Day trip from Venice: choose one of our itineraries to visit Padua, Treviso and the Brion Memorial, FAI heritage site and architectural masterpiece!

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You are in Venice and having a wonderful holiday, when at some point you decide you want to visit something outside the city of the Biennale. You have already planned what to see in the city with the Venice Pass and have already taken advantage of its benefits. So, you immediately set off on your search.

You already have a list of 10 things to see in Treviso, you already know what to do in Padua as a local and what to visit in a weekend, but here you finally have a guide for visiting Padua, Treviso and the Brion Tomb for a day trip from Venice. Here we go!

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Padua: day trip from Venice

Day trip from Venice: Padua

44 minutes by car and 46 minutes by train, just perfect. Padua is a city to explore step by step, whether summer or winter, enjoy a romantic walk under the arcades of the historic centre. There are a few places you absolutely must see once you set foot in the city: our advice is to stroll non-stop and let the atmosphere guide you, keeping these landmarks

- Scrovegni Chapel, UNESCO World Heritage Site

On the way to or from the station, you will find Giotto's masterpiece dating back to 1305, immortalising the wonderful Last Judgement that is the envy of the whole world.

- Between Piazza della Frutta and Piazza delle Erbe is the Palazzo della Ragione, also called 'Il Salone'. We recommend stopping here for an aperitif with an unparalleled view.

- Palazzo Bo, seat of the historic University of Padua founded in 1222

It is the second oldest university in Italy after Bologna, and it was here that Galileo Galilei taught.

- Botanical Garden of the University of Padua, UNESCO World Heritage Site

Dating back to 1545, the oldest botanical garden in the West.

- Prato della Valle

one of the largest squares in Europe, second only to Moscow's Red Square and adorned with no fewer than 78 statues. Try it to believe it!


Treviso: day trip from Venice

39 minutes by car from Venice and 32 minutes by train: Treviso is also just perfect! Whether you are a couple, with children, a family or a solo traveller, Treviso is the right city for you. Mentioned in the Divine Comedy, this magical place can be considered the little sister of Venice. With its loggias, bridges, islands and canals, this little-known city will surprise you.

- Stroll along the tree-lined avenue that runs alongside the city walls, demolished in 1500 by the Republic of the Serenissima, we can still see the five entrance and exit gates that defended Treviso.

- Bastion San Polo. There were as many as 12 bastions along all the walls. Not far from Ponte Dante we find the one of San Polo, a stronghold surrounded by the waters of the river Sile stretching from Padua to Treviso.

- Canale dei Buranelli. This canal owes its name to the presence - as far back as the 16th century - of a family of merchants from Burano, who inhabited the area and enriched it with their customers and much laughter from morning to night.

- Isola della Pescheria. Not far from the Buranelli area, we find the fish market every morning on this small island connected by two bridges.

Bonus track: Brion Memorial

Brion Tomb - FAI heritage site

View of the Brion Memorial, FAI site from 2022 (copyright FAI)

If you are among the lucky ones who can travel by car, 37 minutes from Treviso (if you leave directly from Venice 55 minutes) you can visit the Brion Memorial.

Don't despair, if you have always dreamed of visiting this mystical place and your only means of transport is a train, from Venice or Treviso you only need to take the regional train to Castel Franco Veneto, and from there a bus runs every 40 minutes. Total estimated time: 1 hour and 45 minutes. It will be worth it, you have our word!

The Brion Memorial is a family cemetery donated to the FAI by Ennio and Donatella Brion in 2022. It was commissioned to their friend and architect Carlo Scarpa, a 20th-century genius who here gives shape to a huge garden, a place of sacred silence and harmony, where he blends different cultures and religions, inviting visitors to a universal reflection on love. A visit to the memorial located in the Treviso countryside is a unique experience to be had at least once in a lifetime. It was, among other things, one of the architect's last works: 2200 square metres offering a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape and also housing the tomb of Scarpa himself and his family.

Memoriale Brion – Treviso

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