Discover the 10 best cruises in Italy: luxurious experiences, exclusive itineraries and top services for your trip.

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Discover Italy from a unique perspective with a memorable cruise. Our selection of the 10 best cruises in Italy brings together the most exclusive travel experiences the Bel Paese has to offer. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, an action-packed adventure or a relaxing family vacation, there is a cruise to Italy for you.

From the charm of the Sicilian islands to the poetry of the northern lakes, via the historic waters of the Tiber River and the enchantment of the Arno River in Florence, these cruises represent the best in natural beauty, rich culture and high-quality service. Get ready to sail through unique itineraries. Every moment on board and ashore will represent an unforgettable memory. Explore with us the 10 best cruises in Italy and get inspired for your next dream trip.

The best cruises in Italy

best cruises in Italy

In this guide on the best cruises in Italy, we carefully selected the most exciting experiences and unforgettable that you can live navigating Italian waters. From cruises that ply the most captivating alpine lakes, to voyages that explore the stunning Amalfi Coast, to adventures that take you through the thousand-year history of Rome, each cruise has been chosen to guarantee you an unparalleled experience.

This list represents the perfect mix of relaxation, culture, and adventure, offering unique insights into the natural and historical heritage of Italy from a totally new perspective. Get ready to immerse yourself in a journey that will leave you with indelible memories.

10. Cruise along the coast of Taormina

Best cruises in Italy -  Cruise along the coast of Taormina

Sailing along the Taormina coastline offers an unparalleled experience, with views that capture the essence of Sicily in every aspect. This exclusive voyage takes visitors through turquoise waters, offering unique glimpses of Naxos Bay, Mazzarò, and the legendary Isola Bella. Every corner of this itinerary reveals postcard-perfect landscapes, enhanced by the narration of an expert guide who reveals the history and myths of these enchanted lands.

The cruise includes moments of pure relaxation, with stops in the clear waters for a refreshing dip, followed by a refined aperitif of prosecco and almond sweets, delicacies that reflect the Sicilian culinary tradition. This maritime adventure is a promise of fun and discovery, suitable for explorers of all ages, eager to immerse themselves in the natural beauty and cultural richness of the iconic Taormina coastline.

Discover Taormina from the sea

9. Tiber River Cruise

Best cruise in Italy - Tiber River Cruise

Let the waters of the Tiber lull you as the sun sets for a unique experience in the heart of Rome. This evening cruise turns into an enchanted moment: as the lights of the Eternal City begin to shine under the color-changing sky, attentive and friendly service offers you the best of local food and wine, with a glass of selected wine and delicious typical Roman appetizers.

Carefully selected background music completes the atmosphere, making this experience not only a journey through the historical sights of Rome but also a moment of pure relaxation and sensory enjoyment. Imagine the gentle flow of water, the sound of music soaring through the air, and the sunset painting the historic monuments in warm colors: this is the perfect invitation for those seeking a distinctive and refined experience in the capital.

Sail the Tiber at sunset

8. Boat cruise on Lake Como

Best cruises in Italy - Boat cruise on Lake Como

Immerse yourself in the serenity and enchantment of Lake Como, a lake paradise that has inspired artists, writers, and travelers for centuries. A boat cruise is an unmissable experience, a journey that winds its way along the winding shores of the lake, revealing scenery of incomparable beauty. On the way, you will be greeted by a backdrop of period villas and lush gardens reflected in the tranquil waters under the benevolent gaze of the mountains that embrace the lake.

This navigation is not only a way to admire the scenery, but also an opportunity to discover the history and legends that envelop every corner of this magical place. From Cernobbio to Bellagio, passing through enchanting villages such as Varenna and Tremezzo, the lake is revealed in all its splendid diversity. Get ready to experience moments of pure wonder, leaving behind the hubbub of daily life to immerse yourself in an atmosphere of peace and beauty.

Discover Lake Como by boat

7. Cruise on the Arno River in Florence

Cruise on the Arno River in Florence

Immerse yourself in the history and art of Florence through a cruise on the Arno River, the perfect experience for those who want to see the city from a different perspective. Aboard a traditional little boat, cruise under the shadow of the Ponte Vecchio, letting yourself be enchanted by the unique views of Renaissance palaces and monuments that define the Florentine skyline.

This river trip is not only a way to escape the crowded city streets, but also an opportunity to experience a moment of pure romance, accompanied by stories told by an expert guide. With the opportunity to enjoy an aperitif on board, this cruise becomes an unforgettable experience, a true taste of the elegance and charm of Florence.

See Florence from a different perspective

6. Cruise on Lake Garda

Cruise on Lake Garda

Embark on a unique adventure with a six-hour cruise on the azure waters of Lake Garda, stopping in enchanting Sirmione. The voyage begins from the port of Peschiera, introducing you to the hidden treasures and natural and historic beauty that adorn the lake's southern shores.

See Lazise Castle, tranquil Punta San Vigilio, exotic Garda Island, striking Manerba Rock, mysterious Catullus Caves, and the paradisiacal Jamaica Beach in Sirmione.

Listen to the captain's tales as you relax in the sun, take a rejuvenating dip in the lake's clear waters, and enjoy an on-board lunch of vegetarian specialties before exploring Sirmione's fascinating historic center at your leisure. This cruise gives you the perfect mix of culture, relaxation, and discovery, promising to make your day on Lake Garda a memory you'll carry in your heart.

Embark on an adventure on Lake Garda

5. Cruise in Genoa

Cruising in Genoa

Discover the hidden fascination of the sea with a whale watching cruise departing directly from the Genoa Aquarium, one of Europe's grandest marine facilities, the brainchild of Renzo Piano. This adventure will immerse you in an exclusive journey through the Cetacean Sanctuary, a protected area where you can meet whales up close in their natural habitat.

You will witness a majestic dance of these giants of the sea, guided by experts in the field ready to share their knowledge with you. Get ready for four and a half hours of pure magic, an experience that will connect you intimately with underwater wonders and leave you with unforgettable memories.

Watch the whales in Genoa

4. Lake Iseo Cruise

Best cruises in Italy - Cruise on Lake Iseo

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey that takes you from the beating heart of Milan to the serenity of Lake Iseo, a journey that blends nature, history and culture. Departing comfortably from Milan, you will soon find yourself enveloped in the quiet of Iseo, ready to explore its most charming corners, among medieval alleys and period residences. Your lake cruise will reveal the unique charm of Monte Isola, where you can delight your palate with local cuisine while enjoying breathtaking views.

Your exploration will continue to historic Bergamo, with its imposing Città Alta, reached by funicular railway, a place where time seems to stand still. This excursion is a perfect opportunity for those who wish to escape the daily routine and immerse themselves in the timeless beauty of some of northern Italy's most treasured treasures, an adventure that will enrich your spirit and fill your eyes with wonder.

Discover how to reach Bergamo from Milan

3. Cruise along the Amalfi Coast

Cruise along the Amalfi Coast

Are you in Rome but long for a unique experience? Escape the hustle and bustle of Rome and treat yourself to an adventure along the stunning Amalfi Coast and the picturesque village of Positano with a day trip that will take you into the heart of one of Italy's most enchanting landscapes. This journey, which unfolds from the Eternal City to the crystal-clear waters of Salerno, offers a complete immersion in the nuances and breathtaking views that only the Coast can provide.

From Positano, with its picturesque views, to Amalfi, guardian of architectural treasures such as the Cathedral of St. Andrew, every moment will be a treasure trove of beauty and culture. Don't miss the opportunity to taste limoncello, a symbol of local tradition, directly from one of the city's most historic producers, discovering the secrets of its production.

Discover the Amalfi coast

Treat yourself to a day of pure wonder with the Burchiello Cruise, a river cruise that will take you from Padua to Venice, crossing the historic Brenta Riviera. This day trip, aboard a historic Venetian vessel, will offer you a unique glimpse into more than two thousand years of architecture and daily life along the waters that link two of Italy's most fascinating art cities.

Admire the sumptuous Venetian villas that adorn the banks, jewels of architecture and history capable of transporting you back in time with their timeless beauty.

The itinerary includes exploratory stops at some of the most emblematic mansions, such as Villa Pisani Reale in Stra, Villa Widmann in Mira and Villa Foscari in Malcontenta, enhanced by guided tours that reveal their stories and secrets. A culinary break at the acclaimed Il Burchiello restaurant in Oriago can add an extra tasteful touch to this unforgettable experience, making it a true dive into the culture and heritage of the Veneto region.

Experience the Burchiello from Padua to Venice

1. Sunset cruise on Lake Maggiore

Sunset cruise of Lake Maggiore and the Borromean Islands

Let yourself be enveloped in the magic of a sunset cruise on Lake Maggiore, an experience that combines the allure of the water with convivial moments among friends. Imagine plying the serene waters, the sky tinged with vibrant colors as you enjoy the company, toasting with a selection of prosecco and local gastronomic delights.

Your sailing will turn into an exclusive floating cocktail party or an unforgettable romantic surprise, depending on your needs. The boat offers comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces, perfect for admiring the panoramic views of the Borromean Islands. An hour of pure relaxation amidst natural and historic beauty will give you a rare glimpse of lake life at its most evocative.

Enjoy the sunset on Lake Maggiore

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