Skyway Monte Bianco is the vertical experience to the highest point in Italy, 3,466m.

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Horizons expand and all boundaries seem to fade away when you reach an altitude of 3,466 meters. Suspended between the sky and the mountains above 4,000 m, Courmayeur's futuristic cable car takes you to the foot of the granite rock giants, surrounded by millennial glaciers and perennial snow.

Skyway Monte Bianco perfectly embodies the ice dream of Count Dino Lora Totino, who envisioned a ropeway connection between Italy and France in the 1930s. Since its inauguration in 2015, the cable car has been whisking mountain enthusiasts at 3.466m, taking them on a breathtaking journey through the three stations of Courmayeur/The Valley, Pavillon/The Mountain and Punta Helbronner/The Sky. 

This ambitious engineering feat also features cultural, gastronomic, and alpine experiences. All of this is set against the breathtaking backdrop of the majestic Alps.

Skyway Monte Bianco: a journey to Punta Helbronner at 3.466 m

Skyway Monte Bianco

Conquering the glaciers of Mont Blanc is possible even if you are not an experienced mountaineer. The immersive experience in the heart of the Alps is made thanks to an engineering jewel whose genesis start with a challenge to the apparently insurmountable limits imposed by a place as spectacular as impervious. 

Valle d'Aosta is the region of peaks that soar beyond 4,000 m. Still, it is also characterised by its famous castles, the Roman civilisation, cuisine with genuine flavours, and high-altitude vineyards where farmers cultivate grapes that eventually transform into excellent wine with heroic devotion  – all of these elements signify the perfect bond between man and nature.

As you lift your gaze towards the stone giants you cannot help but be stunned. Climbing higher and higher to meet them is the mission of the journey we are about to embark on. Our ascent towards the sky begins at 1,300 metres in Courmayeur.

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Unique experiences for adults and children with Skyway Monte Bianco

Skyway Monte Bianco

The cable car journey starts from the Courmayeur/The Valley station. The panoramic cabins rotate during the entire ascent, offering an increasingly vast and complete view of the Valle d'Aosta peaks. In just 20 minutes, you reach the summit of Punta Helbronner. 

The first stop is at Pavillon/The Mountain, located at an impressive altitude of 2,173 meters. That's where you'll have your first direct contact with the wildest mountain, with a view on Val Veny, Val Ferret and on the alpine village of Courmayeur.

Indulge in a pleasant break by using the solarium and tasting the specialities available at the Mountain Bar and Alpine Restaurant. Additionally, take a moment to explore the Alpine Cinema and Hangar 2173, which allow you to relive the fascinating history of the cable car.

Cave Mont Blanc, the highest vine in Europe, boasts an experimental cellar at 2,173 metres above sea level. This authentic laboratory is the birthplace of the renowned sparkling wine, the Cuvée des Guides, dedicated to the Courmayeur Mountain Guides.

Step outside to be enveloped in the vivid colours of the botanical garden Saussurea, which flourishes during the summer with hundreds of plants from every corner of the world. 

The highest bookshop in Europe

Skyway Monte Bianco

Continuing the journey from the Pavillon, visitors are led to Punta Helbronner, the highest point of the Skyway Monte Bianco route. 

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by an incredible circular viewing terrace. The space offers a breathtaking view of the Alpine ridges, including Dent du Géant, the Rochefort ridge, Aiguille Noire and the Peuterey ridge, Mont Maudit, Aiguille du Midi, Matterhorn, Monte Rosa, Gran Paradiso and Grand Combin.

You can walk on a glass floor that makes you feel suspended in the void and enjoy a dinner at a majestic table designed by Kartell while admiring the breathtaking panorama of the thousand-year-old glaciers. Take a closer look at the perfection of the Mont Blanc crystals on display in the dedicated area and wander among the shelves of La Feltrinelli, the highest bookshop in Europe

Directly from the Punta Helbronner station, a lift and a tunnel carved into rock lead to the storied Rifugio Torino, a reference point for mountaineers and hikers; from here, set off on exploration under the supervision of an alpine guide.

Discovering Valle d’Aosta

Boasting numerous archaeological sites, castles, towers, and majestic mountains that reach over 4,000 meters in height, Valle d'Aosta delivers a special combination of spectacular landscapes, history, and culture. The smallest Italian region is an ideal place for those striving for a quiet break away from the crowd, and it's loved by outdoor enthusiasts in all its forms, from hiking to paragliding, from snow sports to rafting.

Relaxation is guaranteed by the thermal spas and the restful scenaries of the valleys. Take a break at the Pré Saint Didier thermal baths (with the help of the 'Mont Blanc Wellness' package available for all the Skynauts) followed by a leisurely walk along one of the many paths and cycling routes. And be awed by the stunning panoramas that showcase the harmonious blend of nature and man's imprint.

The castle village of Forte di Bard is one of the finest examples of this entanglement. This Savoy fortress is a jewel that plays a central role in cultural and artistic events. Those travelling with Skyway Monte Bianco also have access to discounts for exhibitions and museums. 

While Aosta enchants you with its simple and relaxing everyday mountain life, as you move further away, you'll discover princely castles and ancient isolated churches that stand out amidst landscapes dotted with Alpine ridges, apple orchards and rows of vines.

The unwavering stare of the mountains accompanies you wherever you may roam.

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