What are the best restaurants to eat in Naples? In this article, we have selected 10 that you absolutely must try in 2024.

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Naples is a city that fascinates not only with its history and artistic beauty, but also with its extraordinary culinary tradition. In its alleys and squares one can find authentic gastronomic treasures. From Neapolitan pizzas to seafood delicacies, from traditional dishes to gourmet experiences, these restaurants offer an unforgettable journey through Neapolitan cuisine. If you are looking for the best restaurants in Naples, you are in the right place!

In this short guide, we present the 10 best restaurants in Naples, each with its own unique characteristics and gastronomic specialities. Whether you are a lover of traditional cuisine or wish to experience innovative flavours, Naples will surprise you with its exceptional culinary offer.


Cocoloco Naples

Located in the heart of Naples, in the San Ferdinando district on the edge of the Riviera di Chiaia, Cocoloco is a restaurant that combines Neapolitan tradition with international influences. Here you can enjoy fresh fish delicacies, such as its exotic monkfish and king crab, paired with a wide selection of fine wines from different Italian regions. Their attention to the quality of ingredients, sourced from local suppliers, and the art of presentation will leave you speechless. Other tasty items include desserts ranging from the most traditional of Neapolitan culture to the best known that never go out of fashion such as ice cream or mille-feuille and tiramisu cakes. TThe prosecco and the fantastic beverages they offer will make your meal taste better and you will certainly want to come back. The friendly and professional staff will welcome you in an elegant and refined atmosphere.

Vicolo Cappella Vecchia, 5, 80121 Napoli

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Aria Restaurant

Aria restaurant Naples

Aria Restaurant offers you an unforgettable dining experience. Here you can indulge in refined Neapolitan cuisine reinterpreted with a modern twist. A bold fusion of Mediterranean tradition and international influences delights and surprises diners with unique combinations and an authentic flair. Fresh, high-quality ingredients from local producers are the basis for culinary creations that will satisfy even the most discerning palates. The restaurant is located near Piazza Giovanni Bovio and was first opened in 2021. The kitchen is managed and led by renowned chef Paolo Barrale, who, in his restaurant, will offer you a choice of two different tasting menus: one consisting of five courses and the other of seven—an innovative gastronomic project but at the same time designed to entertain and surprise guests with out-of-the-box proposals. Since 2023, it has been awarded a Michelin star.

Via Loggia dei Pisani, 2-14, 80133 Napoli

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Trattoria Scugnizzi

Trattoria Scugnizzi Naples

Located in the Vomero district, Trattoria Scugnizzi is a true gem of Neapolitan culinary tradition. Here you can enjoy authentic dishes such as the famous Neapolitan pizza, baked lasagne and arancini. The cuisine of this restaurant is renowned for its use of fresh and genuine ingredients, which give the dishes an authentic and traditional flavour. A gastronomic jewel in the heart of Naples, the restaurant on Via Luigi Caldieri, a stone's throw from Via Cilea, is the result of an entrepreneurial project led by Emiliano Vetromile. Inspired by memories of Sunday lunches at his grandmother's house, he manages to offer a warm and intimate atmosphere, where you can delight in authentic Neapolitan delicacies, such as braciole (meat rolls) with sultanas and pine nuts and the tasty genovese. The cosy, family atmosphere of Trattoria Scugnizzi will make you feel at home. The warm and hospitable staff will be happy to recommend the best dishes to pair with local wines for an authentic culinary experience.

Via Luigi Caldieri, 53/61, 80128 Napoli NA

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Mimì alla ferrovia

Mimì alla ferrovia Naples

Mimi alla Ferrovia is famous for its mussel soup, a traditional dish of fresh shellfish and cherry tomatoes. Here you can enjoy masterfully prepared dishes, following traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation. Mimì alla Ferrovia has been celebrating traditional Neapolitan cuisine for over 80 years. The new generation has introduced innovative gastronomic proposals while maintaining authenticity and the promise of a delicious future. Each dish at Mimì represents the fusion of tradition and innovation, a culinary excellence that carries with it the history of three generations. Mimì welcomes you to a familiar and cosy ambience, where the stories of guests and memories of the illustrious wallpaper the walls. Upstairs, an elegant and refined space is available for events and conferences with a capacity of 120 people. Located close to Naples Central Station, Mimì offers flavours to be enjoyed in a warm and cosy atmosphere, just like at home.

Via Alfonso D'Aragona, 19/21, 80139 Napoli

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Opera Restaurant

Opera restaurant Naples

Located in the Vomero district, Opera Restaurant is a place where creative cuisine meets art. Chef Raffaele Campagnola will delight you with his innovative creations that combine traditional flavours with a modern presentation. Attention to detail and quality ingredients are evident in every dish served. The seasonal menu offers a wide choice of dishes, ranging from meat to fish, accompanied by a careful selection of fine wines. The candlelit dining experience at the Opera restaurant is made special by the talent of Chef Raffaele Campagnola, who offers contemporary cuisine with Mediterranean and innovative touches, such as the shrimp sphere stuffed with burrata cheese, the paccheri di Gragnano with cuttlefish ragu and the tortelli filled with buffalo taleggio cheese in Genovese style and basil air. The refined ambience and elegant decor create an ideal setting for an unforgettable gastronomic evening.

Via Simone Martini, 2/4, 80128 Napoli

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Gerolomini Naples

Located in the centre of Naples, i Gerolomini is a restaurant that celebrates the Neapolitan culinary tradition. Here you can enjoy authentic dishes prepared with local and seasonal ingredients. The cosy and familiar atmosphere will make you feel at ease in a trendy restaurant in Naples that celebrates contemporary art and traditional cuisine. A project by young Neapolitans that animates the city and a unique design, combining culinary tradition and contemporary art. A unique experience between regional dishes and local works of art. The restaurant is located in Piazza dei Gerolomini, opposite the majestic Baroque church that exerts an irresistible charm on visitors, and stands out for its original concept. Dishes not to be missed include aubergine parmigiana and Neapolitan ragù. The high quality of the dishes and respect for tradition make the Gerolomini an excellent choice for savouring the authentic flavours of Naples.

 Via dei Tribunali, 287, 80138 Napoli

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Monastero Ristovino

Monastero Ristovino Naples

The Monastero Ristovino is located near a historical building, the church of San Francesco delle Monache, which creates an evocative and romantic atmosphere. Here you can enjoy dishes prepared with passion and skill, using only the highest quality ingredients of Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, such as the unparalleled provolone cheese, spaghetti and broth. From delicious fritters to fresh seafood crudités, from delicious clam soutè to crispy fried shellfish. Specialities include grilled fish, fried cod and octopus alla luciana. For first course lovers, there are gnocchi alla sorrentina, scarpariello, ragù and genovese. The selection of second courses is equally varied and inviting: baked stew with potatoes, grilled sausages and friarielli, fried meatballs or meatballs with meat sauce, escalopes, chops and pork chops. You can't miss their excellent house wines, both red and white, to be enjoyed in the pleasant exotic ambience with its cute decor. 

Via Santa Chiara, 10/D/E, 80134 Napoli

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Stella Naples

Located in San Ferdinando district just on Naples' waterfront, Stella is a restaurant renowned for its seafood cuisine and panoramic location. Although the flavours of the sea are the stars of the menu, the restaurant also offers options for vegetarians. Dishes are prepared with fresh, high-quality ingredients sourced from local fishermen. Here you can enjoy delicious dishes such as prawn crudo and lobster linguine, and delight in irresistible specialities such as exquisite courgette gratin, gourmet pizza and lemon mousse. The skilled chefs are dedicated to preparing exquisite desserts, such as the delicious tiramisu and sorbet. According to customer testimonials, you can enjoy truly extraordinary coffee here. The courteous staff here show great appreciation for their customers, offering impeccable service. Prices are affordable at this cosy location, where you can immerse yourself in a charming ambience.

Via Partenope, 2, 80122 Napoli

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Mosaico Italian Restaurant

Mosaico Italian Restaurant Naples

Mosaico Italian Restaurant, one of the Top 10 restaurants in Naples, stands out in the heart of Chiaia as a gastronomic destination of excellence. Opened at the end of July 2020, this restaurant offers a unique culinary experience based on the careful selection of the best raw materials. The renovation of the historic late 19th-century spa, now home to the Magnolia complex, masterfully blends contemporary elements and the original structure, creating a magical and unique atmosphere. Thanks to the renovation work, in keeping with contemporary tastes, customers are welcomed into a bright and colourful space, where they can enjoy a variety of gastronomic offerings, from beer to charcuterie. The restaurant has an outdoor courtyard, surrounded by the enchanting magnolia tree, offering a perfect combination of architecture, design and haute cuisine. Its presence on the Neapolitan gastronomic scene consolidates it as a must-visit destination for lovers of fine cuisine.

Vico Belledonne a Chiaia, 11, 80121 Napoli

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Veritas Naples

Awarded a Michelin star, Veritas is one of the most prestigious restaurants in Naples. Here you can experience fine gourmet cuisine in an elegant and refined setting. Chef Gianluca D'Agostino and his team will delight you with creative and sophisticated dishes, made with fresh, high-quality ingredients. such as marinated bonito with bruschetta and caper yogurt. First courses include linguine with broccoli and cod, and tubetti with octopus "alla Luciana". A highlight is chicken with potatoes and papaccelle, served with a club sandwich. The menu ends with a sweet Neapolitan cream soup. Veritas offers traditional cuisine, but adapted in an innovative way. The presentation of the dishes is a true work of art, making the dining experience unique and unforgettable. The wine list offers a wide selection of Italian and international labels.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 141, 80121 Napoli

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