From the sea to the mountains, here are our suggestions on the destinations to reach in September in Italy.

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September is a perfect month to go on holiday in Italy. Temperatures are still mild but more pleasant than in July and August. The beaches and art cities empty out, without the large crowds of tourists. Prices for flights and accommodation are much lower than in the other summer months.

Holidays in Italy in September


Rocca di Angera - lake Maggiore

But where to go in Italy in September? The temperatures are still favourable for a seaside holiday, but the time is also perfect for enchanting trekking routes with a sea view. Those who do not like the sea can instead choose among Alpine destinations, emerald lakes and villages frozen in time. But September is also the month of the grape harvest, so why not explore the most beautiful wine-growing landscapes on the peninsula? In this article, we have collected several ideas for your holiday in Italy in September. Let's go!

7. Among the Prosecco Hills in Valdobbiadene


The Prosecco Hills

In Veneto, a great land of wine, you will find the beautiful Prosecco Hills, which became part of the UNESCO World Heritage in 2019.

In Valdobbiadene you will have the chance to admire one of the most unique and beautiful wine landscapes in the world. The Prosecco Hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene are characterised by steep ridges whose slopes vineyards, planted on narrow grassy terraces called ciglioni, cover almost completely. This mosaic of woods, villages and vineyards create a spectacular and unique landscape.

Here you can dedicate yourself to wine tasting in one of the many wine cellars that populate the area, venture into the various itineraries and excursions, both on foot and by bicycle, visit enchanting villages such as Follina or Refrontolo, and discover more about the area's food and wine.

6. Wellness and relaxation in the thermal resorts of Tuscany


Terme di Saturnia

Tuscany has been the destination of a health pilgrimage by wellness enthusiasts since Roman times. In fact, it is the region in Italy with the highest number of spas and wellness centres.

You can find free spas as well as quiet spas surrounded by nature and luxury resorts. Boiling hot and rich in minerals, Tuscan thermal waters can gush out at temperatures of up to 50°C.

As well as relaxing at the spa, you can visit the small medieval villages near where these wonderful natural spas are located. The choice is varied, from the Parco dei Mulini in Bagno Vignoni, with several free spas, to the Art Nouveau facilities in Montecatini Terme to the renowned Terme di Saturnia, a free spa open all year round.

Visit the Theia thermal pools in Chianciano terme

5. Trekking and sea in the Cinque Terre



September is the perfect month to visit the Cinque Terre. The prices are favourable and the climate will allow you to walk the area's most beautiful paths, such as the trek from Riomaggiore to Porto Venere, without suffering particularly from the heat.

The mild climate that characterises the Ligurian Riviera makes it possible to swim pleasantly in its crystal-clear waters throughout the month of September. 

There are several, some 48, paths to explore the Cinque Terre. The paths connect the villages to the coast and along their route you can enjoy unique and breathtaking views.

4. Discovering Western Sicily

Castellamare del Golfo

Castellamare del Golfo

What better place than Sicily to enjoy the last of summer heat in September? From Palermo to Marsala (and beyond) we recommend an on-the-road trip along the wonders of Western Sicily. You will find historic towns and villages, salt pans and dream beaches. 

Starting from Palermo and its Arab-Norman monuments, you'll reach the picturesque seaside village of Castellammare del Golfo, the white beaches of San Vito lo Capo, then visit Trapani and the medieval village of Erice, the salt pans of Marsala, and finally the Kasbah (Arab quarter) of Mazara del Vallo.

Book a day trip to Erice

3. Among the villages and beaches of Cilento


The second temple of Hera in Paestum

For another seaside destination, we take you to Cilento. Cilento comprises that part of Campania that stretches from Salerno to the border with Basilicata. 

With archaeological sites from Magna Grecia, breathtaking beaches, exciting outdoor activities, villages frozen in time and an excellent regional cuisine, there are many reasons to visit Cilento, even in September.

Much of Cilento's territory is confined within the Cilento and Vallo di Diano National Park, where you can visit not only the park but also the village of Padula and the famous archaeological sites of Paestum. For the sea, we recommend the beautiful beaches of Palinuro and Marina di Camerota.

Visit the Paestum archaeological park

2. Merano and hiking in the Alps



If you are not a sea lover and prefer to spend your holiday in the green mountains, we have the solution for you.

Merano, in South Tyrol, is the city of spas, gardens and La Dolce Vita. Here in summer the climate is very mild, making it a perfect destination for those who want to enjoy the last days of summer in September.

Despite being a mountain town, Merano is traversed by water everywhere. The city is crossed by the river Passirio, on whose sides run two beautiful and very large pedestrian promenades and a cycle path. Merano is also the city of water because of its famous thermal baths.

Don't miss the beautiful Sissi Path, which touches all the places associated with the Habsburg Empress and leads on foot to Trauttmansdorff Castle and its huge park, with over 80 botanical environments. 

1. Holidays in italy in september: the Oltrepo' Pavese wine routes


The Oltrepo' Pavese hills

The last destination we propose is located on the extreme southern border of Lombardy, where the Po Valley meets the Apennine mountain chain: the Oltrepo' Pavese.

The best time to visit the hills of the Oltrepò is undoubtedly from September to October, when the wine cellars offer the possibility of witnessing, and in some cases participating in, the grape harvest. Tastings are organised and the producers are always enthusiastic to talk about the peculiarities of their wines.

Along the Oltrepò Pavese wine and flavour routes, you can take scenic routes, such as the Sentiero dei Briganti, from Bralello to Fego, and visit the various villages in the area, such as Fortunago.

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