Visit Naples: welcome to the most intense city in Italy

It is the colors of Naples, as intense and flamboyant as ever. That blue that seems to have no boundaries except when it meets His Majesty Vesuvius. Or those scents of food that seem to welcome those who visit Naples in a great and immense feast.

Or is it the culture: a mix of history, art and extraordinary architecture that make this city a unique place. After all, we said that right here it is the largest historic center in Europe.

Yet, we are sure: exploring all the places to visit in Naples, Italy, means above all getting to know its people, customs and endless traditions. And it will be an incredible trip: the hospitality of Naples, in fact, is truly unparalleled.

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Naples in Italy, a true explosion of art, culture and traditions

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Condensing the vitality, effervescence and exuberance of this city is not easy.

Naples is literally a joyous ode to life, a vibrant mix of opportunities, attractions to visit and wonderful experiences. Above all, it’s a pure emotion to be experienced!

The historic center overflows with archaeological ruins, illustrious palaces, castles, sacred places and theaters that have made Italy's history, but also neighborhoods so picturesque that you will find it hard to forget.

Visiting Naples also means exploring its most hidden places, its priceless heritage of works of art, paintings and statues that will move you deep inside. It also means letting yourself go to the most genuine amazement when you discover that, watching over every corner of the city, there is “a muntagna” (in other words, the Vesuvius).

And, therefore, keep your eyes, and above all your heart, wide open: your visit of Naples is finally beginning!

How to arrive and get around the Neapolitan city

places to visit in naples italy

Getting to Naples is already a journey within a journey.

Airplane, train, car? Whatever means you choose, the excitement is truly served.

You can begin your visit to Naples by admiring the sparkle of the city reflected in the sea, or watch the train lose speed as it approaches one of the world's most iconic views.

Capodichino Airport and the Central Station are the most important landmarks. From here, you can get around very easily on public transportation.

From this point of view, Naples is truly peculiar. Of course you can get around on foot, but you can rely on a wide range of means. Subway, buses and streetcars, for starters, but also trolleybuses and especially elevators, to reach the city's picturesque neighborhoods.

Where does, however, this extraordinary variety we talk so much about come? We’ll find out by visiting Naples back in time.

Step back in time to discover the thrilling origins of Naples

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What is the golden moment in the history of this city? The answer will probably be more complex than we think. Exploring the best place to visit in Naples, however, you will notice that each part of the city tells a different story from its past.

Since its origins, Naples has managed to draw its own epic outline, the result of a prodigious meeting of cultures, customs and traditions.

It all began on December 21, 475 B.C., when a group of exiles from Greece founded the city. Yet, tradition mostly passes down to us stories of stupendous Sirens and their poignant songs. The Siren Parthenope, in particular, came to die of grief on the shores of the Gulf of Naples because her song had failed to stop Odysseus. On the other hand, however, because of this legend, this city would forever be linked to the name of this magical creature.

Beyond the myths, Naples grew over time, becoming an extraordinary meeting point of cultures. First the Romans and Byzantines, then the Normans who left behind Castel Capuano, the Swabians and, from 1266, the Angevins of France who built the mighty Castel Nuovo.

With the Aragonese, of Spanish origin, the city experienced a new period of splendor as part of the Kingdom of Naples, including Sicily and much of southern Italy.

Unfortunately, after a new French rule, Naples became Spanish again, under the Viceroys, crossing the threshold of a particularly dark historical period.

In 1734, Naples again became an autonomous kingdom, under the reign of Charles of Bourbon, who took southern Italy away from the Austrians. Toward the end of the century, moreover, the Gulf city proclaimed itself a Neapolitan Republic: although the fledgling state was short-lived, the liveliness of the movement would be remembered for many years to come.

Napoleon, the Restoration and the Risorgimento: after such a troubled history, Naples became part of the Kingdom of Italy in 1861.

Be enchanted by the best places to visit in Naples, Italy

visiting naples italy

You will find few places in the world as vibrant and authentic as the dazzling city of Naples.

Let us take you on a tour of Naples' best-known attractions, must-see sights and places to visit that are famous everywhere in the world.

You will certainly discover that it is also in the details that is the greatness of this city, in the less touristy places and in the still unexplored traditions.

Visit the true heart of Naples with us.

Visiting the iconic square of Naples: a monumental beginning

One of the largest squares in the city is also one of its most famous and characteristic symbols. Plebiscito Square, in fact, not only covers a good 25,000 square meters, but also has a very distinctive shape. Half of it is semicircular, while the other half, the one that turns toward the Royal Palace, follows a rectangular shape.

If this is your first visit to Naples, tradition has it that you walk blindfolded down the path from the Royal Palace to the horse statues in the center of the square. Apparently, this is a mission impossible given the shape of the square, but who knows, you might just be the first lucky hero?

Visit in Naples the symbol of Belle Epoque

Another of the most interesting and monumental attractions in Naples is certainly the Umberto I Gallery. It dates back to the late 19th century and is not only a symbol of the Belle Epoque but also of the city's desire to assume an increasingly important role in the European scene.

Today the gallery is best known for its commercial and social function, being one of the largest indoor public spaces in the city.

However, not many people know that even below the gallery, the city holds a secret. The beautiful underground hall holds at its center the Salone Margherita, a location that recalled in memory the beauty and elegance of Parisian cafes.

Discover the world oldest opera house

Thanks to the Teatro di San Carlo, the city has become a key place in the history of European music. It was opened in 1737, making it the first opera house in the world still in operation.

Because of its history and beauty, not only is it considered one of the most beautiful theaters in the world, but it is also a UNESCO-protected property.

It can accommodate more than 3,000 spectators inside: would you be in the audience next time you visit Naples?

Do not miss the chance to visit the oldest castle of Naples

Visit Naples without its castles? It's really not possible.

Among the many records of this city, in fact, there is also this: Naples boasts the highest number of castles within its historic center. In fact, there are as many as 7, and the oldest of them all faces the sea.

The mighty Castel dell'Ovo (literally, the “castle of the egg”) is located on the Islet of Megaride and is one of the buildings that most characterizes the panorama of the gulf.

It is also the custodian of interesting episodes in the history of the city and ancient Rome, as well as a curious legend. It has to do with a supreme poet and ... an egg.

Take your time to visit the most famous street of Naples

Although composed of as many as 7 different streets, everyone knows it as the Spaccanapoli. Construction of the city's most famous artery began as early as Roman times, and then continued several times over the centuries.

Visiting this street of Naples means diving into the essence of the city: discovering its squares, churches, as well as museums and splendid palaces. In fact, one of the richest concentrations of the city's treasures can be found here.

A word of advice? Go up to Terrazza San Martino in the Vomero district: from this point, this street and its real meaning will be immediately clear to you.

Stroll around the famous Street of Cribs

Everyone calls it that but, in fact, the real name is Via San Gregorio Armeno. It is located in the heart of the city and connects the famous Spaccanapoli with Via dei Tribunali.

This street turns into one of the most beautiful attractions to visit in Naples during the Christmas holidays. As the name implies, in fact, in this street, the crib masters give visitors the best of their art. Here they invent, create and sell in their workshops the figurines that make up the famous Neapolitan nativity scene. The peculiarity is that here you will find not only biblical characters, but also figurines of soccer players, political, TV and current events personalities!

A real bath of creativity that you can do at any time of the year, not just at Christmas!

Discover San Gennaro and its miracles

One of the most important religious places to visit in Naples is certainly the Duomo. Although dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, this church is the destination of an extraordinary pilgrimage dedicated to San Gennaro. In fact, right here, every year, on the day in which the martyrdom is commemorated, September 19, the famous liquefaction of blood takes place. For as many as 8 days the blood remains melted and attracts an impressive number of worshippers.

Adjacent to the cathedral, there is the Museum of the Treasury: here it is housed an immense heritage of works of art and precious objects that over the centuries have been donated by princes, kings and queens and all the nobles devoted to the saint. An unmissable stop on any visit to Naples.

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When in Naples, visit one of the most important museums in the world

Many of the works, artifacts and objects that were found in the nearby excavations of Pompeii and Herculaneum can be found right here.

The Archaeological Museum, however, encompasses much more than that. Inside, in fact, it is possible to walk itineraries that accompany from Prehistory to the period of Magna Graecia. In addition, the third most important collection related to Ancient Egypt in the world is located here, as well as the famous Farnese Collection, with priceless works of art owned by the family of the same name.

If you want to visit Naples and learn more about its origins, this is undoubtedly a must-see attraction.

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Discover underneath the surface one of the best places to visit in Naples

During your stay in the city, you cannot fail to visit the part of Naples that’s beneath its surface. It conceals a historical, artistic and religious heritage that can only be understood by taking part in it.

The catacombs, in fact, dug into the tufa and friable rock during the classical age, extend for miles beneath the city's surface.

In addition to learning about the burial sites of early Christians, you can learn more about their way of life and history here. In fact, you can learn more about your history too.

The most famous are certainly those dedicated to San Gennaro, among the most visited attractions in Naples, but there are numerous others. Some can be visited, others are no longer accessible; of others, finally, their memory has been lost.

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Explore the network of tunnels and galleries dug by the Greeks

They call it Naples Underground, because it is actually a bit like rediscovering an entire city located about 40 meters below the surface. Many people know these tunnels and galleries for their use as air-raid shelters during World War II.

In truth, the history of these places begins at the time of the Greeks. They in fact excavated the soil of Naples to obtain the tuff needed for the construction of walls and buildings.

Some years later, the Romans realized the immense potential of these underground places and built an immense aqueduct. It supplied the homes of Naples with water until the late 19th century!

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Among the best places to visit in Naples, also an impressive royal museum

Elisabeth Farnese's immense estate had to be kept in a worthy place. Thus, her son, Charles Bourbon decided to build a majestic royal palace. Thus was born the Capodimonte Museum surrounded by 134 hectares of greenery, the famous Real Bosco (Royal Woods).

Coming here means being able to admire works by artists such as Raphael, Titian and Guido Reni, but also to appreciate masterpieces from the city's places of worship and works of contemporary taste.

In short, an immersion in art of inestimable value, surrounded by a breathtaking panorama.

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From the depths of the earth, re-emerge in front of His Majesty

How is it possible to visit Naples without paying homage to its volcano?

Everywhere in the world is familiar with Vesuvius because of the destructive eruption of 79 AD. Yet as you visit the city, you will realize that this mountain is really so much more.

It has been watching over Naples since the dawn of time and continues to exert its magnetic appeal since ancient times.

Yet, not only stories and myths of the past belong to the volcano. This mountain is more alive than ever, and you can actually visit it, walk its paths and probe its mysteries.

In fact, an experienced guide will be able to take you all the way to the top, to the sight of its crater. Certainly one of the most adrenaline-pumping experiences of a lifetime!

Visiting Naples and its surroundings: an enchanting experience

The enchantment of this city also embraces its surroundings. You can discover archaeological sites that are among the most famous in the world, seaside villages of incomparable beauty, but also royal palaces, islands and amazing natural trails.

Give yourself the thrill of discovering more about the jewels among which the Neapolitan city is set!

Visiting the places that surround Naples can be the beginning of an extraordinary itinerary.

Close to Naples, discover one of the most visited attractions in the world

Can there be any greater thrill than walking through the ruins of an ancient city?

The archaeological excavations of Pompeii, UNESCO since 1997, have brought to light the life of the Ancient Romans. You can walk among the rich villas of patricians and the ruins of temples, but also discover the truer side of the ancient city. Stores, taverns and even tenements follow one another as far as the eye can see.

Not to mention the thrill of seeing the plaster casts, actually one of the most touching moments of the entire visit. This certainly is one of the unmissable places to visit close to Naples.

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Explore the ancient city with a human face

Even more than Pompeii, this city has managed to restore the daily life of the Ancients to our view. For this reason, Italian archaeologist Amedeo Maiuri called it "the ancient city with a human face".

Herculaneum, in fact, is a treasure chest of ancient objects of use: cloth, wood and even books have been preserved under a thick layer of mud.

And what is most astonishing is that much of this city is still hidden in the depths of the earth. Excavations, in fact, have returned only a fraction of what was the grandeur of the ancient city.

Don’t miss the chance to visit this incredible place in Naples surroundings!

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Be charmed by the world's largest royal residence

It is often referred to as the last monumental example of Baroque in Italy. It is indeed a grand, imposing and magnificent work. The eye almost cannot contain its grandeur in a single glance.

The Royal Palace of Caserta was desired, needless to say, by Charles Bourbon, who was enchanted by the beauty of this area. He even wanted this place to become the new center of the Kingdom of Naples.

Today those who visit this palace in the vicinity of Naples are fascinated by the splendor of the apartments, the entrance staircase, the furniture and its rich architecture.

How to limit oneself, however, only to the interior? The gardens enchant at all times of the year. 120 hectares, nearly 3 kilometers long: an immense park, divided between the Italian and English gardens.

Wherever one's eye rests, a visit to the surroundings of Naples offers remarkable magic.

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What’s Neaples without being tempted by an explosion of flavors?

Pizza is only part of Naples' immense gastronomic heritage. And what a part!

Some say that pizza was not born in the kitchens of this city and some even claim non-Italian origins. There is, however, one thing that is unquestionable: the goodness of Neapolitan pizza. Round, soft and thin but with high, fluffy edges: pizza is undoubtedly a cornerstone of any trip to Naples.

Try it in pizzerias and restaurants, but also taste it on the streets of the city. Try the margherita, but be tempted by the myriad other flavors as well. Above all, don't miss the opportunity to taste the one with the stuffed edge.

Taste the most delicious slice of Naples with us!

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