Let's explore the iconic districts of nightlife in Milan to live an unforgettable experience and discover the secrets of the classic movida Milanese.

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Savor an aperitif at Porta Venezia or in the bohemian atmosphere of Brera; enjoy a dinner among the picturesque canals of the Navigli district; discover the emerging NoLo and have fun dancing in the clubs of Corso Como. Nightlife in Milan is a true institution, offering countless options for every taste and budget. 

The Milanese movida represents an unforgettable journey to discover the city's most vibrant and trendy soul. Or, it would be better say “souls”: because, among bars, breweries, pubs, clubs and various types of venues, each neighborhood offers a unique and special atmosphere. And the night is the best time to reveal their secrets and live them in the most authentic and unforgettable way.

The unique experience of nightlife in Milan

Nightlife in Milan, a unique experience

Nightlife in Milan represents a central element of the city's identity. The Milanese movida (nightlife scene) is indeed a tourist attraction in itself, as well as a sort of ritual in which even residents participate during the weekend evenings.

The traditional nights out in the city start already in the late afternoon with the unmissable aperitivo: the tables of the bars fill up from 6 pm onwards with people of all ages to enjoy a drink in company.

After the aperitivo, Milanese residents and tourists can head to one of the thousands of restaurants that cover every corner of Milan, to savor traditional dishes or discover ethnic specialties from all over the world. Then, after dinner, there’s a vast array of options, with venues offering live music, pubs and nightclubs open until dawn.

Spending an evening in the heart of the Milanese nightlife is an absolutely unmissable experience. We can have fun on our own or in company, and appreciate the lights, sounds and vibrant atmosphere of a city that never sleeps and which, at night, becomes even more unique and special.

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5. Nightlife in Milan: blending art and bars in the Brera district

Nightlife in Milan, Brera

Brera is a splendid neighborhood famous for its artistic atmosphere (home to the renowned Pinacoteca di Brera and the Accademia delle Belle Arti), as well as for its bars, clubs and trattorias in the style of "old Milan".

Starting from Piazza del Duomo, we can easily reach Brera by crossing Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II until the Teatro alla Scala, and from there walking for a few minutes along Via Brera. Or, if we arrive from outside, we just need to take the M2 metro (Green Line) and get off at the Lanza stop.

Once there, let's immerse ourselves immediately in the lively and cosmopolitan atmosphere of the area, starting with an aperitivo in one of the many bars and cafes, enjoying a cocktail or a glass of wine. Then, let’s continue by choosing a restaurant where we can savor the typical local recipes, such as Risotto with saffron and Milanese cutlet.

After dinner, let's take a stroll through the characteristic cobblestone streets and art galleries that come alive in the evening, searching for the best venues where discover the bohemian atmosphere of the neighborhood and listen to some good live music.

We’ll thus spend an evening full of fun, in a youthful and international environment that loves to combine entertainment and culture in a mix that makes Brera an unmissable spot of the nightlife in Milan.

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4. Movida in the Navigli district

Nightlife in Milan, Navigli

From Piazza del Duomo, we can reach the Navigli district by taking tram number 3 (direction Gratosoglio) or number 15 (direction Rozzano), or by walking for about 1.5 kilometers along Via Torino (one of Milan's shopping streets), passing the historic Colonne di San Lorenzo and then continuing to the end of Corso di Porta Ticinese.

If we prefer to take the metro, we can use the M2 (Green Line) and get off at the Porta Genova stop.

Like Brera, the Navigli district is a perfect area to spend a wonderful evening, starting with the late afternoon aperitivo and staying until late at night.

One of the most distinctive aspects of this area is the opportunity to dine or have a drink along the picturesque canals, enjoying the view of the bridges and the houses reflected in the water as we stroll along the crowded, illuminated banks of the Navigli, in a festive yet romantic atmosphere.

Compared to other nightlife hubs in Milan, the Navigli have a younger and more tourist-oriented vibe. The nightlife here is more lively and varied, ranging from live music to DJ sets, as well as events and parties that animate the evenings until dawn in one of the pulsing hearts of the nightlife in Milan.

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3. A refined nightlife with a view of the Arco della Pace

Nightlife in Milan, Arco della Pace

If the Navigli district offers a more informal and lively nightlife, the area of Corso Sempione near the historic and monumental Arco della Pace, instead, stands out for its elegant and sophisticated atmosphere.

The Arch is located just north of Parco Sempione, the green lung of Milan, and is easily accessible on foot from Cadorna (Red Line M1 and Green Line M2) or Moscova (Green Line M2) metro stops.

Once in the area, we can start the evening with an aperitif in one of the refined cocktail bars that animate Corso Sempione. Immersed in an elegant atmosphere, let’s sip on a high-quality drink while enjoying the glimpses of the illuminated Arch.

After the aperitif, we can choose from numerous gourmet restaurants offering high-level cuisine, often with a splendid view of the nearby park. For after-dinner, we can step into one of the trendy venues that fill this area, attracting a clientele attentive to fashion and exclusive lifestyles, reflecting the status and image of a cosmopolitan and worldly Milan.

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2. The Atmosphere of Isola and the Nightclubs of Corso Como

Nightlife in Milan, nightclubs

An entertainment experience to discover a new and surprising side of Milan: as the sun begins to set, the Isola neighborhood comes alive with vibrant energy, offering the opportunity to spend an unforgettable evening away from the usual clichés.

To reach Isola from the city center, we need to take the M2 (Green Line) metro and get off at the Garibaldi stop. From here, in just a few minutes' walk, we’ll reach the beating heart of this alternative area, which has had an extraordinary development in recent years.

Here we can fully immerse ourselves in a young and informal environment, made up of bars and clubs that liven up the neighborhood with an offer of aperitivi, creative cocktails and the innovative cuisine of excellent quality restaurants, where we will discover a new side of Milanese gastronomy. During the summer, it is even more pleasant to enjoy a cocktail or dinner in Isola thanks to the presence of delightful outdoor seating areas.

To end the evening in style, we return towards the illuminated skyscrapers towering in the Garibaldi area, and reach Corso Como, a true mecca for nightclub lovers. Here we can mingle with the young and lively clientele that crowds the area, in search of entertainment, music and fashionable clubs where we can dance until late at night.

1. NoLo, one of the trendiest neighborhoods for nightlife in Milan

A multicultural context for an informal entertainment offer oriented towards a young audience, within a recently redeveloped neighborhood that has quickly become one of the trendiest nightlife spots in Milan.

In NoLo (North Loreto), the "old Milan" atmosphere is combined with the evolution towards the city of the future, with a more relaxed environment and wide pedestrian areas that encourage to take a stroll, especially in the evening, admiring the street art of the beautiful murals before stopping in one of the numerous local venues.

From ethnic restaurants to wine bars, from traditional bistros to fashionable pubs: there are a lot of options to spend a wonderful evening, especially in the area around Piazza Morbegno, true heart of the neighborhood.

How to reach NoLo from the center of Milan? Just take the M1 (Red Line) metro, which starts directly from Piazza del Duomo, and get off at the Loreto stop (on the edge of the neighborhood) or Pasteur (to find yourself right in the middle of NoLo).

Bonus: Porta Venezia and Colonne di San Lorenzo

Nightlife in Milan, Colonne di San Lorenzo

The 5 neighborhoods we have talked about are wonderful places to experience a lively evening in Milan, discovering different venues, environments and atmospheres. But Milan also offers other nightlife spots, such as the Porta Venezia or Colonne di San Lorenzo areas.

Porta Venezia is located just north of Piazza San Babila, not far from the Duomo. It has recently established itself as one of the most creative areas of the Milanese nightlife, with an international atmosphere and a varied entertainment offering that attracts people in search of new trends and experiences outside of traditional schemes.

The Colonne di San Lorenzo, on the other hand, are just a short distance from the Navigli district, and represent an area with an ancient and evocative charm, dominated by the imposing Roman ruins and the extraordinary silhouette of the homonymous Basilica.

Here, the nightlife takes on a more relaxed and informal tone, with a selection of bohemian-style venues that attract a heterogeneous clientele, from students to artists, from workers to regulars of the neighborhood. All in a convivial and welcoming setting, ideal for spending time with friends over a good drink.

To conclude the evening, after our last drink, let's take a walk to reach Piazza del Duomo, admiring the beautiful illuminated Duomo and the silhouette of the Madonnina standing out against the night sky, making us appreciate even more the magical atmosphere of the nightlife in Milan.

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