This year we set out to discover Apulia, with its history, nature and art of excellence. Here are 10 places you must not miss! 

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Puglia is a land that will amaze you with its beauty and leave you breathless. It is the easternmost region in Italy and even the one with the most kilometers of coastline, almost 800, where you can visit museums, beaches, art galleries, churches, caves, natural sites, and much more.

There are too many beautiful things to do in Apulia not to come here even once!

10. Bari

where to go on holiday in Apulia: Bari

So we begin our 10-stage journey from the chief town of the region, Bari.

We are talking about an influential maritime centre already in Roman times when it was one of the main traffic junctions for the trade with the East. Its long history and its various dominations and contaminations are visible today in each city's architecture and streets.

Visitors to Bari should know that today it consists of a new town, founded in 1813, and an old town, enclosed within ancient walls with typical medieval town planning.

Bari is interesting for its Romanesque cathedrals and the large number of churches, as well as for its Norman-Swabian castle, its great theatre, the Petruzzelli, and its relationship with the sea.

It is still early in the journey, but if you want a bit of shopping, we recommend Puglia Village, located in Molfetta, very close to Bari. An easy place to get to by bus from Molfetta station, just a few train stops from Bari.

In the only large outlet in Puglia, you can find everything from typical products to high fashion, and take a fun and relaxing break before continuing with our long journey. 

9. Polignano a Mare

Where to go on holiday in Apulia: Polignano a Mare

About 33 kilometres south of Bari is the town of Polignano a Mare, famous for its spectacular natural viewpoints. The old part of the town, in fact, stands on large spurs of rock overlooking the sea, making the town a unique place. A pearl not to be missed!

8. Trani and its cathedral

Where to go on holiday in Apulia: Trani

If you want the sea, beauty, and culture on your holiday, Trani is a place to visit. In addition to the brilliance of this stretch of coastline, you can admire one of the most important examples of Romanesque architecture in Puglia.

Trani Cathedral  will amaze you with its beauty and the harmony with which it blends into the sea. The simple lines of its façade shine in the sun, and its large bell tower dominates the coastline.

7. Monopoli

Where to go on holiday in Apulia: Monopoli

Like many towns in Apulia, Monopoli has a special relationship with its sea, which is one of main characteristics of the town and the region. The small harbour of Monopoli is really picturesque, where in summer you can enjoy fantastic evening walks.

The sea is the gateway to the city, and from the sea you can start to discover the old town, the Baroque churches and all the ancient buildings in the town.

The journey continues, and art culture and beauty are never lacking in Puglia!

6. Ostuni and Marina di Ostuni

Where to go on holiday: Ostuni

It is Known in Italy as the "white city" because of its white houses and narrow streets that glow in the sunlight.

The splendid town revolves around the central Piazza della Libertà, where you can admire the 18th-century Sant'Oronzo column and relax in the open air with a good aperitif. The town's artistic treasures and the nearby Ostuni marina, where you'll find crystal-clear waters, will make your stay exciting.

5. Lecce, Nardò and Otranto

Where to go on holiday in Apulia: Lecce

Going even further down to the heel of the boot is the Salento sub-region, where you will find splendid sea, places of entertainment and ancient and modern artistic treasures. The differences in landscape, architecture and culture compared to the province of Bari are immediately apparent.

Lecce, for example, is a treasure trove of culture, a Baroque pearl and one of the most beautiful cities to visit in 2022. Its province is also rich in culture and beautiful landscapes, with places worth visiting such as the Baroque town of Nardò and the village of Otranto overlooking the sea.

4. Porto Cesareo, Italian Maldive

Where to go on holiday in Apulia: Porto Cesareo

Are you Looking for the most colorful sea and the whitest beaches in mainland Italy? Make a stop on the Ionian coast of Apulia. 

The characteristic shallow water drops off after a few meters, and the water suddenly turns from light blue to deep blue.

The white sand stretches for kilometers while the typical Mediterranean scrubland of the Salento exudes scents that will make you lose your head. 

Not infrequently, some people compare these parts of Italy to the tropical islands of the Maldives! A bit too much? Perhaps, but come and see for yourself.

3. Tremiti Islands

Where to go in holiday in Apulia: Tremiti

Spectacular landscapes and crystal-clear waters for these five small islands in the Gargano, in northern Apulia. Year after year, these islands attract more and more tourists, fascinated by the natural beauty and unspoiled nature of these places.

Set in the Adriatic Sea right in front of the "spur of Italy", the Tremiti islands of San Domino, San Nicola, Capraia, Pianosa, and Cretaccio have protected areas in the Gargano National Park. A holiday here will help you relax and reconcile with yourself and the world. 

2. Vieste

Where to go in holiday in Apulia: Vieste

With a nature similar to that of the Tremiti islands, Vieste is a small and very suggestive municipality located on the Gargano promontory in the province of Foggia.

Vieste's particular town planning is linked to the nature of its promontory, characterized by thick, wind-smoothed rocks overlooking the sea. The sea at Vieste will surprise you with its clarity and the high white cliffs will leave you speechless. A visit is highly recommended

1. Lake Varano

Where to go on holiday: Lago di Varano

Lake Varano, located in the province of Foggia, is Italy's largest coastal lake and an ideal destination for photography and birdwatching enthusiasts. Mass tourism is not yet present and the place is partially uncontaminated. Beauty and relaxation are guaranteed if you decide to spend your holiday or part of it in the surroundings of this lake. Bring your bicycle, it will be your trusty companion to enjoy the breathtaking landscapes of this unique area. 

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