Also known as Chiusa in Italian and crossed by the Isarco river, Klausen is truly a gem you should visit in your travel to Bolzano in South Tyrol.

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Enchanting mountain landscapes to admire with day-dreaming eyes, magical villages with fairytale vibes to discover, delicious scents and flavors enclosing the essence of nature and typical local products: this is South Tyrol!

Today we want to accompany you discovering Klausen, a real jewel to visit near Bolzano. Crossed by the Isarco river, this splendid village offers many interesting attractions for tourists, where history, art and nature frame a travel experience that’s simply impossible to repeat elsewhere.

Exploring Klausen and its surroundings you will be able to discover some of the oldest and most evocative places in the region, in particular churches, monasteries and castles, as well as venture into breathtaking hiking itineraries to reach the most fascinating places in the Alps. We’re already on our way to the magnificent South Tyrol, are you? Let’s go: destination Klausen!

Klausen, the heaven for hiking in South Tyrol

Klausen hiking

Klausen is located in the Isarco Valley, a unique panorama in South Tyrol dominated by the Dolomites that tower over green valleys and thick forests. This makes this village a true paradise for hiking lovers, where it is possible to practice many outdoor activities including walks along the mountain paths, climbing and mountain bike rides.

The Isarco Valley includes a wide network of hiking trails and mountain huts that suit different skill levels. Many of these paths start right from the village, following the course of the Isarco river, to explore the hinterland of Klausen and the province of Bolzano and reach places of great tourist interest. Any examples? Surely, among the most evocative to mention there are the Velturno and Villandro Alps, the amazing Rodella lake on the peaks of the Sarentine Alps and the Holy Cross (Santa Croce) of Lazfons, the highest sanctuary in Europe at about 2300 m above sea level. In the surroundings, don't miss also the castles of the Isarco Valley, in particular Trostburg, Velturno and the fortress of the Säben Abbey, and the Sciliar-Catinaccio Natural Park, the most ancient in South Tyrol.

Sporty tourists have the opportunity to explore the Isarco Valley and the surroundings of Klausen also by bike along about 100 km of cycle paths which, following the course of the river, connect the Brenner Pass to Bolzano. The Isarco Valley cycle path is suitable for both more experienced cyclists and for beginners and families, mainly following a flat route along low-traffic secondary roads, with breathtaking landscapes of the mountains, woods, cultivated fields and the picturesque villages of the region. It is the perfect choice for outdoor activity and sport lovers to explore South Tyrol by bike. You're a bike lover and you want to know the most beautiful cycle paths in Italy for your next tours? Click here!

What to see in Klausen: the historic center, the Church of St. Andrew and Säben Abbey

Klausen South Tyrol

Klausen is a beautiful town representing all the charm of South Tyrol in a peaceful atmosphere plenty of wellness. Although relatively small, this village still represents a particularly interesting pole of attraction for tourists for the beauties that can only be admired here, such as the evocative historic center and the two undisputed local symbols: the Church of St. Andrew and the Säben Abbey.

The historic center of Klausen is a real jewel full of cobbled streets and colorful houses embellished with flowers, a picturesque location where you can breathe the air of remote times. In fact, almost like a real journey into the past, in Klausen you can experience unique sensations walking through the historic streets, admiring the frescoed facades of the buildings, visiting the local craft shops and enjoying the typical cuisine in the traditional restaurants.

The Church of St. Andrew is one of the most important attractions of Klausen and represents an important historical and artistic reference point for the village. The church dates back to the 13th century and is considered one of the most important examples of Gothic architecture in South Tyrol: in fact, its majestic architecture, the imposing facade, the beautiful interior frescoes picturing Bible’s scenes and the spiritual atmosphere make it a fascinating destination for art and culture lovers that is certainly worth a visit.

Founded around the 10th century and located on a hill overlooking Klausen from above, Säben Abbey is a place of great historical and cultural importance with a unique charm, among the oldest religious places in the Alps. It is famous above all for its architecture, more similar to a fortress than a sacred place, and for its panoramic position which offers a wide view over the entire Isarco Valley. From an artistic point of view, the monastery presents a mix of architectural Romanesque and Gothic influences and hosts a museum that tells the history of monastic life in the Bolzano area where sacred objects, manuscripts and archaeological finds are kept. There is also a rich library with a vast collection of ancient and rare books of great historical value.

How to get to Klausen from Bolzano

How to get to Klausen from Bolzano

The city of Klausen, also known as Chiusa in Italian, is located in the South Tyrol region about 20 km north of Bolzano and can be easily reached:

- By car, along the Strada Statale 12 (SS12) driving towards North and following the signs for Klausen, a drive about 45 minutes long depending on traffic;

- By train, taking one of the regional trains that run regularly from Bolzano to Klausen, a journey about 15-20 minutes long;

- By bus, using some of public and private local transport services that connect the two towns.

It doesn’t matter which means you’ll decide to use to get to Klausen from Bolzano, you will certainly be able to enjoy a breathtaking panorama that will make your trip a real daydream!

Törggelen Festival in Klausen and the folklore of South Tyrol

Törggelen Festival in Klausen

The Törggelen Festival is part of South Tyrol folklore and traditional events and takes place every year in Klausen in autumn, usually around the Thanksgiving period. It is a celebration related to food starring the wine as the main character in play, accompanied by local specialties: barley soup, speck (smoked ham), sausages with sauerkraut, cheeses, stuffed pasta and gnocchi, roasted chestnuts, apples and traditional sweets fried and topped with jam.

If you are in Bolzano in autumn, we absolutely recommend you to visit the Törggelen Festival in Klausen: don’t miss this opportunity to dive into the local culture, taste the typical seasonal products and go hiking in the splendid autumn landscape of South Tyrol, in a festive atmosphere where wineries and food stores become the perfect meeting place for citizens and tourists.

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