“Taste” every season of love in Verona, among art, culture and tradition.

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Verona is one of the most famous Italian cities in the world for its artistic and cultural masterpieces.

Furthermore, thanks to William Shakespeare, this ancient roman settlement symbolises romantic love at its peak.

While relaxing below the Arena's shadow, you can literally feed yourselves on the traditions of this outstanding UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So we've thought to leave with you for a little emotional journey, through the traditional seasonal desserts of the city, plus a particular, eternal “season”.

Join us and find it out!

The long sobs of violins of autumn wound my heart with a monotonous languor.

Paul Verlaine

5. Le Favette dei morti in autumn (Favette of the dead). Unforgotten beloved


The Commemoration of the dead is traditionally honoured by cooking these exquisite biscuits almond-based, in three different flavours: chocolate, vanilla or alchermes.

You get the magic by mixing sugar, egg whites, almond flour and then the main flavour. The dough is then shaped into little balls to bake in the the oven.

A fine Vin Santo wine is the perfect pair to celebrate our unforgotten beloved ones.

A nest of mad kisses lies in wait in each soft corner.

Arthur Rimbaud

4. Pandoro in winter: Family love


Pandoro is undoubtedly a classic during the winter holidays .“Pan de Oro” (golden bread) would already delight the nobles in Venice throughout the 18th century though its origin is the 13th century “Nadalin”.

This symbol of Christmas is solemn in its high trunk shape with eight points. It will warm your heart with its traditional recipe, only with con flour, sugar, eggs, butter, baking powder and a dusting of powdered sugar on the top, all resulting in a exquisite softness.

If you want more, then look for the versions of Pandoro entirely covered with chocolate, mascarpone cheese or sugar paste or even a stuffed Pandoro with Nutella, for instance. Yummy!

You are like nobody since I love you, let me spread you out among yellow garlands.

Pablo Neruda

3. Brassadele in spring: Blossomed love


In the warm Easter period, you can stroll, searching for the bakeries that still cook this Veronese tradition's absolute gem.

 Brassadele are little donuts with special cuts reminding Jesus' crown of thorns . Crisp outside and soft inside, these delicacies are made with flour, eggs, sugar, butter, vanilla.

They are then flavoured with grappa and lemon peel. Once shaped, Brassadele need double cooking, first in hot water then in the oven.

Now let the scent of lemon make you ecstatic.

The opposite of peach and sugar and the sun inside the afternoon like the stone in the fruit.

Federico García Lorca

2. Torta Russa (Russian cake): Mysterious love

20211204123834torta russa.jpg

Torta Russa, aka Torta di Verona is perfect for your summery picnics, but in fact, they cook it throughout the year.

The romantic side is at the highest level because it was created by a chef sailor for a beautiful stranger, a Russian girl, while cruising on the North Seas.

A fragrant puff pastry encloses a heart of chopped almonds and macarons mixed with eggs, baking powder sugar and butter.

A sea of sweetness. 

Save me a piece of marchpane

William Shakespeare

1. Kisses of Romeo and Juliet: Sublime love


We reach the peak of both metaphorical and literal “sweet season”, needless to say, on Valentine's day. During this week, Verona is coloured with lights and heart-shaped decorations and offers a series of events ranging from concerts and traditional markets to reduced tickets entrance fees in museums.

Back to gluttony, brace yourselves while waiting to taste these biscuits!

A warm embrace of almonds and hazelnuts in two halves is joined by a delicious ganache cream, cocoa flavoured in Baci di Romeo, or coconut for Baci di Giulietta.

The period of creation of these delicacies is unclear, but the costume dictates that you exchange these “kisses” with your better half, in a package complete with red ribbons.


This sweet stroll through Verona's splendours will inspire and amaze you and in no sense will it leave you “dry mouth”.

 Which is your favourite “season”?

 Tell us about your journey.

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