Nightlife in Naples: which are the most popular places, clubs, and neighborhoods? Here's our guide to the night in the city

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Naples is not only pizza, sun and mandolin as the clichés and stereotypes so much say about her, it is much, much more and to discover her true identity one must plunge into her bowels, drown in her depths and let go.

Naples is a city to be experienced completely, which means that when the sun goes down, the best time of day to see the city in moonlight, with its sparkling evening dress will be the perfect companion for a Neapolitan night.

What to do in Naples at night? Nightlife in Naples is just as eventful as it is during the day and perhaps even more so. Naples is divided into different neighborhoods offering anyone what they are looking for-a quiet, glamorous, carefree or crazy night!

Nightlife in Naples

Nightlife in Naples

Naples is a beautiful woman who bewitches you with her charm both by day and by night. Nightlife in Naples is one of its main peculiarities because like New York (the Big Apple) Naples never sleeps.

It should also be mentioned that Naples is a favorite destination for Erasmus students precisely because of its social life. Soventemente one can come across Erasmus students and out-of-towners hanging out in the areas of the historic center right where the University is located and where most students rent houses.

What to do in Naples at night? Nightlife in Naples varies from area to area, you just have to move from one neighborhood to another to encounter something new, people with original styles, from classic to alternative, each with their own concept of music and entertainment, in the same way as the styles of clubs, bars change, in short Naples has so much to offer, you just have to have a clear idea and know how to look.

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Nightlife in Naples: the most popular places in the city

Nightlife in Naples: aperitif

The most popular districts for nightlife in Naples are undoubtedly the Vomero, the Chiaia district, the historic centre and the Bagnoli waterfront. If you don't know what to do in the evening in Naples, whether it is winter or summer, the Chiaia district is always a favourite with Neapolitans. It is very fashionable, elegant and full of trendy clubs, especially the area of the Chiaia bars. It is advisable to reach it by taxi if you do not have a car or perhaps by moped, otherwise you can use metro line 2.

Like Chiaia, Vomero is also a very popular district, considered one of the most elegant in the city, perfect for living there but also for its social life.

The historic centre of Naples, on the other hand, is perhaps the city's hottest spot, a bit like the navel of the world where experiences converge and turn into expression, to quote Jovanotti. All Neapolitans live in the historic centre when they do not know what to do in Naples in the evening.

The Bagnoli area, on the other hand, is the most frequented during the summer because between Bagnoli and Coroglio there is a seafront full of discos and clubs adjacent to the beach, many of which allow access to the beach even at night, perfect for those seeking good music, movement and fun.

The Chiaia district

Nightlife in Naples: Chiaia

The Chiaia district, bordering Fuorigrotta, Vomero, Posillipo and San Ferdinando, overlooks the beautiful Gulf of Naples. Chiaia is a neighbourhood that overlooks the sea and is considered one of the most beautiful and exclusive in the whole of Naples, together with the Posillipo and Vomero districts. It is a residential neighbourhood a stone's throw from the seafront and Naples' municipal villa, but above all, it is rich in shops that offer the possibility of high-level shopping with the world's most important luxury brands and, above all, made in Italy.
Let's take a walk through the trendiest neighborhood in Naples!

The Chiaia district is famous, however, for its worldliness, so if you don't know what to do in Naples in the evening and are looking for nightlife in Naples, Chiaia will certainly satisfy. It is easily reached by taxi or by metro line 2. Particularly notable in the network of streets that make up Chiaia are Vico Belledonne, Via Chiaia and Via San Pasquale: the famous "Baretti area of Naples". The baretti are so called because they follow one after the other, creating an embarrassment of choice as to where to stop, a collection of glamorous and all different venues that host Neapolitans, young people and tourists.

Popular venues include the Enoteca Belledonne, the Bruttini and the Swig. For those looking for a quiet evening there are wine bars and beer gardens such as Mosto and Salotto Martucci, but also Barril and Magnolia. Those who want to sip a good drink can definitely stop off at the famous Antiquario, which was included in the list of the 50 best bars in the world, a true excellence!
Let's find out together which are the 10 best cocktail bars in Naples not to be missed in 2024.

How to get there

Metro Line 1: stop at 'Toledo';

Funicular Centrale: stop at 'Augusteo';

Metro Line 2: stop at 'Amedeo' in Piazza Amedeo;

Funicular railway of Chiaia: 'Parco Margherita' stop;

Buses: 128, 140, 151, 154, 650, C24, C25, C27, C12, R7, E6, 201, 202, R2, R4, N1, N3

The Vomero district

Nightlife in NapolI: The Vomero district

On the hillside of Naples lies the Vomero district, one of the most exclusive and affluent in the Neapolitan city and, above all, full of movida at all hours of the day. Unlike the Chiaia district, Vomero's nightlife is more select and sophisticated, aimed at a carefree and quiet evening among its wine bars and lounge bars. Whether you are in a couple or with friends, the Vomero is a great alternative for nightlife in Naples. What to do in Naples in the night?
Discovering Vomero!

Among the most popular venues are the Merliani 360 or the Barrio Botanico, suitable for an afternoon aperitif or a quiet evening in pleasant company, or the Riot, the Fonoteca or the Flanagan, each place has its own people, every detail is carefully thought out and finished with care. There is also a secret bar in the Vomero that deserves to be seen: the Archivio Storico.

It happens very often that you don't know what to do in Naples in the evening when you go out, sometimes you feel like a change, you feel like something new, something different. What makes the Vomero perfect for a night out is the presence of countless pubs, Irish, English and Scottish style, with a huge choice of meats and beers for hop lovers. People from all over come to the Vomero at the weekend to spend an evening in a pub or wine bar.

Vomero is easy to reach because there are no less than three stops on metro line 1: Medaglie d'oro, Vanvitelli and Quattro Giornate.

How to get there

Metro Line 1: 'Vanvitelli', 'Quattro Giornate', 'Medaglie d'oro' stops;

Funicular of Montesanto: stop 'Via Morghen';

Funicular Centrale: "Piazza Fuga" stop;

Funicular railway of Chiaia: "Cimarosa" stop;

Buses: 635, 130, C36, V1, 128, 132, 181, C31, 532, C13, C33, C38, N3.

The historic centre of Naples

Nightlife in Naples: historic centre

'What shall we do tonight? Let's go to Bellini', this is one of the typical conversations between Neapolitans. When one does not know what to do one goes to Piazza Bellini, yes but where is it? Pizza Bellini is located in the historic centre of Naples, the beating heart of the city. Nightlife in Naples revolves somewhat around the historic centre, often a meeting place for many when one does not know what to do in Naples at night. As old as the city itself, the historic centre is the hub of many of Naples' businesses and especially of tourist life as it is very close to the central station and the port where thousands of tourists land every day.

The historic centre is in turn divided into areas, Piazza Bellini being one of these, a meeting point for many and a necessary stop for those visiting the city, from here a maze of streets meander through the three decumani that divide Naples.

The historic centre is perfect for staying, booking a hotel or B&B because you can move around easily on foot, it is close to the city's main areas of interest and it is close to the metro, so even for a night out with friends it is easy to get to the centre by public transport or by sharing a bicycle or scooter.

The hottest spots in the centre are certainly Piazza Bellini, Piazza San Domenico Maggiore, Piazza del Gesù, the Banchi Nuovi area, with the various bars and clubs along the city streets, from Krella to Kesté, from Bottega Alcolica to Libreria Berisio, all the way to Barrio Botanico in Via Medina for an innovative and relaxing experience. Lots of places to sip great drinks with both traditional and revised formulas.

If you are staying in the historic centre of Naples, the Naples Pass is the best possible option to avoid wasting time on public transport, queues to buy tickets, and hours of waiting to enter the city's museums and main attractions.

How to get there

Metro Line 1: "Dante" or "Museo" stops;

Metro Line 2: "Cavour" stop;

Bus: Piazza Dante stop: 139, 168, 178, 182, 201, 460, 584, C63, E1, R4;

Museum stop: 139, 147, 168, 178, 460, C63, R4;

Cavour stop: 147, 182, 184, 201, 584;

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Nightlife in Naples: Bagnoli

The Bagnoli area, not far from Fuorigrotta, is one of the busiest areas for nightlife in Naples. The Bagnoli waterfront, from the small islet of Nisida all the way to Pozzuoli, is chock-full of discos and clubs operating year-round, both outdoors and indoors, but of course during the summertime they become a favorite destination for young people and beyond. From Club Partenopeo to Voga, via the Arenile to the Rotonda Belvedere, to the Terrazza Flegrea to Nero, in summer there is truly an embarrassment of riches.

Thousands of people decide to go to nightclubs because many of them have direct access to the beach and what could be more romantic than the sea at night? Not sure what to do in Naples at night? Beautiful music and the sea at night, a perfect combination to ease the pain of your working days, of course very often you have to deal with the traffic issue that tends to become problematic during the weekend.
How to get there
Metro Line 2: "stop Bagnoli-Agnano terme"
Bus: R7, C1, C3

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