What are the best restaurants to eat in Milan? In this article, we have selected 10 that you absolutely must try in 2024.

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This selection of the best restaurants you just can't miss when in Milan includes ultra-famous addresses and new openings with urban-chic allure and contemporary flavours. We also put a focus on design and architecture.

Our list is a carousel of significantly different suggestions, with typical neighbourhood trattorias, starred restaurants and quirky, fashionable hangouts. The common thread is "la milanesità". Milan may be the most international city in Italy, open to new fads and innovations. But when it comes to food, the Milanese gastronomic tradition remains at the vanguard.

Let's see together which are the best restaurants worth trying during your visit to Milan in 2024:

Penelope a casa

Best restaurants in Milan: Penelope a casa

This cozy-chic restaurant in the Ticinese district appeals for the metropolitan and contemporary character of its furnishings and wins you over with a rich culinary offering that pays homage to the gastronomic tradition of Abruzzo. The relaxed and convivial atmosphere is diluted in a highly scenic setting. As you enter, you can't help but notice the play of colours, materials and proportions that draw Penelope a casa, from the chequered floor to the crystal chandeliers, the mirrored walls and the spectacular aqua-green bar counter full of sparkling glasses and spice jars. After the ritual selfie while sipping a flûte crowned by a cloud of candy floss, browse through the menus: the covers are all reminiscent of registers, ledgers and accounting books. Appreciated details of style. 

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Best restaurants in Milan: Sogni

Sogni is a fish restaurant set in an aura of elegant disorder. Part trattoria, part a cosy grandmother's house and part a chic metropolitan hangout, this unexpected eatery on Via S. Calocero offers a selection of traditional dishes prepared to reflect the season's freshest ingredients. The interiors are a surprise, with a well-kept, welcoming ambience combining classic and modern decor. There are floral sofas and solid wood panelling, a delightful jardin d'hiver, frescoed walls, burnished mirrors, and a display of plates featuring Karl Blossfeldt's shots. Also, a sizeable convivial table is there to enjoy a meal in good company while listening to some great background music. The restaurant boasts an international wine list focusing on product and supplier quality.

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Giacomo Milano

Best restaurants in Milan: Giacomo Milano

It has been a symbol of Milanese gastronomy for over sixty years. A mustachioed profile design the logo of the historic mini-empire of Milanese cuisine dreamt up by Giacomo Bulleri. The core of this gluttonous realm si Via Sottocorno, which hosts a restaurant, pastry shop, rotisserie, bistro and Tabaccheria (a small "boutique of taste" with exclusive gastronomic products and a wide selection of cigars). The Museo del Novecento also houses the Arengario restaurant, while the Caffè is located inside Palazzo Reale. Each place has a unique style and a strong personal touch, from the sophisticated charm of the bistrot to the little villa with garden and pergola that welcomes customers to the rotisserie. A must-stop to sample the city's most authentic taste and spirit.

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Gran Baguttin

Best restaurants in Milan: Gran Baguttin

Located in the heart of Milan, Gran Baguttin is a piece of Milanese history. Once known as Bagutta, this iconic restaurant has hosted a plethora of artists and literary figures throughout the 20th Century. The place longly embodied creativity and culture, with its walls adorned with works of art and autographed documents. Italy's first literary competition, Premio Bagutta, was born here. The spirit of the past is still very much present. Its pleasant atmosphere offers a delightful combination of food art and local culture. Today, the Gran Baguttin promises an intimate and tranquil atmosphere in an exquisitely Milanese setting, warm and reserved. The menu is a round-up of the classic flavours that define the city of Milan.

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Alessandro Borghese - Il lusso della semplicità

Best restaurants in Milan: Alessandro Borghese - Il lusso della semplicità

Chef Alessandro Borghese is a familiar face to cooking show fans. In the futuristic CityLife district, his restaurant occupies the first floor of the storied Gio Ponti building in Via Belisario. Quite an unusual choice but one that places it in a decidedly international dimension. Sophisticated fittings that recall the 1920s, a dusting of cruise ship style, works of art, and design objects give the environment a strong yet comfortable texture. The atmosphere doesn't intimidate or repel customers less accustomed to luxury restaurants. With its welcoming and knowledgeable service and beautiful, stylish dishes that all palates can understand, Il lusso della semplicità (the luxury of simplicity) lives up to its name. Tuck into a cacio e pepe dish to play it safe. 

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The Roof Milano

Best Milan restaurant: The Roof

Chef Paolo Scaccabarozzi signs the menu of The Roof, a panoramic restaurant in the central Piazza Giuseppe Missori. Head up to the tenth floor of the Hotel dei Cavalieri, and you'll come out on a large terrace overlooking Milan's rooftops, one of the city's most spectacular views. A modern space where you can enjoy a drink accompanied by delicate finger food at sunset or appreciate an al fresco meal in a unique atmosphere. With its contemporary cuisine with a traditional twist, we like The Roof because it combines the refinement of its spaces with a pleasant environment to enjoy from lunchtime until late at night.

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Lounge & Restaurant Nabucco

Best restaurants in Milan: Nabucco

Verdi's opera is the leitmotif of Nabucco, one of the most interesting spots to stop off for a cocktail or a quality dinner in Brera district. The refined and lively atmosphere recalls the spirit of the neighbourhood, vibrant and bohemian. Nabucco has recently seen a fresh update, but the references to the opera shows of La Scala theatre are still part of the modern, well-thought-out style. On the menu, you will find iconic flavours, such as risotto, vitello tonnato and tripe, and more imaginative and original forays. Fish dishes are proposed according to the fresh catch of the Milan Fish Market. Ideal for a stylish after-theatre meal or drink. 

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Cracco Galleria

Best restaurants in Milan: Cracco in Galleria

Carlo Cracco is the acclaimed chef at the helm of this ambitious Michelin-starred restaurant within the luxurious setting of Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. A light and elegant retro allure mark the all-around culinary venue that welcomes guests from breakfast to after-theatre drinks. The design by Studio Peregalli blends perfectly into the gallery's architecture and is a tribute to the Milanese style. The Café on the ground floor features hand-painted walls, mosaics and a large 19th-century Parisian bar counter. Art Deco-inspired touches enhance the restaurant space, with its striking windows overlooking the Galleria and sophisticated details. There is also a private lounge for special events on the second floor. The wine cellar on the basement preserves over ten thousand bottles, a rich and curated collection sorted out for sale and tasting.

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Al Garghet

Best restaurants in Milan: Al Garghet

A former monastery, country residence, and tavern with a dance hall. The 13th-century building at 36 Via Selvanesco has lived many lives. The current one is as a romantic and bohemian outpost of Milano cuisine. Al Garghet is a precious restaurant in the southern part of the city. In the local dialect, its name means the croaking of frogs, a peculiar background sound accompanying pleasant summer lunches in the flower-filled park. Emanuela Cipolla, the owner, has done an excellent job of creating a country-chic retreat where the flavours are reminiscent of yesteryear, and the ambience is a delicate world apart. You'll find different themed rooms, such as the Provencal room and the English cottage, a terrace with a stunning view of the green Lombardy countryside, and a princely garden bursting with colour during spring.

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Best restaurants in Milan: Spore

When you step into this young restaurant near Corso Lodi, there is much to take in. To understand what you can expect, it's worth taking a look at the description that's attached to its name - modern cuisine and fermentations. The cucina moderna is Chef Mariasole Cuomo's speciality. Together with Giacomo Venturoli, Cuomo has created a unique culinary experience at Spore, the Milanese gastronomic experiment emerged from the duo's educational journey through the northern European gastronomy. As for fermented food, it's the restaurant's trademark. Spore has its own small laboratory where they prepare miso, kombucha, vinegar, shoyu, and more. The menu changes practically every week, so you can expect a unique experience each time you visit. Additionally, the wine selection is intriguing, with a focus on natural and sustainable options.

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