Traveling alone as a woman is a unique experience that needs a good plan. Here are 10 perfect destinations for female solo travel in Italy.

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For fun or out of necessity, female solo travel is a growing trend,  in a world where traveling without company has finally become a clear concept.

If you are a woman travelling alone, you will naturally have wondered about the safety of the destinations you choose. There is no doubt that travelling in Italy alone is a winning choice in every respect, and that safety is almost always guaranteed.

Traveling alone is a way to step out of one's comfort zone and challenge oneself, testing one's limits and drawing on all personal resources. A woman traveling on her own affirms her independence, listens to her most authentic feelings, and fully experiences her sensations.

Free of any responsibility except to herself, a woman who sets off on a solo adventure will enjoy an absolutely unique and exceptional dimension of travel. We have selected 10 perfect destinations to discover if you are travelling alone in Italy, where any woman traveller can feel at ease and have the time of her life. Let's go and discover them.

10. Recco for learning to surf

recco liguria

For adventure seekers, Recco in Liguria may be the right answer. In fact, in this location, surfing is practiced with a special focus on beginners. There is in fact the Blackwave Surf School, where you can learn the rudiments of this magnificent sport.

A woman not afraid to test herself will find plenty to do in this fantastic seaside resort. Then, if her stay falls in the summer months, she will also be able to admire people been surfing for a while at the so-called Surf Festival, held between May and June.

9. Relaxation on the Etruscan Coast

etruscan coast tuscany

Let's stay in nature but favoring relaxation: why not take a detour to the Etruscan Coast? This stretch of coastline runs from Livorno to Piombino and, as the name suggests, these are territories where you can still see the importance Etruscan settlements had in the past.

The itineraries to choose in this stretch of Tuscan territory are many and all very interesting: there is the Archaeological Park of Baratti and Populonia, the Coastal Parks of Rimigliano and Sterpaia, or even one of the wonderful beaches of the Cecina coastline. We are actually talking about almost 90 km of coastline, with so many locations almost always awarded Blue Flags!

8. Tropea: not just onions!


Tropea, also known as "the pearl of the Tyrrhenian Sea," is one of the most incredible seaside resorts in Calabria! It would therefore be ideal for a solo trip during the warmer months, so you can fully appreciate the fantastic coastline located on the Costa degli Dei.

If you love snorkeling, the most suitable beach is the largest one in Tropea, nicknamed 'a Linguata, but other suggestive locations could be Marina dell'Isola, either the Cannone or Rotonda beaches.

In addition to the beaches, let's also not forget the characteristic historic center where there is a wide variety of handmade items and typical products, such as the very famous Tropea onions.

7. Luxury and sports in Courmayeur

courmayeur italy

With towering Mont Blanc (the highest mountain in the Alps) as a backdrop, ski slopes, and the chance to enjoy relaxing spas, who doesn't want to spend time in Courmayeur? For a woman being sporty and knowing how to give herself a top vacation, a solo trip to this famous destination in Aosta Valley is truly a dream!

Courmayeur, despite being such a popular tourist destination, retains an authentic charm and gives anyone the leisure dimension of their range: swimming pools, sports activities, historic cafes, a choice between a luxury hotel or a more typical alpine retreat. What's more, with the Skyway cable car, even non-mountaineers can discover the wonderful peaks of Mont Blanc.

6. Discovering walks in Valbruna

valbruna italy

If you are a woman who loves trekking, walking and hiking there are locations suitable for this type of activity a little bit all over Italy. We will look together at the area of Malborghetto-Valbruna, in Friuli Venezia Giulia.

A variety of needs can be accommodated in Valbruna, as there are hiking trails truly accessible to anyone. Protected by the outline of the Julian Alps, one can safely walk, train on a bike, and even relax in the many refreshment spots that can be found on the way to the town of Valbruna. Relaxation, nature and beauty, but also culture with the Venetian Palace being home to the Ethnographic Museum and various seasonal events such as Ein Prosit.

5. Sappada's winter snowshoeing

sappada italy

Halfway between Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia lies the poetic village of Sappada, an enchanted place where time seems to pass differently than elsewhere. In Sappada one is comfortable in both winter and summer, and for a solo traveler, the welcoming nature of the place and the warmth of the people are truly an added asset.

In this award-winning village there are typical wooden houses, delicious cuisine with dishes to be discovered, and an Ethnographic Museum rich in history.

In summer there are hikes and snowshoeing in winter, Christmas markets and Carnival celebrations, amid mountain peaks and large expanses of grass, in a timeless atmosphere.

4. Thoughtful Trieste

trieste square

Trieste is a seaside resort, but also a cultured and welcoming city, perhaps one of the most European destinations in Italy. Famous for bura, the wind blowing strong in this particular capital of Friuli, and for the ritual of coffee, which is a veritable institution in Trieste, a vacation here can prove to be very chic, educational and "cultural": three adjectives well suited to all women as well!

Trieste has been called a pensive city, so it's easy to imagine sitting in one of its fantastic cafés (which have welcomed such illustrious figures as Stendhal and Joyce). One of the most characteristic places in Trieste is the Borgo Teresiano, surely one of the hubs of city life. Plus so many historic palaces, Miramare Castle the Cathedral of San Giusto, and statues of important writers scattered throughout the streets make a visit a must.

3. Female capitals: Rome


Who says big cities are unsafe? The refutation comes of the fact that so many solo female travelers choose the capital of Italy as destination of their wanderings.

The Eternal City, thanks to the presence of scenic, cultural and food and wine riches, really needs no further motivation for a visit. Just to see the Colosseum or the Vatican Museums, millions of tourists reach our peninsula every day of the year. A woman traveling alone has the opportunity to be greeted by the centuries-old wonder distinguishing the city of Rome. Incredible flavors, works of art unique in the world, glimpses of admirable charm: why ever deprive yourself of it all?

2. One of Italy's slow villages


Let's leave the big cities and return to small villages: a winning idea for a solo female vacation could be Anghiari, in the Tuscan Valtiberina. Tourism in Anghiari is slow, so the watchword is "tranquility", taking time to enjoy to the fullest the beauty of this corner famous for the Battle painted by Leonardo da Vinci.

Any ideas for enjoying Anghiari at its best? First of all, a tour through the characteristic streets of the historic center. Then a visit to the Museum of the Battle and Anghiari, and the fantastic Galbino Castle dating back to the year 1000 and Sorci Castle is definitely a must.

1. The white Ostuni and its coastline


The sea is one of the most sought-after destinations in every season but, of course, there is sea and sea! In Apulia, in the province of Brindisi, there is a town that, in terms of beauty, is not second to the most characteristic places in Greece: we are talking about Ostuni, the so-called White City. White is the leading color of this magical place and gives even more light to the charming sun-kissed town embracing beaches of rare beauty.

Torre Pozzella, Cala Quarto di Monte, the Costa Merlata: each with its own uniqueness will welcome all solitary and adventurous female travelers, giving peace, fun and unforgettable memories.

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