Embark on an adventure to the Tremiti Islands with our guide. Indulge in the breathtaking beaches, unique attractions, and exciting activities.

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The Tremiti Islands are a sublime fusion of natural beauty and historical richness, promising an unforgettable adventure. You'll discover crystal-clear waters, enchanting villages, and extraordinary marine life that will leave you speechless.

Why visit the Tremiti Islands? Because it is not just a place but an experience. A break from the hectic pace of everyday life and a plunge into the beating heart of nature. Get ready to experience an unforgettable vacation, exploring hidden coves, admiring the unique seabed, and visiting amazing historical monuments.

How to get to the Tremiti Islands

archipelago of the Tremiti Islands

The most common method of reaching the Tremiti Islands is by sea. During the summer months, numerous boats depart from various ports along the Adriatic coast, including Rodi Garganico, Peschici, Vieste, and Termoli. However, Termoli is the city that offers the most daily ferry rides. Hop on one of these and enjoy the ride.

If not, there is an even more exciting option. There is nothing better than admiring the Tremiti Islands from above. You can reach the islands by helicopter from Foggia. Imagine hovering in the air, seeing the Adriatic below you, and you will land in just under half an hour.

The most beautiful beaches in the Tremiti Islands

Tremiti Islands beaches

The Tremiti Islands archipelago is famous for its idyllic beaches, which offer stunning vistas and crystal clear waters. Among them, four stand out for their unparalleled beauty.

Cala Tramontana, located on the island of San Domino, more than a beach, is a wonderful natural amphitheater. A harmony of rocks gently plunging into the sea waters, a perfect combination of rock and sea that creates an unprecedented landscape. Surrounded by lush Mediterranean maquis vegetation, this beach is divided between a public and an equipped section.

On the other side of the island, we find Cala delle Arene. Its golden sandy shores lapped by turquoise waters create a panorama that looks like something out of a postcard. Near the beach, it is also possible to reach the Arenile Cave.

Further south is Cala Matana. In this bay sand, pebbles and rocks are mixed in a delightful mosaic. This variety gives the coast a wild and romantic atmosphere. The sea here becomes a kaleidoscope of colors, from emerald green hues that gradually fade to a deep blue. The beach is embraced by lush vegetation that adds a touch of green to the landscape's color palette.

Finally, Cala dei Turchi on the island of Capraia is worth a visit. The remote bay is surrounded by towering cliffs that create a striking contrast with the deep blue sea. An enchanting pebble cove that can only be reached by sea. This journey, however, is part of the experience, allowing a unique perspective on the wonders of the Tremiti Islands archipelago. Cala dei Turchi is an ode to unspoiled nature and quiet serenity away from the hubbub of modern life.

What to do in the Tremiti Islands: incredible outdoor activities

Tremiti Islands boat trip

From the emerald blue of the sea to the intense green of the Mediterranean scrub, the Tremiti Islands offer a range of outdoor experiences that are simply fascinating. Whether you are a lover of water or hiking, these islands are sure to amaze.

Snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of the Tremiti is a must-do experience. Thanks to their rich biodiversity, these waters are a true paradise for lovers of the underwater world. So, equip yourself with a mask and fins, and dive into the water.

For the more adventurous, the islands also offer exceptional scuba diving opportunities. The Tremiti seabed features a colorful checkerboard of marine life, spectacular light displays, and fascinating rock formations.

Prefer to stay afloat? No problem! Inter-island boat trips are another great way to enjoy the Tremiti. Sail from island to island, discover hidden coves and take in the breathtaking views.

Finally, don't forget to do some trekking among the unspoiled nature that winds up and down the hills of these islands. It's a perfect way to fully immerse yourself in the local flora and fauna, and enjoy sea views from privileged vantage points.

What to see in the Tremiti Islands: attractions and historical sites

Besides being a destination that enchants its natural beauty, the Tremiti Islands offer cultural surprises. In particular, there are two sites that will make your heart flutter.

The first is the Castello dei Badiali, a fascinating and mysterious fortress located on the island of San Nicola. This castle was built in the 13th century by Charles of Anjou on the orders of the Cistercians to repel enemy attacks.

But the adventure does not end there. The wonders of the Tremiti Islands are not just on the surface. Get ready to dive into the depths of the Adriatic to visit the underwater statue of Padre Pio. The statue is located in the seabed between San Nicola Island and Cretaccio Island, at a depth of 13 meters. This impressive bronze sculpture, created by artist Mimmo Norcia, is a pilgrimage for divers visiting the islands. Its pose of blessing toward the sky, visible thanks to the clarity of the water, is uniquely evocative.

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