What are the best must-visit pizzerias in Naples? In this article, we have selected 10 you must try in 2024.

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What you see is a selection of the best pizzerias you absolutely cannot miss if you are in Naples for a weekend or just for a day. Among the 10 suggestions of the best pizzerias in Naples, you will certainly find more renowned places and others that Neapolitans are mainly familiar with. Most offer traditional flavours but also new ones from abroad and other Italian cities.

Naples is a city firmly attached to its culinary tradition and in particular to pizza in its most traditional form and in the more innovative variants dictated by the times and new fashions.

Find out which are the best pizzerias worth trying during your visit to Naples in 2023.

Antica Pizzeria da Michele

Top 10 pizzerie in Naples Antica pizzeria da Michele

Tradition. It is the watchword if you can try the pizza at Antica pizzeria da Michele. One of the most famous pizzerias in Naples was founded back in 1870 thanks to the intuition of Michele Condurro, who, in keeping with family tradition, decided to pursue a career as a pizza maker and open a shop at the entrance to the Forcella district from Corso Umberto. What makes Pizzeria da Michele unique is the menu. In fact, among the possible pizzas, you can only choose two alternatives: the Marinara and the Margherita. This is a clear choice and legacy of Michele, who has left the running of his pizzeria to his children and grandchildren, who continue the tradition, without affecting its strength and flavor. The interior style of the pizzeria is still very much the same as when it opened in the early 20th century. Another legacy is that at Michele's you can't reserve a table. So you'll wait your turn, taking the classic paper number.

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Locanda del Grifo

Top 10 pizzerie in Naples: Locanda del Grifo

Locanda del Grifo is one of the most contemporary pizzerias in Naples, but with a menu based entirely on traditional Neapolitan cuisine, with an eye on typical Campania dishes. The Locanda del Grifo is located in the heart of Via Tribunali. The restaurant has a modern concept with a touch of originality in the menu to revisit traditional flavours. What makes the Locanda del Grifo one of the best pizzerias in Naples is the high quality of the ingredients chosen, with each dish seasoned with fresh, seasonal produce. One of the peculiarities of this restaurant in the historical centre of Naples is that the genuine food is prepared in an eco-friendly way through the use of a modern ecological gas oven. The use of zero-kilometre or locally sourced ingredients ensures that the true taste of Neapolitan tradition is not lost.

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Antonio Sorbillo

Top 10 pizzerie in Naples: Antonio e Gigi Sorbillo

In Naples the Sorbillo familiy is an istitution for pizza. A stone's throw away from the well-known Gino's pizzeria, there is another Sorbillo that keeps pace with its delicate and innovative flavours. Antonio Sorbillo, who gives their name to the pizzeria, is the cousin who has respected and consolidated the family tradition but has been able to bring a new wind in the way of working the dough, rolling out and decorating, not garnishing, the pizzas. Just the dough is different in its consistency, the double-zero flour is always the same but the dosages, the rising times and the choice of raw materials with which to season the pizza change. The pizza is always thin but does not overflow from the plate, remaining an extra-large pizza. The sign of tradition is evident but what is most visible is the dexterity of the under-30 pizza makers who populate the kitchen and who are part of the new tradition of Neapolitan pizza makers that have been depopulating in recent years with a pizza with a wide, soft crust and a reinterpretation of traditional flavours.

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Pizzeria & Trattoria al 22

Top 10 pizzerie in Naples: Pizzeria & Trattoria al 22

This beautiful pizzeria is located in the heart of Pignasecca, in the centre of Naples, a stone's throw from Spaccanapoli. We are in one of the most populous and colourful markets in Naples, characterised by the sounds, colours and aromas of the particular Neapolitan folklore. The Pizzeria & Trattoria al 22 is so deeply rooted in the surrounding neighbourhood that there is a constant intermingling with other businesses, especially in the choice of raw materials and local products. The pizzeria has been a family-run business for about three generations and the style of the place demonstrates this; when you enter the pizzeria you feel at home, and the welcome and the staff are very courteous and attentive to your requests. If you find yourself trying the pizza at 22 you can ask for the Pizza del Sindaco, a tribute to the first citizen of Naples and then included on the menu with its mix of yellow and Piennolo del Vesuvio tomatoes and with provola, pecorino and basil.

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Mammina Pizzeria e Cucina Genuina

Top 10 pizzerie in Naples:Mammina Pizzeria e Cucina Genuina

Behind the birth of this pizzeria is an iconic story almost worthy of a film or TV series. Pizzeria Mammina was born in the last century when two seamstresses from Mergellina, amidst embroidery, patching, sewing and de-sewing, passed on cooking tips and then delighted in putting them into practice on Sundays at what is one of the traditional lunches of the Neapolitans. Realising their culinary talent, the two seamstresses decided to take over the tailor's shop where they worked and turn it into a Neapolitan trattoria, that today ranks among the best pizzerias in Naples. Mammina's menus include typical local products and food from other Italian regions. The genuineness of Mammina derives from the choice to include organic or km 0 food on the menu, thus supporting a healthy and productive supply chain.

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Top 10 pizzerie in Naples: Attanasio

A stone's throw from the brand new Napoli Centrale station is one of the best pizzerias in Naples: Attanasio. A name and a guarantee for Neapolitan culinary art from savoury to sweet. If you are looking for the flavours of Neapolitan cuisine, you are in the right place for both a tasty pizza and traditional first courses such as pasta and potatoes with provolone cheese or main courses such as fried meatballs. The friendliness of the staff and the authenticity of the products will make your lunch or dinner a real treat for your palate, ending it all with a local limoncello.  Recipes are reinterpreted by emphasising traditional products with the addition of special preparation methods and spices.

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Pizzeria Laezza

Top 10 pizzerie a Naples: Pizzeria Laezza

Strolling through the streets of Naples, you will certainly come across the Quartieri Spagnoli where, in addition to the art and architecture that this corner of the city offers, you can enjoy a long culinary tradition. It is here, in fact, that you will find a pizzeria that recently opened but which has already made a name for itself in the alleys of the former Spanish district of Naples. The pizzas of pizzeria Laezza are appreciated throughout the historic centre and the menu that has made it one of the best pizzerias in Naples ranges from traditional to gourmet recipes, all made with a light and very digestible dough. The pizzeria is very cosy with a wide catalog of delicious flavours and tastes with delicious specialties that delight all palates, among them the pizza a tegamino with sausages, friarielli and provola cheese is not to be missed. More information about pizzeria Laezza

Concettina ai Tre Santi

Top 10 pizzerie in Naples: Concettina ai Tre Santi

Concettina ai Tre Santi is one of the cornerstones of pizza in Naples. Its main characteristic is that it combines the traditional side of pizza with a gastronomic journey of tasting local products. A pizzeria that is located in the centre of a neighbourhood with a folkloristic and popular flavour like the Rione Sanità district. A family-run pizzeria, Ciro Oliva, mixes the best of tradition with the new flavours of innovative cuisine. For more than 50 years, the Oliva family has held the reins of this splendid place, which over the years has kept up with the times while not disdaining tradition. Today, the menu also includes more imaginative and contemporary pizzas, as well as mouth-watering fried and tasting menus.

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Lucignolo Bella Pizza

Top 10 pizzerie in Naples: Lucignolo Bella Pizza

On the edge of the historical centre of Naples, you can find the flavours of the Lucignolo Bella Pizza pizzeria. The pizzeria is modern in both its aesthetic features and its very contemporary design with clean, dark lines. The dishes prepared are an authentic expression of culinary tradition and modern innovation that are mixed in a harmonious relationship between seasonal flavours and novelties from other markets and countries. The preparation of pizza follows very strict and traditional rules and is accompanied by other traditional recipes such as first and second dishes of seafood or the magnificent fried recipes, typical of Neapolitan cuisine. Lucignolo is a stone's throw from Naples' central station so it is very convenient if you are arriving in Naples or are about to leave at lunchtime. More information on Lucignolo Bella pizza

Fratelli Salvo

Top 10 pizzerie in Naples: Fratelli Salvo

The pizzeria Fratelli Salvo has characterised by a menu of a family-run pizzeria but with an innovative concept aimed increasingly at experimentation and research. Precisely for this reason, the Salvo brothers' pizzeria rightfully ranks among the best pizzerias in Naples is a varied offer of menu, which based on years of study offers special crosses between traditional and new modern flavours. There is even a wide choice of traditional starters reinterpreted in a modern key, but what sets Pizzeria Salvo apart is the Cosacca, topped with Corbara tomatoes, Bolognese pecorino cheese, extra virgin olive oil and basil, a real treat for the palate. In the Salvo pizzeria, two schools of thought on Neapolitan pizza, that of Riviera di Chiaia and that of San Giorgio a Cremano meet and influence each other; the result is an explosion of taste and flavour that you will not be disappointed by. More information on Fratelli Salvo pizzeria

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