Mount Vesuvius is among the most iconic places in Italy. Visit this amazing volcano following our info and tips.

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Even before one arrives in Naples and begins the visit of the city, your gaze is literally drawn to the mighty mountain that towers above it: Mount Vesuvius.

It rises above the surrounding plain unchallenged: few are the surrounding reliefs, but truly none compares to Vesuvius. As soon as you see this volcano, you know unequivocally that he and only he can be Vesuvius. It may be its height (Vesuvius is 1281 mt / 4200 ft high) or it may be the fact that it is a still active, or rather, quiescent volcano. Or the fact that it dominates one of the most populated areas in the world.

In our opinion, its charm encompasses each of these reasons and many more: the incredible history of this volcano, as well as the fact that during excursions one can even visit its crater, make Vesuvius one of the most iconic places in this region, but also in Italy itself.

Visit Vesuvius with us and find out all the useful info on excursions, tickets and how to get there.

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Mount Vesuvius: exploring the protected area between land and sea

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Different environments, plant species and ecosystems coexist on Mount Vesuvius. For this reason, it was decided in 1995 to establish a National Park, which later became a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

And indeed, 900 plant species and nearly a million people live here, in an often very fine balance, as history has often had to teach us.

Visiting Mount Vesuvius, therefore, does not only mean delving into nature trails of great beauty (there are at least 11 trails, of the most diverse difficulties, covering more than 50 km on Vesuvius), but also delving into the history, biology and, above all, the incredible geology of these places.

We cannot fail to mention, in fact, that Mount Vesuvius is a volcano that is still active. Indeed, since its last eruption dates back to 1944, Vesuvius is considered a quiescent volcano. In other words, a volcano at rest.

For this reason, to venture to Vesuvius, and perhaps to its crater, we suggest that you join a guided tour, or come in the company of an experienced guide.

The land of Mount Vesuvius is indeed more alive than ever.

On the slopes of Mount Vesuvius, discovering its crater

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One of the most fascinating trails to do on Mount Vesuvius is certainly the one leading to the crater, No. 5. For safety reasons, it reopened relatively recently (in 2021).

The trail stretches for about 3.8 km (2,36 mi), but has a fairly significant elevation gain (about 140 meters / 460 ft). The trail is not so easy and can only be done when accompanied by licensed mountain guides. In addition, tickets must necessarily be purchased in advance.

Seeing the Cone of Mount Vesuvius, therefore, is an important experience and, for this very reason, to be done with caution.

In addition to appropriate clothing (especially footwear), we recommend that you purchase your tickets well in advance!

Remember, however, that for safety reasons, the trail can be closed, without any prior warning.

Mount Vesuvius Tickets: prices and opening hours

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The Park opens daily at 9 AM. It follows different closing times depending on the season.

- November to February: until 3 PM;

- March to October: until 4 PM;

- April to June and in September: until 5 PM;

- July and August until 6 PM.

In other words, the Volcano can be visited all year round. However, if you want to fully appreciate the lushness of nature and its colors, we certainly suggest that you come in the spring or autumn. In summer it may be quite warm and sunny, while in winter you may encounter snowy days.

Tickets to the Mount Vesuvius protected area costs 10 euros per person. Reductions are available for residents of the 13 Park Municipalities, as well as for young people under 25 years of age.

This fee, of course, does not include the cost of a transfer, or of a guided tour with a guide authorized by the region.

Where is Mount Vesuvius and how to get there


Mount Vesuvius is located at about 25 kilometers southeast of the city of Naples. It is also equally far from Pompeii (23 kilometers) and slightly closer to Herculaneum (12 kilometers).

There are several ways to get to Mount Vesuvius and visit its magnificent protected area. Let's look at the easiest ways here.

By car

where is mount vesuvius

If you want to go to Mount Vesuvius by car, the relevant highway exit is Torre del Greco. From there, directions will take you to the parking lot located at 800 meters high (2620 ft).

To get to the parking lot at 1000 meters high (3280 ft), where the entrance to the famous Trail No. 5 is located, you can either walk (it's about 2 km) or take the municipal shuttle (1 euro each way).

Mount Vesuvius with private excursions

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Another way to go to Mount Vesuvius is certainly to purchase an organized excursion.

Besides the convenience of not having to think about schedules, tickets and transfers, you will be accompanied on the visit by an experienced guide.

What's more, if you are also planning to visit the archaeological areas of Pompeii and Herculaneum, know that many agencies organize the full day tour from Naples. Half day dedicated to the park, while half day dedicated to the archaeological site.

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By private shuttle bus

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To get to Mount Vesuvius, you can simply take advantage of the shuttle service offered by some private bus companies also departing from Naples.

To the cost of the ticket, you have to add the entrance fee to Vesuvius, but thanks to the shuttle bus you can get to the park without worrying about cars and parking.

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Out tips to visit the Volcano

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Climbing Mount Vesuvius is one of the most beautiful experiences you can have. For this reason, it is also an experience that needs to be carefully planned.

As we have seen, there are countless trails that run along the volcano and, some of them, such as the Olivella or the Fiume di Lava (Lava River in English), are very easy. Spend as much time as you need to fully appreciate the beauty of the nature around you. If you have some time, also consider hiking more than one route on the volcano.

Above all, remember to wear the most comfortable footwear you own. Some routes can be rougher and more difficult and you will necessarily need to have appropriate shoes.

Of course, the weather also makes a difference and it is always good to leave equipped. In some cases, remember that for safety reasons you may be precluded from visiting the crater.

Also, do not forget to end your visit to Vesuvius with a taste of its wine. Lacryma Christi is in fact produced from the grapes that grow on the fertile slopes of the volcano.

Finally, to make the most of this experience, we certainly suggest that you plan your visit in advance!

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