Spending your honeymoon in Italy could prove to be the winning choice, among cities of art, villages and unforgettable views of the sea

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Who says for having such an incredible honeymoon you need to go to exotic, faraway destinations? So often a dream trip is closer than you might think! Our country, with regard to the variety of landscapes and locations available, has really nothing to envy anyone, indeed. More and more people choose to spend in Italy one of the most important trips of their lives, the one par excellence celebrating romantic love. This year, then, those who get married and travel for their honeymoon are doing it in a much better climate than last year. So why not take advantage of this particular historical moment to enjoy the beauty more "at hand"?

The beauty of Italy is a reality, you just have to make sure with your own eyes.

5. Venice


When you think of a honeymoon in Italy, perhaps the first place that comes to mind is Venice. This is a unique city in the world, which has been several times set for international fiction works, with its streets, canals, and the timeless charm of a city entirely built on water. Venice is a dream, able to give a wonderful escape from reality to a newly married couple, and is one of the most coveted destinations for millions of tourists looking for romance and art! Do not forget, in fact, that Venice and its lagoon belong to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The classic sightseeing tour of Venice sees as a mandatory stop in St. Mark's Square with its homonymous basilica, the bell tower and the Doge's Palace. After climbing to the top, you can stroll around the square and decide to try one of the beautiful bars around, for a relaxing and romantic break. Venice is then the ideal city for art lovers, with all its museums, both classical and modern, such as the wonderful Guggenheim. Worldwide famous they also are the bridges of Venice, more than three hundred including the Rialto Bridge and the Bridge of Sighs, whose origin is not exactly romantic: the sighs in question are the ones of the condemned to death, seeing for the last time the Serenissima!

Between legends and reality, mystery and wonders, a ride in a gondola is a must, to admire the seafaring streets of Venice, and remain prisoners of a sweet spell of love.

4. Florence


Florence is the cradle of Italian art and culture: all the great names have passed through the city or were born in there, in this Tuscan city that over the centuries has maintained its charm. A honeymoon in Florence is an announced success: among museums, good food and enchanting landscapes, any couple will bring with them a baggage of memories that will remain for life. The magical atmosphere of Florence makes the city the ideal place to spend a sensational honeymoon discovering the fabulous Renaissance works of art in the world-famous museums (one at random, the Uffizi), or strolling through the gardens, squares and churches of the exceptional historic center.

A sunset on the banks of the river, in the company of someone you love, is an experience absolutely to be tried if you choose Florence as destination of the most romantic trip ever. On the Arno you can rent a boat to admire the sunset from the water and take advantage of it to spy on the city from an unprecedented point of view. Speaking of special ways to visit the city, it is also possible to go around in a carriage: what could be more exciting for those in love to travel back in time? Absolutely not to be missed: Ponte Vecchio, the Tower of Arnolfo and Brunelleschi's dome!

3. Rome


The capital of Italy, as for charm and romantic aura is second to none, and the recent film La grande bellezza showed really incredible views. Rome's artistic and cultural heritage is so wide that you can't expect to discover all the city at once. No matter how well you get to know it, there will always be a missing corner, a hidden street, a different point of view from which to observe. It is no coincidence that Rome is “the eternal city”, a symbol of power, history, rebirth. The Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Forum, the Arch of Janus, the Portico d'Ottavia Romantica, Castel Sant'Angelo, Villa Borghese, are just some of the incredible places that this city offers, and not only to lovers.

What about Vatican City, with its museums and St. Peter's Basilica? Visiting these places could also be a memorable experience for couples. Other truly special locations for lovers are the Orange Garden, the Pincio Hill, the Janiculum Hill and the Aventine Hill. The latter, in particular, is one of the most elegant districts of Rome, and takes its name from one of the seven Roman hills on which it stands. In this district you can breathe deeply the "real" Rome and it can be considered, among the seven Roman hills, the one of poetry. In fact, great writers such as D'Annunzio and Carducci have dedicated verses to it. Today the Aventine is a luxurious residential area but still retains that picturesque aura that has remained intact until the early 900.

Rome could be the right choice for the honeymoon of a couple who particularly loves good food. In Rome, in fact, the specialties are many and one more delicious than the other. First courses, delicious appetizers, typical restaurants, luxurious and chic, Rome is not lacking in places to eat. After all, even tasting delicious dishes together is one of the greatest pleasures of couples!

2. Polignano a mare


Polignano a mare is a town in Puglia famous for being the birthplace of the singer Domenico Modugno and for the wonderful views, seeming real postcards. The old town, very characteristic, maintains intact its ancient charm and getting lost among its narrow streets can be very exciting and romantic. In fact, all Apulia is a popular destination for honeymooners, but Polignano in particular is a very good choice because of its beautiful streets overlooking the sea, its proximity to sites of great interest such as Alberobello and Monopoli, and its atmosphere of sweet tranquility. Not to mention the wonderful Lama Monachile, the pebble beach with two walls of rock that fall sheer to the sea, a breathtaking view unique in the world.

Polignano has a very ancient history, which has experienced a moment of great splendor during the Roman period and, centuries later, there are traces of its belonging to the Republic of Venice. In Polignano the most disparate cultures have followed and merged, from Arab to Byzantine, not forgetting the Norman and Spanish. The small white houses and balconies full of flowers create the right atmosphere for all those couples willing to fantasize about their future together, walking gently in pleasant and suggestive places. Further romantic touch: the old town of Polignano is "wallpapered" with poems, written by "Guido, the Flaneur".

1. Capri


The islands of the Gulf of Naples, Ischia, Procida and Capri, are enchanting places, each endowed with a different magic. The favorite honeymoon destination is most likely the last of the three, the most "chic". Many foreigners choose Capri as the location for their first trip as a married couple, to be lulled by the crystal clear sea, the beauty of the natural landscapes and the goodness of the food.

Lovers, once on Capri, are spoilt for choice to enjoy the island to the full. An idea for them could be going to the fabulous Gardens of Augustus, from which it is possible to admire the legendary Faraglioni, together with the other spectacular views of Capri. Enchanted places not to be missed in Capri are the caves, the coves and the beautiful historic center. Famous in Capri is its Blue Grotto, owing its name to the color of the water that, especially on clear days, seems to glow blue, with many small fishes swimming on the surface of the water. In the blue cave you enter by means of small boats that can accommodate a maximum of 4 people at a time. Since the entrance to the cave is only one meter high, you must lie on the bottom of the boat to enter. The experience is in itself very funny, but if done with your partner, it can be even more beautiful and romantic!

If the bride and groom love excursions, they can opt for a hike to Mount Solaro, Capri's mountain not even 600 meters high, from which you can enjoy a breathtaking view and discover the local flora and fauna, in particular many species of birds including the Peregrine Falcon.

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