Naples and its surroundings are always the right choices, and what better place to spend a sparkling Christmas and New Year's Eve! Here are five must-see travel tips for an unforgettable holiday!

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Naples during the Christmas holidays is even more dazzling. There are so many traditions and places that make this city unique at this time of year.
Just one visit to San Gregorio Armeno will put you entirely in a festive mood. Not to mention the ancient traditions that take place on New Year's Eve.
There is so much to say and discover about all this. This article will give you some advice that you cannot give up if you want to experience the best Christmas and New Year's Eve of your life

Do you trust us? Read on and don't regret it!

5. Sleeping in Naples in the historic centre: the advantages

The beating heart of the city, what better place to fully savour the festive spirit of the Neapolitan people!

Spaccanapoli is one of the most important historical centres in Europe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995. North of the city port, it retains the same urban layout as two thousand years ago. Spaccanapoli divides the centre into two parts: Pizzofalcone, the first Greek settlement, and Decumano, the new Roman city. 

Suppose you're looking for a shopping spree for clothes and accessories. In that case, Via Toledo alone has plenty of shops for all your needs. You can also reach the beautiful Galleria Umberto, one of the most exciting places in the city. 

Sleeping and staying in the historic centre means having all this at your disposal! It is a central and very convenient location to visit the city and its main attractions. 

4. Staying in the Campi Flegrei, near Naples: the advantages


Campi Flegrei

If being in the middle of the city crowd is not your thing, the great idea is to stay overnight in the vicinity of Naples. A place you certainly won't be disappointed with is the Campi Flegrei

It is a purely volcanic area located to the west of the city of Naples. It is an area rich in archaeology and culture. Its history interwove with a glorious past from both a scientific and humanistic point of view. 

In addition to the many archaeological interests, one of the most enjoyable activities to do, especially during the winter holidays, is bathed in the warm waters of the area's thermal facilities. The Ancient Romans already knew their qualities and benefits. For those suffering from rheumatism, arthrosis and respiratory diseases. 

The perfect place to stay in the Campi Flegrei is Monte di Procida. Here you can enjoy the best views of the coast. It is on the most easterly part of the Phlegrean peninsula: it is a promontory overlooking the island of Procida, separated by a narrow stretch of sea (Procida Channel). Offshore, to the west, the Isolotto di San Martino is a tiny islet that no longer joins the mainland because of the bridge connecting it to the tunnel. 

If we had to give you an exact name where to stay in Monte di Procida in the Campi Flegrei, we could think of no better place than Al Chiar di Luna Hotel. Three floors of the structure have arranged the rooms of its Relais, perfect to satisfy any need: they have a refined design and are complete with every comfort. 

When you wake up, you will find yourself in front of a magnificent natural paradise. The hotel is on a natural terrace overlooking the Campi Flegrei. The rooms all have a panoramic window or balcony, from which you can admire the islands of the Phlegrean Gulf. 

On request, all guests can participate in tours to discover all the wonders of the Campi Flegrei. 

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3. Celebrating Christmas and New Year in a restaurant: how to choose it


Celebrating Christmas and New Year in a restaurant

Celebrating Christmas and New Year's Eve in a restaurant means doing so with traditional dishes

One of the most famous dishes of Neapolitan festive cuisine is the minestra maritata, usually eaten during Christmas lunch. It is a soup made with meat and seasonal vegetables, tasty and light-tasting. 

Also worth mentioning are baked cannelloni and lasagne with ragù. Another delicacy is fried meatballs tossed in sauce, accompanied by slices of crusty bread and salad. In addition, Christmas menus often include pork rinds in gravy with a robust and full-bodied taste. 

It is the case for Christmas. For New Year's Eve, the watchword is fish and fried fish, especially the famous Capitone

Once again, we can only advise you to book a table at the Al Chiar di Luna restaurant for a beautiful dinner. With one of the most panoramic terraces on the coast, you can see Pozzuoli, Ischia and Procida. 

Here you can discover the taste of local fish delicacies, such as Calamarata with lobster ragout or ravioli stuffed with shellfish

2. What to visit during the festive season in Naples



As we have already told you extensively before, the historic centre alone is full of attractions to visit during the festivities and beyond. 

More than 300 churches are only here: the Cathedral of San Gennaro, the Basilica of Giovanni Maggiore and Santa Chiara. Don't miss the Archaeological Museum, which houses one of the world's largest Greek and Roman antiquities collections.

Also not to be missed are the buildings and castles of the Middle Ages, such as the Castel Nuovo (or Maschio Angioino), the Basilica of San Domenico Maggiore, the Royal Palace and the San Carlo Theatre (dating back to the Aragonese period). Not far from the historical centre, you will also find the Quartieri Spagnoli, a street famous for its typicality and where you can breathe a unique atmosphere. 

Among the attractions that preserve the historic centre is undoubtedly Napoli Sotterranea: a vast network of 80 km of underground cavities and tunnels dug entirely by man into the volcanic tuff

The historic centre is undoubtedly the right place to shop and buy souvenirs. You can't go to San Gregorio Armeno and not leave there without buying a nativity scene figurine. Or you could go to Via Mezzocannone, Benedetto Croce, San Biagio dei Librai

But Naples isn't all about the old town...In the hilly Vomero district, you can visit the Museo Della Certosa di San Martino, which houses some of the most aged nativity scenes ever seen. The most famous is the Cuciniello crib collection, made between 1887 and 1889. 

Apart from the centre of Naples, another must-see on your holiday bucket list is the Campi Flegrei, which offers a beautiful experience of calm and relaxation

Don't miss the opportunity to visit Agnano, a thermal area in Naples. Here you will find the best-preserved crater of the Campi Flegrei, the Cratere Degli Astroni, where you will find the ruins of the ancient Roman baths. 

A walk to Pozzuoli is a must. You can visit the remains of the Temple of Neptune and the Nymphaeum of Diana. Once in Rione Terre, the heart of Pozzuoli and the first Roman settlements, you can take an underground archaeological tour along with one of the main decumans. 

Also in Pozzuoli is the Flavian Amphitheatre, the third largest Roman amphitheatre in Italy: dating back to the first century AD and attributed to the same architects as the Coliseum in Rome

Then, between Pozzuoli and Cuma, Lake Averno is regular in shape, surrounded by rocky walls where silence reigns. It is possible to visit the tunnels built in Roman times: the Grotta Della Sibilla and the Tempio D'Apollo

In Bacoli, you will also find the Archaeological Museum of Campi Flegrei, housed in the Aragonese Castle of Baia. You can see the whole Gulf. 

Also, in Bacoli, you can visit the Piscina Mirabilis, the giant cistern ever built by the Romans. Finally, don't miss the Casina Vanvitelliana (these days festively decorated with Christmas lights), the work of Carlo Vanvitelli. It is a neoclassical jewel in the setting of Lake Fusaro

1. Unmissable experiences for holidaymakers in Naples


New Year in Naples

The historic centre is the place with the most Neapolitan Christmas feeling! Naples has an exclusive link with the Crib, different from other cities in Italy. 

San Gregorio Armeno is the street par excellence dedicated to nativity scenes 365 days a year in the historic centre. But apart from crib art, you can find Christmas accessories of all kinds and typical souvenirs here. 

Not far from here, living nativity scenes often stage in Piazza San Gaetano. Other nativity scenes are in the Church of San Lorenzo Maggiore: they are tiny and inside walnut shells

For New Year's Eve, there's no better place than Lungomare Caracciolo to savour the first dawn of the new year. A mixture of colours that will tint the sea and embrace Castel dell'Ovo. Also, on New Year's Eve, don't miss a trip to the fish market at Porta Nolana: stalls full of fresh fish, seafood and every delicacy your palate can imagine. 

Finally, you can't miss a stroll through the Christmas illuminations in Naples. They are everywhere, and some are beautiful. They cover 140 km of streets and 40 squares in the city.

The most beautiful Christmas lights are not only those of Naples. Those in Bacoli, in Campi Flegrei, also caused a sensation. 

The town's historic centre is full of luminous sculptures and enviable Christmas decorations. The play of lights adorning the Casina Vanvitelliana and its surrounding gardens is particularly appreciated and suggestive. 

Are you ready to be amazed by the magic of the Partenopean festivities! 

Do you know how many people around the world shoot [fireworks on New Year's Eve]? Three people shoot the Chinese, Mexican, and Neapolitan people. But with this difference: the Chinese shoot for one Chinese, the Mexican shoot for one Mexican, whereas the Neapolitan shoot for three Chinese, three Mexicans and twelve Neapolitans plus one who is the shooter, right?

32 dicembre - Luciano De Crescenzo

How to get around Naples and nearby



There are several ways of getting around Naples and nearby: you can rely on public transport or private transport.

As far as public transport is concerned, you can reach the province of Naples by the Circumvesuviana bus and train line. Another solution could be the SITA Sud buses, which connect the capital with the Amalfi Coast, Gragnano, Salerno and the Sorrento Coast.

You can also reach Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Coast by ferries, and hydrofoils depart daily from the Port of Naples. You can also get the islands of the Gulf of Naples: Capri, Ischia and Procida.

Suppose you want to reach the Campi Flegrei area from Naples by public transport. In that case, a very convenient solution is to take Metro 2 from Stazione Garibaldi to Fuorigrotta and the Campi Flegrei area. Otherwise, another solution could be the EAV bus, which stops at Pozzuoli, Bacoli and Monte di Procida from the Napoli - Piazzetta Circumvesuviana stop.

If you prefer a more comfortable solution, you can take advantage of the private transport offered by Blu Transfer. Chauffeur-driven hire service is available in Naples, throughout the province, and Rome, offering high efficiency, punctuality, and comfort.

Immediate availability is guaranteed 24 hours a day. Blu Transfer's chauffeurs are professionals regularly enrolled in the driver's register and speak fluent English.

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