Let's find out what to see and what to do in Vipiteno, a colorful fairy-tale village in South Tyrol in the wonderful natural setting of the Alps.

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Traveling to discover the Alps and its landscapes is one of those experiences that remain indelible in the heart, a true masterpiece of panoramic views, colors painted by nature, scents and flavors that are difficult to say goodbye to when it's time to return home. And what are the perfect places to delve into the magic of the mountains? Of course the Alpine villages! Today our journey takes us to Vipiteno, a surprising and colorful town in South Tyrol.

Get ready, we are about to leave for this amazing journey through the Alps! We will discover together what to see and what to do in Vipiteno, how to get there and what are the unmissable experiences to enjoy in this fantastic land.

Where is Vipiteno and how to get there

Where is Vipiteno and how to get there

Vipiteno is a village of a few thousand inhabitants in the province of Bolzano, a true gem to be discovered in the South Tyrol’s Alps not far from the border with Austria. Despite its geographical position at almost 1000 meters above sea level, Vipiteno boasts excellent transport services thanks to the presence of the Val di Vizze train station, the A22 Brennero highway and the SS12 road.

And that’s exactly these large infrastructures to efficiently connect Vipiteno with the two main cities of the region, so Trento (further South, about 2 hours travel) and of course Bolzano (about 1 hour travel). Whatever means you choose to reach your destination, along the way you will be able to admire with eyes in awe the beautiful landscape of the Alps and above all the Adige and Isarco rivers, with the possibility of discovering other beautiful villages such as Bressanone and Chiusa.

For an even more engaging travel experience, we suggest you stop for a while to discover Bolzano and Trento; speaking of the latter, if you like museums we have what's right for you, just click the button below!

A stop in Trento? Visit the Science Museum

The main closest international tourist center to Trentino-Alto Adige that will allow you to easily reach Vipiteno is certainly Venice, in particular thanks to the Marco Polo international airport. Right from the Venice airport’s parking lot, by clicking the button below, you can book bus transport straight to Cortina d'Ampezzo, another fabulous wonder to discover in the Alps.

Starting from Cortina, moving by car or public transport following the state roads that connect Veneto to Alto Adige, in about 2 or 3 hours of travel through enchanting landscapes you can finally reach Vipiteno. Now we are ready to discover step by step this fantastic village, also famous as the city of yogurt. Let's go!

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What to see in Vipiteno: discovering the colorful mountain village

What to see in Vipiteno

And here we are finally in Vipiteno, this colorful village in South Tyrol that will win you over with its enchanting beauty. Walking through its streets is a pleasure, enjoying the spectacular view of the Alpine landscape and the architectural and artistic refinement of the buildings in the centre.

Keep your camera ready, because among brightly colored facades, porticoes and balconies covered in flowers and the characteristic erkers, that are 'bulging' windows from the profile of a building, there will be many opportunities to take beautiful photographs!

The symbol of Vipiteno is undoubtedly Torre delle Dodici, the civic tower that stands out in the city panorama for its height and solemnity, to which we will dedicate a detailed paragraph later - it's worth it!

Among the other strenghts to visit in Vipiteno, we suggest you not to miss the evocative statuary monument dedicated to S. John of Nepomuk protector of waters and bridges, of 1700s origin, and Jöchlsthurn Palace, an evocative 1400s building with delicate aesthetics which houses the provincial Museum of mines.

Vipiteno, Torre delle Dodici and the two cities

Vipiteno, Torre delle Dodici

As promised, here we are in front of the majestic Torre delle Dodici (Tower of Twelve), an absolute icon of Vipiteno with its over 40 m height.

This is the historic civic tower of the city, built between 1468 and 1472 as a gateway between the two cities: yes, that's right, passing through the tower it is possible to move from the Old Town (Altstadt), the historic burg where the Christmas market is held every year and where we suggest you visit the Gothic church of the Holy Spirit, to the New Town (Neustadt), the colorful central street of Vipiteno full of hotels, restaurants, bars and shops.

The curious name of the tower comes from the fact that on its facades, in addition to the city coat of arms, it presents a classic circular clock and also a sundial, also known as a sun clock: in both cases, the number 12 is undoubtedly symbolic and characteristic of this attraction.

We mentioned Christmas, one of the most magical moments of the year to visit Vipiteno. Let yourself be inspired by the delicate beauty of the snow-covered Torre delle Dodici, perhaps in the evening, when the brilliant light of the Christmas decorations stands out cheerfully in this fairy-tale landscape. An emotion absolutely worth experiencing!

What to see in Vipiteno: the magic of Christmas in the mountains

What to see in Vipiteno: the magic of Christmas

What's more beautiful than a winter holiday in South Tyrol? Experiencing the Alps between the white snow and the magic of its villages is certainly a unique adventure. And speaking of magic... don't miss the opportunity to visit this wonderful region at Christmas and, at least for a while, feel like a child again: from the largest cities to the smallest hamlets, in Trentino-Alto Adige you will discover evocative markets, festivals and traditions, quality food and wine and many fantastic experiences through the snow.

Of course, Vipiteno is also an unmissable destination at Christmas! Stroll through its avenues, admire the Christmas lights and the colors of the city which, when mixed together, offer a truly enchanting view in the evening, and let yourself be carried away into a fairy-tale world for the sweetest holidays of the year.

What a beautiful landscape, isn’t it? If you want to delve even deeper into the magic of Christmas in Trentino-Alto Adige, we recommend you also visit the beautiful Christmas markets in Merano, home of the famous international wine festival in late autumn, and in Levico Terme, one of the most beautiful Christmas villages in Italy.

And if you want to delight your palate and warm yourself from the cold of the mountain winter, try the Christmas zelten and a nice cup of mulled wine!

The Church of Nostra Signora della Palude

Another suggestive place that deserves to be visited in Vipiteno is the Church of Nostra Signora della Palude, one of the most important religious places in the area. The building is located to the South of the village, in a decentralized position far from the most inhabited urban area; however, this gives this place an even more mystical atmosphere, particularly thanks to the splendid setting of the Alpine landscape.

Built between 1417 and 1525, Nostra Signora della Palude is one of the largest churches in Tyrol, measuring 32 meters high, 38 meters long and 23 meters wide. Its imposing appearance and the typically Gothic architectural and artistic style make it a truly interesting attraction to visit where, in addition to the suggestive external panorama, it is possible to discover on the inside beautiful decorations, white marble columns, frescoes and above all the Roman funerary plaque Postumia Victorina.

What to do in Vipiteno: exploring the castles of the Alps

Well, the time has come to venture out of the village and find out what to do in Vipiteno and its surroundings to discover the magical world of the Alps. One of the most beautiful and engaging activities, especially to be experienced in early summer or autumn before the cold time comes, is to visit the fantastic castles of this region.

A little further South of Vipiteno, a short distance from each other and separated by the flow of the Isarco river, there are Castel Tasso (in the picture) and Castel Pietra. We advise you to visit Castel Tasso (or Burg Reifenstein), a medieval building built after the year 1000 which for centuries was a fortress and fief of the territory under the control of various lordships, noble families and orders of chivalry. Among the most beautiful attractions to visit within the castle are the small Church of San Zeno, the suggestive Green Room full of ornamental paintings and antique furniture, and numerous perfectly preserved stube dating back to 1200s – they are typical South-Tyrolean living rooms completely made of wood.

Anyway, if you prefer Baroque castles, with a more refined aesthetic and an elegant scenographic presence, we suggest you visit Castel Wolfsthurn in the nearby town of Mareta, West of Vipiteno: here, along the namesake river, you can relax by discovering this wonderful palace and exploring the beautiful nature trail.

If you love visiting castles and are planning a trip to Trentino-Alto Adige, we recommend you also visit the village of Avio to the South, near Trento, where you can discover a fantastic castle with a truly spectacular panoramic view. To find out more, click the button below!

Visit the medieval Castle of Avio

What to do in Vipiteno: lots of hiking in the mountains

Vipiteno: hiking in the mountains

In addition to the castles, in spring and summer Vipiteno and its surroundings become a wonderful destination for hikers and nature lovers, who arrive here to live an exciting green holiday in touch with nature.

The territory is rich in places where you can plan long walks and hikings in the greenery, also by mountain bike, following the uphill or downhill mountain paths. The most important mountain peak to be discovered North-West of Vipiteno is Monte Cavallo (over 2000 m high), on whose slopes there are the ski lifts of the ski area connected directly to the village; here there is also a little sleigh track about 10km long, among the longest and most exciting of South Tyrol.

East of Vipiteno, however, there’s an interesting itinerary for the most experienced and adventurous hikers for the ascent along the banks of the Rio Vizze (stream flowing within Isarco); along this hiking route, among the green alpine woods and the closer peaks, you can discover breathtaking natural beauty such as Lake Novale, the sources of Borgone and, further on, the splendid Moassl waterfall. Speaking of water-related attractions, near Vipiteno you can also visit the Stanghe waterfalls.

Vipiteno, the Alps and the paradise of winter sports

Vipiteno and surroundings: winter sports

What mountain holiday would it be without a few winter sports? In winter, Vipiteno and all of South Tyrol become an unmissable destination for those who love the adrenaline of skiing or snowboard, an ideal location for a white week on the Alps.

To better plan your trip and find out the best places where to ski, please check out our guides on South Tyrol and Trentino. In the territory of Vipiteno, in addition to the already mentioned Monte Cavallo, you can discover the ski resorts of Racines, Ladurns and Rio of Pusteria-Jochtal.

Our guide on what to see and what to do in Vipiteno ends here. Whether it's winter or summer, autumn or spring, do not miss the opportunity to visit this colorful authentic gem hidden between the Alps: a fantastic journey awaits you!

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