From mountains to lakes, here there are 10 summer destinations to visit if you don't like the sea.

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Not for everyone summer is synonymous with sea and golden beaches. If that is also your case, this article is just for you. Today we are going to discover 10 destinations to visit in Italy if you are not a sea lover

There are many tourist destinations to go to in the summer, in search of refreshment, nature or art. Our peninsula has endless choices to offer, from mountains to lakes and for those who do not suffer during heatwaves, even art towns.

We will take a trip from the enchanting valleys of the north to the small villages of central Italy, travelling along breathtaking roads and landscapes. Here tehre are 10 alternative summer destinations to the sea in Italy

10. Val di Non, Trentino Alto-Adige

Lake Tovel

Lake Tovel in Non Valley

Val Di Non is the ideal destination for those dreaming of a trip to discover unique natural beauty far from the sunny beaches that line the Italian peninsula.

Val di Non is one of the many valleys in the Trentino-Alto Adige region, located in the northwestern part of the autonomous province of Trento. An enchanted valley whose slopes are covered with numerous apple orchards

This valley is also rich in beautiful alpine lakes, including Lake Tovel. There are five lakes that can be reached on foot thanks to pleasant paths and hiking trails. A holiday dedicated to hiking in nature and to the peace that only the mountains can give.

9. Malcesine on Lake Garda, Veneto


View of Malcesine

Along the beautiful Veneto shore of Lake Garda lies the delightful village of Malcesine. Malcesine is a small town that develops around the ancient Scaligero castle.

This ancient village is an ideal destination for those who do not love the sea as the lake offers moments of intense relaxation, walks and romantic views. In a short time, from the centre of Malcesine, it is also possible to reach Monte Baldo, for splendid inland excursions and breathtaking views of Lake Garda.

The centre of Malcesine, with its colourful alleys and small harbour, is a real gem. You can also take cultural walks and visit the imposing fortress.

8. Historic residences on Lake Como, Lombardy

Lake Como

A villa on Lake Como

Along the shores of Lake Como, in Lombardy, there are scenic villages characterised by small harbours, colourful houses and, above all, the historic villas, famous worldwide, also chosen as residences by show business stars. 

The mitigating action of the lake water creates a favourable microclimate along the shores for splendid gardens and parks with palm trees, olive trees, Mediterranean and tropical flowers.

There are numerous villas to visit, including Villa Carlotta and Villa Monastero, but there are also numerous villas and historical residences in which you can stay, for a dream holiday.

7. Turin, Piedmont


View of Turin

The elegance of Turin will amaze you. For a long time, Turin was the capital of Italy and the seat of the royal family, and even today its grandeur is reflected in the sumptuous breadth of its boulevards and the magnificence of its palaces. 

Turin is an elegant and refined city, embraced by the Po and surrounded by hills and mountains. Besides the places best known to tourists, such as the Mole Antonelliana, the Egyptian Museum and the Cinema Museum, Turin offers plenty of activities to do and places to explore. 

From the royal palaces and large parks in which you can relax, to the numerous museums to immerse yourself in history and art. In this article we explain in more detail how to experience the city like a local.

6. Tour of Medieval Castles in Romagna

San Leo fortress

San Leo fortress in Romagna

Romagna, best known for its long Riviera (one of the most important and extensive seaside tourist areas in Italy), hides precious gems in its hinterland.

To discover it at its best, we have devised a special tour: discovering the most beautiful medieval castles in Romagna. Starting from the north and descending towards the south, here there are the 10 castles in Romagna that in our opinion must be visited

A travelling holiday rich in history, immersed in a fairytale atmosphere. An excellent alternative for those who do not want to spend their days lying in the sun on the endless beaches of Emilia-Romagna.

5. Trekking on the Via Francigena, Tuscany

Via Francigena


The Via Francigena occupies the first place among trekking routes in Italy. The path originated as a pilgrimage route that crosses whole Europe vertically and has Rome as its ultimate destination. 

Today, the Via Francigena is travelled every year by thousands of tourists who, following the footsteps of pilgrims, wish to discover the beauty of Italy. Along the route of the Via Francigena you can discover Italy at your leisure, day after day, through every aspect of it, from the artistic to the naturalistic one.

One of the most beautiful and evocative stretches is the one that crosses the heart of Tuscany, namely the road that leads from the ancient village of San Miniato to the marvellous Siena, through enchanting villages including San Gimignano and Monteriggioni

4. Tour of the villages in Umbria

Villages umbria

Rasiglia in Umbria

Umbria is one of the smallest regions in Italy but at the same time one of the greenest. Importantly, it is the only region in central and southern Italy that is not washed by the sea. What better place to experience your holiday away from the sea?

Dotted with a large number of small villages with characteristic charm, Umbria will take you on a journey through time. Among the best known villages we find Assisi, Spello, Gubbio and Spoleto. We propose a more authentic experience, discovering the most beautiful villages in Umbria and less known to most visitors. In this article, you will the 10 most beautiful villages to visit in Umbria.

3. Nature trails in Marche

Sibillini Mountains

Sibillini Mountains

There are so many itineraries and routes to take to discover Marche, from trekking to simple walks. Lovers of unspoilt nature and wilderness can make all kinds of excursions in this region.

Some of the most special places include the fairytale landscape of the Frasassi Caves, studded with stalactites and stalagmites, and the Lame Rosse, a real canyon made up of rock formations tending towards red.

There are also numerous natural parks, such as the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park, the Monti Sibillini National Park and the Conero Regional Natural Park.

2. The Umbra Forest, Apulia

Umbra Forest

Umbra Forest

The beautiful Apulia region boasts not only beautiful beaches with turquoise waters but also authentic green paradises. 

On the mountainous Gargano promontory, in the innermost part of the Gargano National Park, there is the Foresta Umbra nature reserve. The Foresta Umbra is a protected natural area that owes its name to the dense vegetation that makes it very shady for many stretches.

The entire area is criss-crossed by 15 main trails of different difficulty levels and boasts 40 per cent of Italy's flora and 70 per cent of the country's nesting birds. The Umbra Forest is therefore an area to explore at all ages.

1. Out-of-town trips in Rome, Lazio

Villa d'Este

Villa d'Este in Tivoli

If you plan to go to the capital for these holidays, we have several places on the outskirts of Rome for you to visit.

Around the eternal city you will find perched villages, ghost lakes, archaeological parks and villas from another era. These include the village of Tivoli, famous for Villa Adriana, the villa of Emperor Hadrian, and Villa d'Este, a Renaissance and Baroque residence with majestic fountains. 

Another place not to be missed is the medieval village of Subiaco. Immersed in the flora and fauna of the Monti Simbruini Regional Natural Park, this town is rich in history, culture and art. 

In this article, you can find the 10 most fascinating places within 100 km of Rome to take inspiration for your summer trips out of town.

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