In the green heart of Val Passiria, the Quellenhof See Lodge is a 5-star resort that will give you a unique experience of well-being and relaxation.

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South Tyrol is a land of contrasts and harmony.

The mighty peaks of the Dolomites contrast with the valleys, the barren mountain peaks with the green forests and vineyards, merging into a balanced and harmonious landscape.

Nestled in Val Passiria, the Quellenhof See Lodge perfectly fits into this balanced context.

Few kilometres from Merano, the Quellenhof See Lodge is the smallest 5-star resort in South Tyrol, a concentration of quality, style and elegance dedicated only to adults.

A resort appealing at the same time to those seeking peace and relaxation and to outdoor enthusiasts.

The key word stays the same: well-being.

Two high-end restaurants, a spa with saunas and steam rooms, luxurious suites and the largest swimming pool in South Tyrol: it is almost impossible to do any better.

You don't believe it's true? Read along to plan your relaxing holiday in South Tyrol.

A home away from home... in the Alps

Quellenhof See Lodge Alto Adige

The recipe of an unforgettable holiday: nature, fun and the feeling of being in a home away from home.

This is the best way to present you the Quellenhof See Lodge.

Opened in 2022, the Quellenhof is a luxury 5-star resort accommodating an adult-only clientele.

This is the ideal place to forget your work routine and enjoy moments of true relaxation, pampered by the resort staff and surrounded by elegance and comfort.

Get away from the stress of everyday life and appreciate the details regenerating body and mind: the crisp air of the Alps and the sound of flowing water, a glass tinkling at aperitivo time and the inviting smell of the regional dishes.

A relaxing massage, or the sound of your footsteps ehile walking along the Passirio stream.

Close your eyes... can you already see yourself in South Tyrol?

Wellness and relax at the spa


The BalanceSPA is the cherry on top of the Quellenhof See Lodge, a perfect spot to regain your psycho-physical balance.

The spa with its 800m², boasts top-notch services and a rich offer.

You'll have at your disposal relaxation rooms refined with precious materials, common or private treatment rooms to treat face and body, hammam, heated swimming pool and much more.

In addition, Quellenhof's staff will make you feel at home with their customised massages and treatments.

On the other hand, there is a section dedicated to saunas and steam bath enthusiasts: the BalanceSAUNA.

The heart of this area is the Finnish event sauna seating up to 35 people, with spectacular steam jets.

If ten thousand square meters are not enough, you can enjoy the outdoor space with the pool and many secluded corners, where you can relax while looking at the lake.

The "lake" is one of the most popular features of the Quellenhof See Lodge. With its 4,500m² bathing area and a diameter of 105 metres, it is basically the largest pool in South Tyrol.

Lastly, the pool is never more than 1.25 meters deep and you can reach it from almost every corner of the resort: it will be impossible to resist the temptation of a refreshing dip, especially in summer.

Sport and outdoor activities


BalanceSPORT, on the other hand, is the section dedicated to sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

The offer is rich and starts with a swimming pool and a well-equipped fitness room with personal trainers available.

There are also plenty of sport activities waiting for you: you can take guided hikes, play golf, join a tennis course or rent a mountain bike (including electric ones) to explore the trails around the resort. Horseback riding enthusiasts will find an indoor riding arena with 20 trained horses to improve their skills.

It is also possible to obtain fishing licenses and test yourself in extreme sports such as rafting, diving and paragliding.

A sports center within a luxury resort that will keep you entertained and fit.

The wonderful surroundings

Quellenhof See Lodge spa Alto Adige

The Quellenhof See Lodge is located in San Martino in Passiria, in the province of Bolzano.

Surrounded by the Alps, the resort is just 13 kilometers from the famous thermal centre of Merano (around 20 minutes by car). Bolzano is slightly further away, about 40 kilometers away.

You can also reach Bolzano via train or bus, and then use the Quellenhof private shuttle to get to the resort.

The setting of the resort is simply wonderful.

Forget big buildings and concrete, the Val Passiria is in fact surrounded by the Alps, boosting spectacular scenery with green woods, meadows and streams. The climate is mild and the air is crisp, a real panacea for escaping from the urban heat.

Val Passiria is also the meeting point of the Italian and Tyrolean cultures: here is generated unique combination of traditions and folklore.

The Quellenhof is therefore the perfect base for exploring the area around Merano, with its many activities and landmarks to visit: world-famous ski and snowboard tracks, spectacular lakes, the Stanghe waterfalls and also picturesque villages to explore, such as Scena and Lana.

South Tyrolean food and wine completes the experience in this little corner of paradise: in addition to the renowned Trentino wines, you can enjoy traditional dishes such as canederli or Spätzle or typical products such as speck and aged cheeses.

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