Discover what to to in Naples in 3 days among ancient ruins, works of art and underground secrets. An experience that blends history and culture.

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Welcome to Naples, a city that tells its story through centuries of evolution, enveloped in the unique atmosphere of timeless Renaissance art. This 3-day itinerary is designed to explore what Naples has to offer, on a journey through the ancient traces, extraordinary works of art and underground mysteries that define its unique charm.

Through this guidebook, you will be led through an enthralling sequence of discoveries, offering a complete overview of what to do in Naples in 3 days, harmoniously integrating culture, beauty, and authenticity. For example, you can use the Naples Pass which becomes your key to an extraordinary experience in Naples, offering convenient and flexible access to numerous city attractions and museums, as well as discounts and concessions for the city's public transport. Whether you are a history buff, an art lover, or a curious adventurer, Naples will surprise you with its richness and diversity. Ready to be captured by the magic of the Neapolitan city?

Discover Naples in 3 days with the Naples Pass

Naples in 3 Days: an adventure through history and beauty

What to do in Naples in 3 days, piazza del gesù

Discovering what to do in Naples in 3 days is like travelling back in time through a fascinating mosaic of history and beauty. Wrapped in the timeless atmosphere of Renaissance art, the city offers a unique perspective of ancient ruins, extraordinary works of art and underground mysteries. Every corner of Naples tells a rich story of evolution and authenticity, giving visitors an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a history buff, art lover or curious explorer, Naples will surprise you with its cultural richness and extraordinary diversity.

Be captivated by the magic of this unique city, ready to unveil its most precious treasures and offer you an immersive journey into the heart of its history. In this 3-day itinerary, you will discover Naples' ancient roots in the historic centre. From a delicious lunch in the cobbled alleys to an immersion in art, your journey will be a succession of fascinating discoveries.

Discover Naples on a walking tour

Day 1: Naples between ancient roots, time travel and extraordinary architectural works

what to do in naples in 3 days, san lorenzo maggiore

The first day of your itinerary on what to see in Naples in 3 days starts by immersing yourself in the city's ancient roots. The day begins in the historic centre, where you can explore the fascinating ruins of the underground Neapolis, but from an unusual location, through the majestic basilica of San Lorenzo Maggiore. Discover the secrets of the past as you walk through the layers of history that make up the unique fabric of Naples, tens of metres below the streets the whole world knows. Indeed, the Neapolis Sotterrata at San Lorenzo Maggiore offers a compelling journey through time in Naples, with layers that tell the story from ancient Greece to the Middle Ages. The dungeons, Roman macellum and cryptoporticus reveal secrets of daily life in ancient Naples.

In the afternoon after a delicious lunch in one of the many restaurants, you will find a stone's throw from San Lorenzo Maggiore, continue your cultural tour at the Museodivino, where artist Antonio Maria Esposito will amaze you with his extraordinary works, including miniature nativity scenes and a Divine Comedy in a walnut shell. You can find the marvellous Cloister of Santa Chiara a few steps away, admiring its frescoes and gardens.

Here you can spend some time waiting for dinner time when you can enjoy the beauty of the historic centre in the evening, when it is filled with music, colours and scents, and immerse yourself in Neapolitan food and wine.

More information on the Museodivino

Day 2: a day dedicated to San Gennaro

What to do in Naples in 3 days, treasure of San Gennaro

Your second day in Naples is destined to be an extraordinary experience with the morning that begins with a visit to the Filangieri Museum, a treasure trove of art treasures and curiosities that capture the creative essence of the city. Amidst works of art and jewellery, immerse yourself in the rich artistic history of Naples that is revealed through every exhibit in the museum.

Staying in the area in the afternoon, you can venture into the treasure of San Gennaro, a place that oozes Neapolitan history and culture, where precious relics, such as the blood of the patron saint, bear extraordinary witness to the devotion and tradition deeply rooted in the heart of the city.

In the evening, stroll through the streets of Rione Sanità, a fascinating neighbourhood where authentic Naples blends with urban redevelopment projects. Here, too, you can find real hidden treasures such as museums of all kinds and early Christian catacombs guarding millennia of history, such as the Catacombs of San Gennaro and San Gaudioso, an integral part of the redevelopment project that makes this district a unique place to explore in your itinerary on what to do in Naples in 3 days and enjoy pizza made by master pizza makers for generations in one of the many pizzerias in the village.

Discover the Treasure of San Gennaro

Day 3: Naples between spirituality and Renaissance art up to the Bourbons

what to do in Naples in 3 days, Sant'Anna dei Lombardi

Your Neapolitan adventure continues with a deep immersion in Renaissance spirituality and art. After breakfast in one of the city's cafés, especially for this tour in, Piazza Carità, one of the few squares that bears witness to the passage of rational architecture in Naples, with works created in the early 1920s, you can stroll along Via Roma and Via Toledo, the Neapolitan shopping streets, and then head to the Spanish quarters to visit a true corner of Neapolitan life.

In the afternoon, after a real, traditional lunch in the Spanish quarters, immerse yourself in Renaissance art at the Complesso Museale Sant'Anna dei Lombardi. This authentic temple of Neapolitan art contains works of inestimable historical and artistic value. Be captivated by the wonders of the Old Sacristy, a small Sistine Chapel in the heart of Naples, and the unique realism of Guido Mazzoni's Lamentation over the Dead Christ.

You can leave the old centre behind and pass through the beautiful turn-of-the-century architecture of Piazza Matteotti with its emblematic post office building built during the 1930s. You will find yourself in the brand new Piazza Municipio, overlooked by the new metro station of Alvaro Siza and Souto de Moura and the famous Maschio Angioino.

At this point, you will be at Piazza del Plebiscito and can end your exploration of what to do in Naples in 3 days in style by returning underground, just as it began. Immerse yourself in the intriguing underground world of the Galleria Borbonica. This intricate labyrinth reveals the city's hidden secrets, offering you a unique experience in the heart of Naples. With this itinerary, you will have the opportunity to fully experience the authenticity and historical-artistic richness of the Neapolitan city, discovering each of its treasures and being fascinated by its uniqueness and on the way out you will find yourself in one of the most fashionable areas for a drink in Naples, the Chiaia district.

Visit the Sant'Anna dei Lombardi Complex

What to do in Naples in 3 days: the end of the journey

In conclusion, the three-day voyage of discovery of Naples offers an extraordinary experience that unravels the city's ancient roots, Renaissance art and underground secrets. Through this fascinating itinerary, visitors can immerse themselves in Neapolitan history, art and culture, and be captivated by its authenticity and diversity.

From the first day, dedicated to the ancient roots in the historic centre, through the day dedicated to San Gennaro with visits to the Museo Filangieri and the treasure of San Gennaro, to the third day focusing on spirituality and Renaissance art, the itinerary offers a complete overview of the city, and all the proposed attractions are also part of one of the itineraries offered by the Naples Pass. Naples reveals itself as a city rich in historical and artistic treasures, ready to welcome travellers with its unique magic and authenticity.

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