What are the best sushi restaurants in Naples? We at Visit Italy have selected 10 to absolutely try in 2024.

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Pizza, babà, pasta and many other specialties have made Naples one of the world capitals of good food. The title is certainly more than deserved, but food and flavors from afar have always found a home in the city.

If you love Japanese cuisine, here is for you a list of the best 10 sushi restaurants in Naples to try absolutely in 2023, where you can taste the food of the gods together with many other typical recipes of the country of the Rising Sun.

Have fun trying them one by one and you will discover that, traditional or fusion, all the dishes are prepared with passion by expert hands and exclusively with the freshest ingredients.

Kukai IKI

Kukai IKI sushi restaurant

In via Chiaia, a few minutes from the central and very elegant Piazza dei Martiri you can find a place that immediately established itself as one of the best sushi restaurants in Naples. Kukai IKI was born from a true, authentic passion for Japanese culture and has always stood out for its rich and refined menu, but even more for the indisputable quality of its dishes. Each one of them is taken care of down to the last detail, including, of course, an impeccable presentation. At Kukai not only sushi, but also tempura, ramen, desserts and all the other specialties of oriental cuisine become a joy for the palate as much as for the eye. The place is contemporary and elegant, furnished with impeccable taste to create a chic but relaxing atmosphere, where the welcoming staff will be able to give the finishing touch for a simply perfect lunch or dinner. Find out more about Kukai IKI


Baka Sushi Naples

In via Carlo Poerio, in close proximity to the Villa Comunale, there is a place that's unique and very original because it is both a fashion atelier and one of the best sushi restaurants in Naples. Inside Roberta Bacarelli's boutique there is indeed a pink corner: it's Baka, a small oasis of elegance and tranquility where you can enjoy excellent quality sushi and pokè bowls. The fusion menu brings to the table the great classics of Japanese cuisine, but also excellent vegetables, selected meats that enrich the colorful pokes and delicious desserts. Baka also offers a variety of vegetarian or gluten-free options. The ingredients, whether they are typical of the Japanese tradition or the local ones at zero kilometre, are always selected with the utmost attention to create recipes where originality, balance and lightness are the inevitable distinguishing features.

Find out more about Baka

Mame Ostrichina

Top ten sushi Naples 2023

Mame Ostrichina is a place with a great atmosphere, elegant and welcoming where you can treat yourself to an out-of-the-ordinary taste experience. The dishes of Japanese cuisine are revisited with creativity and passion by authentic food lovers. The sushi is always exceptional and you can enjoy it in vegan style too. Nothing is ever left to chance and if it is true that "eating with your eyes" is not just a way of saying, Mame Ostrichina is the right place to satisfy the sight even before the taste, because each dish is always excellently presented. Quality is a real mission here, and the food is prepared with top ingredients only, selected by expert hands with the utmost care. You can find this exceptional sushi restaurant right in the heart of Naples, in via Carlo de Cesare, a quiet and characteristic street just a few minutes from Piazza del Plebiscito. Find out more about Mame Ostrichina


top 10 sushi Naples -Tabi

An unforgettable taste experience and an authentic journey through flavours, from the far East to southern Italy; you can find this and much more at Tabi, one of the undisputed excellences of fusion cuisine in Naples. On the menu you can choose not only excellent sushi, but also many other traditional Japanese dishes made unique by the experience and the inexhaustible creativity of chef Ignacio Ito Hidemasa. Mediterranean ingredients and flavors blend perfectly with aromas and culinary techniques from Japan, to create a symphony of unrepeatable flavours. Furthermore, together with the incredible food, there is a rich and interesting wine list. This excellent sushi restaurant in Naples also boasts a decidedly enviable location. In via De Cesare, in the Santa Lucia district, you will in fact be less than five minutes from the famous Neapolitan seafront. Find out more about Tabi

J Contemporary Japanese Restaurant


Soft lights, minimal and elegant furnishings and an always attentive and competent service. J Contemporary Japanese Restaurant is certainly able to satisfy even the most demanding customers, while maintaining a friendly atmosphere for totally relaxing lunches and dinners. In the kitchen, the best of the Japanese gastronomic tradition meets imagination and innovation in the happy medium. The ingredients are always unique, full of flavor and taste and of course of excellent quality; the presentation of the dishes definitely lives up to expectations too. Each recipie is characterized by a perfect balance of flavours, aromas and colours. Also worth trying the classy desserts and the drinks, including some delicious cocktails and an interesting selection of Japanese whiskies. This exclusive sushi restaurant is located in the historic center of Naples, in via De Pretis. Find out more about J Contemporary Japanese Restaurant


Urubamba sushi Naples

In front of the sea, on the Riviera di Chiaia, there is a restaurant different from any other, serving Nikkei cuisine. Urubamba, this is its name, offers original, spicy and colorful dishes, certainly unusual in our latitudes because they were born from the creativity of Japanese and Peruvian chefs. Two cultures apparently light years away from each other meet to give rise to a surprising harmony of flavors, different from the usual and decidedly appetizing. If Nikkei cuisine has been spreading abroad for some years, in Italy for many people it's still a total discovery, Urubamba is in fact a unique restaurant of its kind in Naples and in Italy, and has already received many awards. In the kitchen, chef Keisuke Aramaki with the support of his South American colleagues prepares unforgettable dishes that will not disappoint even the most diehard sushi enthusiasts. Find out more about Urubamba

Jorudan Sushi


Jorudan Sushi is one of the best sushi restaurants in Naples, definitely one you need to try. You will immediately discover that this is just the right place if you are looking for the quality of the raw materials combined with the courtesy and competence of the staff who always know how to give excellent advice. The restaurant is a small and welcoming corner of paradise for Japanese cuisine's true lovers, a discreet place furnished with class, located along the elegant Via Tasso. On the menu you will of course find sushi and sashimi, but also excellent tempura, delicious tartare, many tasty appetizers typical of Japanese gastronomy and much more. The sets are beautiful as colorful paintings and naturally excellent to eat, both those to be enjoyed in the restaurant and those to be taken away in their pretty boxes. Each dish, however, is always honed to perfection with impeccable taste.

Find out more about Jorudan


Tokyo2 Naples

Not just a restaurant where you can eat excellent sushi, but a real institution for lovers of Asian cuisine in Naples. For ten years Tokyo2 has been offering the best of Chinese and Japanese gastronomy at its headquarters in via Diocleziano in Fuorigrotta. A family-run company born in 1994 thanks to the entrepreneurial talent of mother and son, has brought the flavors and aromas of the Far East to Naples, in many restaurants, without ever losing sight of quality. In fact, at Tokyo2 the supply chain is always monitored to offer you genuine ingredients, both from Campania and Japan. The large rooms of the restaurant are furnished to let you experience the charm of oriental atmospheres and in order to make the extraordinary taste experience offered by Tokyo2 accessible to everyone, the fun all you can eat formula is also available. Find out more about Tokyo2


Top 10 sushi Naples - Honzen

Honzen, an elegant restaurant in via Manzoni, has made fusion cuisine its mission by combining creativity, passion and competence. Sophisticated dishes and traditional recipes are here enhanced by in-depth research on techniques and raw materials, in order to bring to the table a perfect balance between exotic and local flavours, and between tradition and innovation. For this reason, not even the most typical ingredients of southern Italian gastronomy will ever appear out of place. The result is a truly unique menu, extremely rich in excellent food, able to surprise both the eye and the taste. Here the quality is always at the top. At Honzen you will find the greatest classics such as sushi, maki, sashimi and so on, but also many interesting and appetizing novelties. Last but not least, there are as well the now famous pokè bowls, colourful, healthy and always full of flavour.

Find out more about Honzen

Roku Sushi

Roku Sushi Naples

Roku Sushi is on the famous and exclusive Riviera di Chiaia, a stone's throw from Naples' Villa Comunale Park. Fans of design and the latest trends will love this Japanese restaurant with its elegant interior and sophisticated atmosphere. Awaiting guests at lunch and dinner is a wide menu. The great classics of Japanese cuisine are flanked by interesting reinterpretations, which lend themselves to scenic and Instagram-friendly layouts. Small detail not to be underestimated: in addition to the à la carte menu, Roku Sushi offers the ever-popular All You Can Eat formula. Find out more about Roku Sushi

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