Are you ready for a romantic getaway with your sweetheart? Discover with us the 5 most romantic destinations in Italy!

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If your honeymoon is far away, or maybe it is still too early, nothing is stopping you from running away with your love and enjoying one of the most romantic stays in Italy. There are many occasions for this, whether it's Valentine's Day, an anniversary, a birthday or, why not, a weekend break from the usual routine. There is always a good reason for a trip with your loved one, because, as the title of a famous romantic film says, "Love never goes on holiday!".

The options to choose from in our beautiful Italy are many! From the mountains to the sea. From a city of art to a romantic and peaceful village. Here are five ideas for a romantic getaway in Italy!

There is a place in the world where your heart beats fast # Where you're breathless # # For how much emotion you feel Where time stands still And you are no longer of age that place is in your arms Where the heart doesn't grow old while the mind never stops dreaming.

Alda Merini

5. On the roads of love in the Val d'Orcia


Pienza in Val d'Orcia

Tuscany is always the correct answer! Well, you are in the UNESCO World Heritage hills of Val d'Orcia. A unique territory with beautiful and evocative landscapes, rich in vineyards and olive groves, and thermal waters. Dotted among its fields of golden wheat are villages, castles, parish churches and isolated farmhouses

Abandon the daily tram to embrace the slow pace of this area, all in the company of your better half, sipping a Brunello di Montalcino or a Rosso Orcia. Visit its wine cellars, which also house installations and land artworks

The most romantic stop in Val d'Orcia? Pienza! An ideal town built by the humanist Enea Silvio Piccolomini, not far from Siena. A walk hand in hand in search of the most romantic view is a must. Here is you will find the so-called Strade dell'Amore (Love's Streets): Via dell'Amore and Via del Bacio. Of the two, the second is the most attractive because it leads to a belvedere that offers a beautiful view of the entire Val d'Orcia. And if this has not convinced you that Pienza is a romantic destination, we would like to remind you that Palazzo Piccolomini is here: the castle of the film by Franco Zeffirelli for his Romeo & Juliet

Depending on how much time you have available, consider a stop at Bagno Vignoli, where you can find thermal springs whose beneficial properties, already enjoyed by the Ancient Romans. Among the other medieval villages that populate this area, you should also visit Buonconvento, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Montepulciano and Montalcino, famous for their wine. And finally, San Quirico d'Orcia, a small village, where you should see the Collegiata Dei Santi Quirico e Giulietta

4. Touching the sky with one finger in the Dolomites

Couple in the Dolomites

What could be more romantic than a sweet getaway in a mountain chalet, cuddling in front of the fireplace with your loved one and sipping a hot chocolate? If you and your partner are nature lovers, the Dolomites are the perfect destination in any season. 

Amidst picturesque villages and breathtaking mountain and lagoon scenery, don't miss the opportunity to treat yourself to a great stay in a resort with a SPA and in-room Jacuzzi overlooking the mountains.

San Martino di Costrozza is a must-see in both summer and winter. Surrounded by greenery or covered in white and offers an incredible landscape. The villages of Ortisei and San Candido, nestling in the mountains, are also very pretty. 

A must-see is Lake Brais (1496 metres above sea level), one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, if not the most beautiful. It lies at the foot of the majestic Croda del Becco in the Fanes-Sennes-Braies Nature Park. Here you must take a photo to immortalise the memory of your romantic trip to the skies

True lovers cannot leave without first walking along the Sentiero dell'Amore (Love Path). Located in Fai Della Paganella, a paradise at an altitude of 1,430 metres in the Brenta Dolomites. It is an exciting and easy panoramic trail. It leads from the Meriz Refuge (reachable by the Santel - Meriz chairlift) to a natural balcony overlooking the Adige Valley. Along the way, you will come across wooden sculptures and love poems

3. In Verona, like Romeo and Juliet

Juliet's balcony

Juliet's balcony in Verona

Speaking of romantic destinations, Verona, the city of love par excellence, must be included in the list! The city excites many lovers, who come here to relive the places that accompanied the adventures of Shakespeare's lovers Romeo and Juliet. Therefore, the classic tour is a must. It includes a visit to the Capulet's house museum, where you can admire the golden statue and the romantic balcony.

But the story of the unfortunate lovers is not the only love story told in Verona. In Piazza delle Erbe there is the Pozzo dell'Amore (Love's Well), a small picturesque corner that recalls the story of Corrado di San Bonifazio. The young soldier fell in love with Isabella Donati, but apparently, she did not seem to like him. One day she challenged him, asking him to jump into the well to see how frozen the water was. He obeyed without ever going back up. The young woman, desperate and embittered, had no choice but to jump in and follow the tragic fate of her lover. 

Leaving the tragic fate of love aside, take the Funicular of Castel San Pietro that climbs up Colle San Pietro. Here enjoy one of the most romantic and evocative spots in the city. Don't miss a visit to the magnificent Arena, where you can perhaps enjoy a beautiful night at the opera together

Depending on what time you have available, Lake Garda is not far from Verona. Boat trips, excursions, hiking trails and visits to important monuments are some of the activities you can do here as a couple. 

For a romantic dinner in beautiful Verona? Don't miss the opportunity to try risotto al tastal and potato gnocchi, perhaps accompanied by a glass of Amarone or Volpicella

2. Two Hearts and a Trullo in Val d'Itria

Well, for a romantic getaway, what could be more romantic than sleeping in a Trullo or one of the most beautiful farmhouses in Apulia. The Itria Valley is one of the most beautiful areas of the region. Thanks to its characteristic landscapes of white towns, olive groves and crystal clear sea

Obligatory stop in Alberobello, the city of Trulli par excellence. The Trulli are cone-shaped buildings with a dark roof and a white stone structure. Their architectural feature is the distinctive trait that makes this small town a real gem. Stroll hand in hand through its alleyways and enjoy the fantastic views together!

The pearl of the Itria Valley is Ostuni, known worldwide as the white city thanks to its white houses. It is a typical seaside village in southern Italy, full of beautiful Mediterranean views and without doubt the perfect destination for a romantic trip. During a relaxing walk together, you can see its beautiful 15th-century cathedral. Also, if you decide to visit in the summer, not far from, there are the coves of the Costa Merlata, often listed among the most beautiful beaches on the planet. 

Another destination not to be missed here is the Orange Flag town of Cisternino, characterised by an intricate network of whitewashed streets that reach the heart, just like love! Other villages worth mentioning include Locorotondo and Martina Franca

Locorotondo is famous for its white houses with pointed roofs called 'cummerse'. The Cathedral of San Giorgio is worth a visit. 

As for Martina Franca, its beautiful old town centre, full of interesting Baroque buildings such as the Palazzo Ducale, is a must-see. Also don't miss is its cathedral, the Basilica di San Martino

Don't leave the Itria Valley without first having a romantic dinner. Try tasty typical Apulian dishes! Such as the valley's prized meat, lampascioni omelette, caciocavallo cheese and orecchiette with turnip tops. 

1. In the enchantment of the Amalfi Coast

And we end this tour of love in this blue enchantment called the Amalfi Coast. Visiting this paradise on earth offers the opportunity to see a variety of Italian seaside villages in one fell swoop. You will be struck by how nicely these differences in style and beauty blend. 

Its jewel in the crown is Positano. This small town overlooking the sea is world-famous for its breathtaking sunsets, tasty cuisine and, above all, its many high-class boutiques that line the streets of the centre. 

Ravello, the music city, is famous for its annual summer music festival under the stars. The view from the Terrazza dell'Infinito (Infinity's Terrace) is a romantic spot: overlooking the sea, almost out of this world. Visit the historic centre and Villa Cimbrone with its beautiful Italian gardens. What about Palazzo Rufolo, mentioned by Boccaccio in the Decameron, where you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the entire Gulf of Salerno from its gardens. 

Go to Amalfi and spark your passion by running through its citrus gardens and sipping a glass of limoncello. The scent of lemons will inebriate you and will permeate your heart even in its most secret streets. 

Don't miss the opportunity to venture out on a trek along the Sentiero Degli Dei (Gods' Path) or relax on its beaches, swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, or organise a boat trip to discover its most intimate and sheltered bays. Romance is guaranteed!

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