A day at Lake Iseo can be a unique experience due to the variety of attractions this place has to offer. We recommend 4 in particular: Monte Isola, the village of Lovere, the nature reserve of the Pyramids of Zone and the big bench of Riva di Solto-Fonteno.

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Monte Isola


Monte Isola is definitely the main attraction of Lake Iseo. One of the largest lake islands in Europe, it is the ideal destination for a day trip on the lake. The island can be easily reached by ferries. Once landed on the island you can visit the Santuario della Madonna della Ceriola located on top of the island at over 600 meters above sea level. To reach it we recommend, despite the presence of a bus, to climb following the paths that lead to the summit to enjoy the wonderful view that Lake Iseo offers.  To visit absolutely Peschiera Maraglio, a small village of fisherman with a nice walk on the lakeside and many characteristic restaurants, and Sensole, another characteristic village characterized by the wonderful presence of olive and lemon trees. The bathing lake makes the island an excellent summer destination for a refreshing dip.

Lovere village

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On the Bergamo side of Lake Iseo we find Lovere, one of the most beautiful villages of Italy. Surrounded by the lake and mountains, the village presents itself to visitors in a graceful way, thanks to the elegance and colors of its buildings. Despite the small size Lovere has much to offer to its tourists also from a cultural point of view. You can visit the famous Accademia Tadini, home to one of the most prestigious nineteenth-century collections of Italy. Here you will find precious works by Antonio Canova, Francesco Hayez, Johann Weigel and many other artists. Very recommended, finally, to enjoy the best of the beauty of the village an evening walk on the lakeside. For those people arriving from the Brescian shore of the lake we also recommend a stop in Iseo and Sulzano, two ideal destinations for a quiet walk on the shore of Lake Iseo.

Natural Reserve of the Pyramids of Zone

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The Pyramids Nature Reserve is located in the northern part of Lake Iseo, in the municipality of Zone, and is one of the best natural beauty that the lake has to offer. The Pyramids Reserve is an ideal destination for a day of nature and hiking. The name of the reserve comes from the shape that the deposits of sand and stones have taken over time, giving rise to real natural sculptures up to 30 meters high. To better understand the phenomenon, within the Reserve, there is a ring circuit of low difficulty lasting about an hour with dedicated information points to tell the best of the Pyramids of Zone.

The big bench of Riva di Solto-Fonteno


On the Bergamo shore of Lake Iseo we find the Big Bench of Riva di Solto-Fonteno. The bench, over 2 meters high, is part of the project "Big Bench Community Project" promoted in Italy by American designer Chris Bangle for supporting small municipalities and local tourism. Easily accessible starting from Fonteno, we recommend, due to the ease of the path in the woods, a visit to the Giant Bench for families with children as well. Once seated on the Giant Bench you will find yourself in front of an incredible and unique view of Lake Iseo. This bench, of green color, is not the only one present on Lake Iseo we point out, in fact, the presence of two other benches: that of Rogno, of blue color, and that of Sale Marasino, of orange color.

We recommend

We recommend