Surfing in Italy: here are 5 destinations where you can find the best waves. Find out which on.

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Don't talk about sports!

Those who love surfing actually love a lifestyle of deep contact with nature and its elements.

The sea, indeed, but also how beautiful it is the patience for the wind to catch the wave, the rigorous maintenance of the surfboard and wetsuit, the sense of challenge with oneself, the joy of a free evening to enjoy the sunset on the shoreline.

No wonder it is such a popular practice and - thanks to social media - so photographed.

But let's start from the locations: where to look for the wave and find good mates to surf with?

Here is a small guide, with the most appreciated five Italian regions surfing spots.

5. Sea break in Tuscany

This truly is an excellent destination for beginner surfers, and for professional foodies!

Tuscany, besides its valleys, wine and fine cuts of meat, also offers a beautiful backdrop of quiet but consistent waves.

If you pass by Viareggio or Livorno, you will find an excellent company both on the waves and at the table.

4. Waves near Rome

If you are in Rome, admiring the many museums and attractions of the Capital, but you hear the call of the sea, don't worry!

Direction to Santa Marinella and Ostia Lido, you will find lots of agglomerations of surfers and surf schools. You will find some company searching for the wave and some good fish dishes.

Just perfect to have a little break from the frenzy of the Eternal City, and from the generous doses of carbohydrates

3. Surfing Sicily

With the wind blowing from every possible direction, Sicily is a safe haven for those who want to be in the water to test themselves.

Infinite coasts and spots to explore, between a fresh granita and an arancino, you can organize an entire surfing tour by Scirocco and Mistral winds, immersed in fairytale scenarios.

From the beach of San Leone to the coast of Menfi, where you can meet the sweet sea turtles that go to nest there, to the splendid Isola delle Femmine and Cefalù: don't think you can dine early at the restaurant because you will surf until the last sun.

2. Sardinia, surfing heaven

The island of the wind par excellence, with the Mistral in your face you can surf surely.

Sardinia holds the rating of more consistent, more glassy, ​​more ferocious and more frequent waves.

A true paradise for surfers, lovers of nature with its thousand scents and the wild sea.

From Marinedda and Isola Rossa, up to the competitive Capo Mannu, you can stop in the convivial and relaxed atmosphere of the Porto Ferro Bay.

Here surf and sunset are the only beliefs, and friendships are made for life.

But let's not forget La Speranza - near Alghero - Buggerru, and the incredible long waves of Piscinas and S'Archittu. The gems-spots are countless, take a long trip to discover them all!

Sardinia is having hundreds of days a year to surf, admiring a colorful collection of breathtaking sunsets, with a nice beer in warm and crystalline waters, until late starry night.

1. Liguria: focaccia and Libeccio

Rugged and rocky, swept by the Libeccio wind, from October to March Liguria offers several interesting spots for surfers of all levels.

In this regard, carefully evaluate your seabed of choice, if you prefer it sandy or rocky.

Varazze, on the Ligurian west coast, is the most demanding spot and therefore frequented by professionals from all over the world.

Waves over two meters, not recommended for the inexperienced, but it is definitely worth going even just to admire the fearless on the board.

For those who love the sandy bottom there is the bay of Levanto, in addition to the famous Sanremo, where the homonymous Italian Song Festival takes place.

And how about two strokes in the bay of Recco, where the waves can be accompanied by a nice slerfa de fugassa, a nice piece of focaccia with lots of cheese, like the famous one in Recco.

If you are looking for less traveled spots and glassy waves to have fun, make a note of the Port of Andora, and Diano Marina.

Surfing in Italy gives emotions and beautiful adventures to tell. Which one of these terrific location will you choose?

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