Goethe defined it a "little piece of paradise on earth", discover how to get there to this Eden called Taormina.

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It is located in a privileged position, overlooking the sea and surrounded by a lush nature: it is Taormina, between sea, sky and earth to rise in all its majesty.

Its splendor is enhanced by the presence of Mungibeddu, the mountain par excellence, the mount Etna that together oversees and embellishes this unique landscape in the world.

Looking forward to going? We’ll explain how to get there

How to go to Taormina by land

How to go to Taormina by land

The airport for Taormina is definitely Catania-Fontanarossa, 55 km from our destination, which can be taken by bus, with a journey of 1 hour and 30 minutes, at a cost of 5 euros.

Alternatively, the taxi could be a valid solution, certainly less economical than the first option.

If you have a car available, just take the Messina-Catania motorway towards Taormina.

Finally, our favorite option is undoubtedly the train. The station of Taormina is a jewel in the liberty style of Palermo, among the most beautiful in Italy, and arrive in this structure architecturally of great value will immediately drop you in the evocative atmosphere of Art Nouveau of the beginning of the last century.

The historic centre of Taormina, just 4 km from the station, can be reached by public transport that serves the city.

Whatever means you choose to go to Taormina...this place that has stolen the heart of poets and writers will conquer you too!

Visit Italy also provides a splendid opportunity: lovers of natural wonders and enthusiasts wishing to admire copious artistic masterpieces of Taormina can benefit from a convenient shuttle service to reach the city from Messina.

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Do you prefer to move around with maximum autonomy and without being constrained by public transport timetables and fixed stops?

A car rental service is also available to explore the most characteristic corners and the beautiful tourist attractions of Taormina with complete freedom.

How to go to Taormina from the sea

How to go to Taormina from the sea

If you are among the lucky ones who can reach Taormina by sea then you will find yourself in front of your eyes, suddenly, a place perched on the heights behind one of the most suggestive coasts of the Mediterranean: you will immediately recognize Taormina, the place that Guy de Maupassant described saying "It is only a landscape, but a landscape in which everything that seems created on earth is found to seduce the eyes, mind and imagination".

Its location is strategic when you sail south of the Strait of Messina and stop at anchor after checking the regulations governing the stop in this area, which for the most part is protected area, will be a completely unexpected experience: from the gardens of Naxos to Isola Bella, its indescribable beauty will seduce you in ways you hadn’t even contemplated.

Among the various possibilities, in addition to anchoring in the harbor, you can moor at the marina of Giardini di Naxos (usable only by small boats) or by booking the mooring at the camp buoys Yacht Hotel, well sheltered and very well-organized.

Treat yourself to a magnificent tour to discover the enchanting natural landscapes and coastal jewels between Taormina and Isola Bella.

Are you ready to set sail?

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