Here are 10 Italian beaches you don't know. From Liguria to Calabria, 10 corners of paradise that are less popular but just as wonderful to discover.

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It was no easy feat to select only 10 of them this time either, and what luck that is! Just think that in 2022 some 210 locations and more than 400 beaches can boast the prestigious Blue Flag title, which is awarded to all places where the beauty of the sea and quality services come first.

After having selected the most beautiful beaches of 2022, and the best beaches that you can only reach by boat, it is time to find out which ones are the little less known beaches, but still amazing. 

You only have to follow us and dive in with us.

10. Beach of the 300 Steps, Gaeta

Beach of the 300 Steps, Gaeta

A beautiful beach, not far from Gaeta, Latium. The beach is accessible to the public at the end of a flight of 300 steps. It is worth a visit even if the descent to the sea is not too easy to reach by car.

That is due to the location of the place on the highway and the lack of parking spaces.  The beauty of the beach that makes up for this lack, fine golden sand, crystal-clear water, and good smells from the surrounding shrubs. To Visit.

9. Pozzallo, Marina di Camerota

Pozzallo, Marina di Camerota

An amazing beach like few others, immersed in greenery and surrounded by rocks and mountain peaks. A little corner of paradise in the heart of Cilento, Campania. The beach can be easily reached by boat or with a trek of about 1 hour starting from Lenticosa. The beach consists of pebbles and sand and, there are food facilities and a cafeteria. Truly unique! 

8. Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa

Cala Pulcino, Lampedusa

If you are in Lampedusa, Sicily's pearl, you can't miss this gem. A quiet beach not too far from the much more famous Rabbit Beach. It is known for its habitants for its rugged landscape, crystal blue waters, and surrounding nature trails. Reachable either on foot or by boat, a visit is highly recommended. 

7. Campomarino Beach

Campomarino Beach

A very large beach that hosts both lidos and catering facilities and several free beaches. The latter is huge, ideal for those who cannot stand chaos and crowds of people.

Here in Campomarino, there is a marvelous sea and space for everyone. This location is also one of the three blue flags of Molise, together with Termoli and Petacciato. A place is not too well known to mass tourism but which will leave you super satisfied. 

6. Beach of the Giant, Monterosso

The Giant of Monterosso

A phenomenal place, known for the large statue of the 'giant' that lines the coast, a monumental Neptune sculpted by Arrigo Minerbi. A place where you can relax either at the equipped bathing establishment or at the adjacent public beach. We recommend arriving there early in the morning for both parking and crowds on the beach. If you are in Liguria, you should definitely drop in.

5. San Fruttuoso di Camogli

Christ of the Abyss, San Fruttuoso, Camogli

A jewel set in an inlet in the Portofino promontory, halfway between Camogli and Portofino, the beach of San Fruttuoso di Camogli boasts crystal-clear, pristine water. We are in the Portofino Regional Natural Park, opposite the Portofino Protected Marine Area. If you are in Liguria, in addition to the beach at Monterosso, we recommend a trip to San Fruttuoso.

The location is also famous for the Christ of the Abyss, a sculpture with an honorary function that was the brainchild of Duilio Marcante (one of the fathers of Italian diving) who, following the death of his friend Dario Gonzatti during a dive in 1947, pushed for a Christ to be placed on the seabed. The statue was made by Guido Galletti and placed in the sea in 1952.

If you are interested in the underwater world, Italy is full of fascinating places to visit by diving. 

4. Fontane Bianche, Syracuse

Fontane Bianche, Syracuse

You are in Italy, but the climate and colours are reminiscent of a Caribbean beach. More precisely, you are in Sicily on a long beach of white sand and washed by a crystal clear turquoise sea. We are in the hamlet of Fontane Bianche, in the beautiful city of Syracuse. You are on one of the most beautiful beaches in Syracuse and on the entire east coast of Sicily.

3. Felciaio in Capolivieri, Elba Island

Felciato a Capolivieri, Isola d’Elba

Here is a place not to be missed if you are passing by Elba Island this summer. A series of suggestive bays and cliffs surround a sandy beach with crystal-clear blue waters. A place immersed in greenery and unspoiled nature suitable for all those who want to discover, for lovers of trekking and snorkeling

2. Maratea Coast

Black Beach, Maratea

A peaceful place of black volcanic pebbles contrasting with the crystal-clear waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

An oasis of peace, where the beauty of nature goes unchallenged. It is precisely this peace that allows one to enjoy the sounds and colours of Basilicata, without ever giving up relaxation. Super recommended if you are on holiday in southern Italy.

1. Roccella Ionica beach

Roccella Ionica beach

The Ionian coast has always been one of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean, with clean beaches and not too crowded, due to tourist flows that prefer to go to areas of Calabria where are more infrastructure for entertainment. The Roccella Jonica's beach is a small pearl of the Mediterranean with amazing colours and with the sea so clear that you can clearly distinguish every little movement of the marine fauna. A dream!

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