In Tuscany, just a few kilometers from Lucca, there is a magical valley just waiting to be discovered: it is the Garfagnana. Explore it with us. 

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Garfagnana is an evocative land rich in villages and nature reserves where time stands still, the pace slows down and the true essence of Tuscany is experienced. 

If you are looking for a corner of paradise in Tuscany where you can spend a few days, Garfagnana is the place for you. Its breathtaking views and fairy-tale glimpses will leave you breathless. Let's not waste any more time, come discover Garfagnana with us.

Where is Garfagnana located?

View of the Grafagnana

View of the Grafagnana

Garfagnana, also known as the Upper Serchio Valley, lies between the Apuan Alps and the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

Beauty of Tuscany, entirely crossed by the Serchio River, its land is rich in history and traditions, and the towns that dot it are gems nestled in the most unspoiled nature.

Easily accessible from both Massa and specially Lucca with all its beauties, it is a must-see for those passing through the area. Or for those who are in Florence.

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Castelnuovo di Garfagnana


View of Castelnuovo di Garfagnana

It is the beating heart of Garfagnana, this medieval village is a must for anyone discovering this wonderful land. In addition to being a jewel waiting to be discovered, this small town is also a convenient base to sleep in when touring the length and breadth of Garfagnana.

Crossed by the Sarchio River, this small town of colorful houses hides a beauty to be discovered. Begin your exploration by getting lost in the narrow streets of the charming medieval historic center. Here you will find the 15th-century cathedral with a Renaissance facade and magnificent Baroque interiors.

 A few steps away you will find the striking Rocca Ariostesca, a fortress inhabited by the poet Ludovico Ariosto when he held the position of governor of the province. Finally, look for the best view to photograph and then indulge in shopping and tasting local products.

Bridge of the Devil


The unique profile of the Devil's Bridge

One of Garfagnana's most famous attractions is located in Borgo a Mozzano, which can be reached in less than 40 minutes by car from another breathtaking city: Lucca. It is the Devil's Bridge (among the most spectacular bridges in Italy) which owes its fame to its unique profile, with a huge round arch and three smaller arches.

We have suggested this destination to you among the most fascinating destinations to visit on Halloween, but mystery lovers will appreciate it all year round.

Legends abound about its construction and name, but what is certain is that its beauty must have been even greater in the past, before a dam was built upstream that raised the water level of the Serchio River.

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Isola Santa


Glimpse of Isola Santa

On the shores of a small lake, surrounded by chestnut forests and high mountains, lies Isola Santa; a magical place more than 500 m above sea level. The small stone houses, with slate roofs, are what remains of the picturesque and well-preserved original core.

 The little village has been partly converted into a diffuse hotel and offers stays full of charm, for the beauty of the views and the quiet rustling of the forests. An ideal place for mushroom picking, wild trout fishing and hiking.

The Verrucole Fortress


The Verrucole fortress

The Verrucole fortress stretches, beautiful and imposing, in a northeast-southwest direction, on the hill overlooking the town of San Romano Garfagnana at the gateway to the Orecchiella Natural Park

Visiting the fortress, one can admire the remains of the polygonal keep, a wall enclosure bordering it, remains of various structures, a tunnel leading to the underground casemate, the mighty wall and two bastions, one sharp-pointed, the other round-pointed.

In itself, the structure of the Verrucole Fortress captures the eye because of its beauty and the naturalistic environment in which it is placed and fascinates it in every season, inviting one to discover it. Certainly, it is one of the most representative monuments of Garfagnana and the system of military fortifications in the area.

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