you absolutely cannot miss.

The archaeological complex that includes the Colosseum and the Imperial Forums may seem an obvious choice, yet the magic of these ruins is truly unrivaled.

St. Peter's Square, with the awesome colonnade, the huge church and the famous dome that defines the skyline of the entire city, and the Vatican Museums is among the greatest expressions of Italian art. Not to be missed.

The Spanish Steps attract tourists from all over the world. It acts as a backdrop to one of the many fountains in Rome, fondly called Barcaccia, a very famous artwork by Bernini. The scenographic effect here is always guaranteed.

The Trevi Fountain needs no introduction, always very crowded and yet wonderful, imposing and romantic.

Last but not least, Piazza Navona, with its particular very elongated rectangular shape, is among the most famous in Rome. It stands on the ancient Domitian Stadium but in its current appearance it is an immense Baroque masterpiece.

Where to stay in Roma if you are on a tight budget

Where to stay in Roma if you are on a tight budget

Visiting Rome on a budget is possible by carefully choosing where to stay. With these options, you can enjoy the beauty of the city without having to spend a fortune. Here are the best places to stay in Roma with a low budget.

As a first step, here are some tips we can give you when booking. Book early: accommodation rates tend to be lower if you book well in advance. Choose the low season: Visiting Rome during the low tourist season can result in significant savings on accommodation, if you can consider this option.

As for neighborhoods, the best area to stay are: Testaccio, a less touristy but authentically Roman neighborhood known for its excellent cuisine and nightlife. Here you can find inexpensive accommodation solutions, such as B&Bs and apartments for rent. The area is well connected to the rest of the city by public transportation.

The San Lorenzo neighborhood: lively and youthful, known for its bohemian atmosphere and nightlife. It is close to La Sapienza University, so it is frequented by students, which means that housing prices tend to be lower than in other central areas. There are many affordable hostels and B&Bs here.

In addition, there are also things to consider: the Monti district and Trastevere, mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

Where to sleep in Rome if you seek luxury

Where to sleep in Roma, Monti

The historic centre of Rome, with its iconic monuments and picturesque streets, is the perfect area if you are looking for luxury. Here you will find some of the city's most prestigious hotels.

We would like to point out a few areas that you might consider for your stay in Rome.

The historical centre of Rome is a priceless treasure, and two of its most precious gems are undoubtedly Via Veneto and Trinità dei Monti. Via Veneto, made famous by Federico Fellini's 'Dolce Vita', is an elegant avenue steeped in history, lined with historic cafés such as Caffè de Paris and Harry's Bar, where you can enjoy a coffee while admiring the refined architecture of the surrounding buildings. A few steps away, the church of Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini houses the macabre and fascinating Crypt of the Capuchins, a unique site. Walking up towards Trinità dei Monti, you can admire one of the most impressive views of Rome from the Spanish Steps, dominated by the magnificent Trinità dei Monti Church. From here, the view sweeps over the entire city, offering unforgettable glimpses, especially at sunset. Not far away, Villa Medici, seat of the Academy of France, offers enchanting gardens and a privileged perspective on the eternal city. Walking along these streets, every corner tells a story, every building preserves a piece of Roman history, making Via Veneto and Trinità dei Monti essential stops for anyone visiting the capital.

Another place to consider where to sleep in Rome is the Aventine Hill. One of the seven hills on which Rome was founded, it is an area that combines history, spirituality and breathtaking views. Located south of the historical centre, between the Tiber and the Circus Maximus, the Aventine is an oasis of tranquillity and beauty that offers an ideal excursion away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This hill, once the site of aristocratic Roman residences, is now home to some of Rome's oldest and most impressive churches, such as the Basilica of Santa Sabina, with its splendid 5th-century wooden portal. Another jewel of the Aventine is the Giardino degli Aranci (Savello Park), an enchanting place where you can enjoy a panoramic view over the Tiber and much of the city, particularly fascinating at sunset. One cannot miss the famous 'keyhole' of the Priory of the Knights of Malta, through which one can admire a perfect shot of St. Peter's dome, a unique and magical experience

Also nearby is the Municipal Rose Garden of Rome, with a vast collection of roses from all over the world, and the Circus Maximus, the ancient Roman stadium that once hosted chariot races. The history of the Aventine is rich and fascinating: this hill was the scene of important events in ancient Rome and, even today, walking through its streets and gardens means being immersed in an atmosphere suspended between past and present. The Aventine is therefore an unmissable stop for those who wish to discover the more serene and contemplative side of the eternal city

Safest neighbourhood in Rome

Where to sleep in Roma, the safest neighbourhood

Choosing a safe neighborhood for your stay can make all the difference in your experience in Rome. With this information, you can enjoy the Eternal City with peace of mind, discovering its wonders with serenity and safety.

Prati is one of the safest and quietest neighborhoods in Rome. Located near the Vatican, this residential neighborhood is known for its elegant streets, high-fashion stores and fine restaurants. The safety and tranquility make it an excellent choice for tourists.

I Parioli is an exclusive, residential neighborhood located north of the city center. It is known for its parks, elegant villas and quiet atmosphere. The presence of embassies and international institutions helps maintain high security standards.

The Aventine is one of Rome's seven hills and is considered one of the quietest and safest neighborhoods. With its tree-lined streets, historic residences and gardens, the Aventine offers a serene and safe atmosphere, ideal for those seeking a relaxing stay.

The historic center of Rome, while very touristy, is generally safe, especially in the areas around Piazza Navona, Campo de' Fiori, Pantheon and the Spanish Steps. However, as in all tourist areas, it is important to watch out for pickpockets, particularly in crowded places.

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