The Magnolia is an amazing and versatile structure with a European mood concept, perfect to experience an unforgettable journey to Naples.

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In addition to the history, monuments and museums scattered throughout this extraordinary city, a journey to Naples can also give you unforgettable moments of leisure and relaxation

Imagine staying in a quiet location a few hundred meters from the Lungomare: just a short walk to find yourself immersed in the idyllic scenery of the Gulf of Naples. Or think about a dinner among the flavors of haute cuisine, with quality raw materials that will not only make you appreciate the typical Italian dishes but also allow you to travel and discover tastes from distant countries.

It’s precisely this versatility that makes Magnolia Napoli an exceptional place, a mix of culture and entertainment, relaxation and flavors, where you can live amazing experiences in a European concept that combines modernity and tradition, and that offers you the perfect opportunity to discover a different side of the wonderful city of Naples.

Discovering the Magnolia: a journey to Naples between relax and flavors

Journey to Naples, the secrets of the Magnolia

The complex of the Magnolia Napoli is located in Chiaia, right in the heart of the city. Thanks to its versatility, it’s able to offer its guest several services, each of which guarantees the opportunity to discover all the multiple sides that characterize Naples: from the serenity of an exclusive and elegant accommodation, to the unmistakable tastes of Italian cuisine, without forgetting the evocative flavors coming from a distant country.

In fact, among the spaces of the structure you’ll find:

- an Italian Restaurant of haute cuisine;

- a Japanese Restaurant, to discover the international side of Naples;

- a Lounge Bar & Bistrot, soul of the Magnolia from morning until after dinner;

- a wellness experience at the Thermae, a spa where you can regenerate body and mind thanks to the ancient waters of the “Sorgente di Sofia".

About the spa, there’s also an interesting historical side: the thermal waters on which the current structure stands have beneficial qualities that were well known already in the 19th century. They were purchased at the beginning of the 20th century by Sofia Procida, wife of Professor Paolo Gauthier, and even today it's to her that the thermal spring flowing inside the Magnolia is named.

The waters of the spa, moreover, derive from the volcanic soil and, therefore, recall to mind the iconic figure of Vesuvius and of the wonderful nature that surrounds the city

Nature, history, hospitality, food and leisure: here they are, the thousand facets that characterize the city and that you can find in this structure so original and versatile. It’s because of these facets that today Magnolia is a place of well-being so important for those looking for a journey to Naples, to live a travel experience in a hidden oasis in the beautiful location of the Chiaia district.

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Magnolia Relais, the ideal base for a journey to Naples

Journey to Naples, stay at the Magnolia Relais

Comfort and refinement, an impeccable service and an attention to detail of European style combined with the traditional Neapolitan sociability: Magnolia Relais, located in Vico Belledonne a Chiaia 11, is a real gem. 

In the heart of the Chiaia district, in a perfect location for your journey to Naples, you can spend a few days in total relaxation. You can move easily and independently among the beauties of the neighborhood, or reach with a short walk the shopping area of Via Toledo, and from there enter the historic center.

Magnolia Relais is also ideal for those who are in the city for work, thanks to the modern atmosphere, a multifunctional environment and the many services available to guests, that make it a versatile and surprising structure able to put in harmony tradition and modernity. 

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The flavors of Mosaico, haute cuisine in the heart of Naples

Journey to Naples, dinner at Mosaico

One of the experiences not to be missed at Magnolia Napoli is about the Mosaico Italian Restaurant, which offers high quality Italian cuisine by using selected raw materials. The results are light but complex dishes, tasty and refined, the outcome of knowledge and careful research.

Mosaico offers real paths of flavors, obviously linked to the sea, but also to the land and the garden. And if the evolution here is at home, the roots of Neapolitan cuisine and its extraordinary products are still noticeable. 

As in the case of the Relais, environment and service are treated in detail: flowers and plants, for example, are changed periodically, to convey the idea of a place that never remains the same, and that constantly changes and renews itself. This is in perfect harmony with that magical madness of tastes and intoxicating scents that has always distinguished the wonderful gastronomic tradition of Naples. Not surprisingly, Mosaico Italian Restaurant is among the 10 best restaurants to try in Naples in 2023.

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The international side of Naples by Otoro81

Journey to Naples, dinner at Otoro81

In addition to Italian haute cuisine, the upper floor of  Magnolia Napoli also houses the flavors of Terrace by Otoro81, a Japanese restaurant that brings the culture of the Land of the Rising Sun into the heart of Naples.

A dinner at Otoro81 is a real journey through colorful and tasty dishes, in an engaging and evocative experience made unforgettable by the competence and friendliness of the staff, as well as the international atmosphere and refinement that distinguishes every location of Magnolia.

Another distinctive feature is the terrace overlooking the internal garden, which in summer contributes to give a further fusion touch to the environment of this charming and unmissable place.

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Live a journey to Naples between the leisure and flavors of the Chiaia district

Journey to Naples, Lungomare in the Chiaia district

Elegant shops, pedestrian streets, gardens; and, of course, an enchanting view of the Gulf of Naples, enhanced by the unmistakable silhouette of Castel Dell'Ovo. These are just some of the features that make the Chiaia district a place not to be missed during your journey to Naples.

The neighborhood borders to the east with San Ferdinando, to the west with Posillipo and to the north with the Vomero, while to the south you can find the waters of the Gulf. 

This area is a perfect base for exploring the city: lovers of cultural attractions can enjoy important historical buildings, or they can cross over into the adjacent area of San Ferdinando, where they’ll find Piazza del Plebiscito, Palazzo Reale, Castel Nuovo and the San Carlo theater.

Those who want to discover a different side of Naples, instead, can spend full days relaxing while walking in the green gardens of Villa Comunale, or admiring the colors of the Gulf at sunset from the Lungomare Caracciolo, or still strolling among the shops of the beautiful Via Chiaia.

Magnolia Napoli is the perfect structure to explore Chiaia and the whole city: because it takes advantage of the same versatility of the neighborhood offering different and extraordinary experiences, between relaxation, taste and entertainment, to astonish you every time and let you find out all the small details that make Naples such a magical and special place.

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