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Are you getting ready to discover the city sung about by Shakespeare? Beyond the wonderful love story he told us, you probably know that the supreme poet has never been to Verona and especially never had the opportunity to do the amazing things we are about to describe to you.

In fact, in this article, we would like to be able to give you all the inspiration that this beautiful jewel of the Veneto region requires and really introduce you to Verona, beyond the familiar sights.

So, beyond the lovers' balcony, which are the best things to do in Verona in 2023?

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The 10 best things to do in Verona you simply cannot miss

things to do in verona

One of the most important cities in the Veneto region has certainly been made immortal by the story of the two lovers.

You will find the very famous balcony in Juliet's house, but also, perhaps less well known, the house of her Romeo, which can only be visited from the outside. You will see Juliet's statue, photographed every day by thousands of tourists, and also her tomb, a sarcophagus kept in the crypt of the former convent of San Francesco al Corso, now a museum.

In this ideal journey, however, we would like to take you to discover some lesser-known places and the most interesting and special things to do in Verona.

Our intent, in other words, is to lead you to discover a different way to explore this magnificent city and really learn about its culture and magnificent traditions.

So here are 10 things we think you should really do in Verona.

10. A guided tour of the historical center

things to do in verona italy

This is definitely one of the most interesting things to do in Verona.

Even if you have already walked the streets and squares and observed the wonder of its monuments, we invite you to discover it again through an exciting guided walk. In fact, following an experienced guide, you will finally get to know the history on which every brick and pillar of the city is based. You will be able to really get to know the city beyond the veil of legend that marks it and savor all the deliciousness of its incredible culture.

It will be like seeing it for the first time.

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9. A spectacular sunset at Colle San Pietro

best things to do in verona

After all, the romantic appeal of this city is undeniable. So, why not live it to the full by giving yourself a truly exceptional experience?

The ascent to Colle San Pietro is not too challenging, and it can be reached rather comfortably on foot, starting from Ponte di Pietra. Alternatively, the funicular railway is also available (at a cost of 2 euros).

On the top of the hill, where even the first nucleus of today's town is thought to have been formed, is the so-called Castello di San Pietro (Saint Peter's Castel, literally). It is actually an Austrian barracks built in the mid-19th century.

The view from up here is simply magnificent and definitely repays any effort!

8. The city on two wheels

unmissable things to do in verona

One of the most fun things to do in Verona is certainly a bike tour. The city, except for the hilly area we have just seen, is fairly flat, so you can bike through it without too much effort.

Imagine booking your bike tour on a sunny day, and discovering the city in the company of an expert guide who will tell you about the wonders of its most important monuments from an alternative point of view.

A fun and truly sustainable way to discover the city, letting the pedals take you from Piazza Bra to Castelvecchio to Ponte Pietra!

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7. The guided tour of the most important monument of Verona

Could we not include a tour of the amphitheater in this article? Absolutely not!

In fact, this symbol of Verona has flanked the city's history for more than two millennia. In fact, although it is best known for having served as the backdrop for gladiator fights, it has actually known several uses through the centuries. It has been the site of violent executions, bull-hunting, and also a concentration camp for Austrian prisoners during the Napoleonic period.

Learning about the past of Verona's splendid arena is actually a way to learn more about the history of the city itself.

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6. Among the best things to do in Verona: the precious Carlon Collection

On the northwestern side of Piazza Erbe, towers a building with a splendid Baroque facade.

Not many people know that inside the 17th-century Palazzo Maffei is preserved a remarkable collection of modern and contemporary art: works by Kandinsky, Picasso and Warhol, as well as Magritte and De Chirico!

The extraordinary Carlon Collection today represents a temple of art in the heart of the Venetian city. Not to mention, even a visit to the palace's splendid interior is an exciting experience in itself.

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Can we say we have really known Verona if we have not attended a show inside the Arena?

During the summer you can attend grandiose performances under the stars and be swept away by the stories and music. Exceptional singers, dancers and wonderful sets burst into Verona's summer nights, providing indelible emotions. Carmen, Nabucco, La Traviata... We really couldn't choose!

Remember that opera tickets are going fast: don't forget to book your dream experience on time!

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4. An amazing museum: cars, cameras and technology of the past

You may not believe it, but in the province of Verona there is a truly outstanding collection. In fact, as many as 10 collections are housed inside the Nicolis Museum in Villafranca Veronese.

Everything that helped create our present, with its smartphones and computers, can be found here. Cameras, typewriters, jukeboxes and musical instruments; model cars, bicycles and motorcycles, not to mention a very rare collection of touring and sports steering wheels. Even a collection of Formula 1 steering wheels!

In short, in 6,000 square meters, this museum manages to bring to life the design objects of our recent past and give its visitors unprecedented insights into our future as well.

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3. A Safari inside the zoological park in Bussolengo

interesting things to do in verona

If a trip into nature is what you're in the mood for, we suggest the Bussolengo Zoological Park. It is called Natura Viva Park and is a huge garden home to more than 1,500 animals from as many as 280 different species, many of which are endangered.

The visit takes the form of two quite different experiences. On the one hand, you can drive the 5 kilometers that wind through the zoo; on the other hand, you can walk inside the oak forest that belongs to the park.

It's a truly exciting experience that you wouldn't expect to have in Verona: giraffes, ostriches, wildebeests, as well as cute lemurs, and animals that inhabit the world's coldest areas, such as reindeer and snowy owls.

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The Italian largest spa park is located just a few kilometers from the city and it is just one of the best things you can do in Verona.

Aquardens, in fact, covers more than 5,000 square meters and is an inviting succession of waterfalls, caves, fountains and relaxing lagoons filled by springs located about 130 meters deep. The water bubbles to the surface at a temperature that is nothing short of perfect: 47°C/116°F.

In short, after traveling the length and breadth of Verona, isn't it time to relax?

The park is open year-round, and is a delight both in summer, when the air is scorching hot, and in winter, when pleasant swirls of fog and mist envelop the pools.

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1. How could you best complete your stay in Verona?

unmissable things to do in verona

We cannot let you leave Verona without first introducing you to one of the most famous areas of its province. Have you ever heard of Amarone? Or of the famous Ripasso?

They all come from the extraordinary Valpolicella, a hilly area of great beauty lapped by the course of the Adige River. Beautiful vineyards verdant here and, therefore, even the simple passage of time becomes a great pleasure.

We, however, wish to delight not only your spirit, but also to give refreshment to your palate. How can we not offer you a guided tasting of local wines and typical products? This is nothing short of the quintessence of our being Italian!

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Which other things would you do in Verona in 2023?

best things to do verona

In this article, we hope we have best introduced you to the exploration of one of our country's most iconic cities. A city so important that it has appeared in some of the world's most important works of art and literature, achieving a starring role.

We hope that all the proposed activities will be a true inspiration to create more and more fascinating itineraries in the heart of Verona.

For our part, we can only tell you to start from the heart of everything, that is, from the magnificent area. From here, in fact, every discussion about the past and future of this city starts.

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